Monday, April 5, 2021

P5/ Food!!

Before Spring Break, P5 completed Unit on Food. Students created their own plate served on a tray, which included both a main entree and dessert. Vocabulary included.. hamburgers, sandwiches, fruit, ice cream, Pizza , vegetables, fork, spoon, drink, napkins.

1st Grade/ Transportation

Right before Spring Holidays,  1st grade started new Unit on Transporation. We will be learning about various transports in Air, Land, and Water. 

1st Grade / Bodies

1st graders re-enforced human body vocabulary, by creating their own  paper model.  Vocabulary: arms , legs , shoulders, feet, hands, elbows, ankles, stomach Clothes vocabulary: 
Jeans, t-shirt, pants, shoes, boots, belt, jacket, scarf, hat, socks, and trainers

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

P4 Clothes

 Hi all  !!

With P4 we worked on the topic  Clothes.

We made a stick puppet and  had to use sentences like ; I've got some trousers,  I've got a shirt . I've got some boots.

We  sang a song about clothes , coloured a dress , a skirt , trousers ,a t-shirt, a   hat, socks and shoes.

And we used the sentences ; Put on your hat...Take off your hat !

2nd and The hungry wolf

 Hi All !!

With 2nd graders we worked on a story.  We used the inspiration of the story Little red riding hood .

But we changed the original story. For example  there are two sisters in this  story . 

 Mum is telling them to go to grandma to bring delicious cookies. Grandma is very old.

 In the forest they find beautiful flowers. Then there is the wolf ....? Where are you going girls ???  We are going to grandma.......The wolf is very hungry and runs to grandma`s house and eats grandma  and gets into grandma's bed.   

When the girls arrive they say: Grandma ..What big ears you have...Wolf; To hear you better

                                                                     What big eyes you have !  Wolf ; To see you better 

                                                                      What a big mouth you have   Wolf ; to eat you !!!!

Help Help.......Then the strong hunter appears with his gun and shoots the wolf.  Grandma comes out of the belly of the wolf ... Everybody is happy !!!

We put a lot of energy in the  dressing up and  the decoration 
 And we enjoyed it !!!

1B Group having a break

Hello Hello!!!!!

After 2 weeks working form home we had a break together.

We took this time to exercise yoga,   

and to remember how we can calm down.

We also played this interesting game where kids had to answer questions and get the correct codes to get into the next room.

We had a great time together!
Thank you!!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

P5-C - News since the last entry, with lockdowns in between!

 Dear families:

It's been a very particular period of time, especially because of the pandemic. However, we keep on the track with English, of course. Here I want to share the latest news in terms of activities.

We have worked on two main areas. First, we saw the weather, months of the year and seasons. most of it was through online lessons, as you probably remember. Then, we did another area about letters and alphabet, with a special care with pronunciation, calligraphy and building up vocabulary..

At present we are starting a new project about numbers and shapes.

We'll keep you informed!


1A - New topics since last entry, with lockdown in between!

 Dear families!

It has been a period full of changes since the last entry, especially because of Covid-19 and the unexpected lockdowns. In spite of that, I'd like to share with you all what we have been working on, at class and online since then.

We have done two great topics. The first was related to the weather, months of the year and seasons. The second one, which we have just finished this week, is about the letters. Not only about the alphabet itself but also about its pronunciation, students' writing skills and building up new vocabulary. 

At present we are starting a new project about numbers and basic maths operations, making use of all sorts of objects, like shapes or other objects of everyday life. 

Looking forward to contacting you soon again!


Tuesday, March 2, 2021

1B Group - Bag of wishes part II

 Hello Families! How are you!

Here I am again updating some highlights about the project we started this semestre.

Our second point was: "How can I be a good friend"?

First we created a poster to get the sense of friendship.

Then we talked about friendly and unfriendly actitudes!

After that we mixed ingredients to create a friendship soup!

Here you have the ingredients!!!! Hope you like it!

And here our song what makes a good friend

See you soon!

Sunday, February 28, 2021

P4 Transport

Hi all!!!

With P4 we worked on the topic transport. We did many activities, we imitated movements of a plane a bicycle a car a train and a boat.  We painted the different types of transport and we made a plane and bus by putting a lot of chairs in a line.  and the students had to buy a ticket asking the question; I want a ticket for the bus, . (train, boat)

Painting  a car, a boat, a bicycle,  a lorry and a plane

                                                      Do you want  a ticket ?

                                          Let's fly !!!


                                              In the bus .

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

P5/ Carnival Hats

P5 created their own hats for Carnival using their favorite characters from Super Mario and Super Zings. We continue to practice important school Vocabulary:  
pencils, markers, crayons, scissors, eraser, and glue.

P5 / 5 Senses

P5 will begin a Unit on the 5 senses..Sight, Taste, Touch, Hearing, and Smell. 
At the moment, we will focus on the sense "Sight". 
The class have made their own cameras,  and we will make visits to the park and practice the phrase..
" I see.."

1st Grade / Food

1st graders created food trays using various kinds of silly or invented combinations.
Vocabulary :
bread, eggs, carrots, milk, juice spaghetti, salad, meat, rice, cheese, sausage

1st Grade - Spelling/Pronunciation

1st graders are familiar with colours, but now we are focusing on spelling and pronunciation of the letters!

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

second graders and The pancake race


Hi all, 

With second graders we continued with the topic food .   We made a real pancake mix and did a pancake race  in Plaza Clara. 

The game is like this; Each student  is near one tree and has an ingredient for making pancakes for example  ; butter , flour , milk, egg ,sugar , salt . There is one student in the middle of all the trees  who says ; For my pancake i need an egg and this moment the two students ( egg and flour have to change trees ...but first they have to run to the pan and flip a (fake) pancake in the air .  Real fun !!!!

P4 Being Pirates

 Hi all !!!

P4 Had a lot of fun by  being pirates ! 

We made a real treasure map and of course we went for a treasure hunt in Plaza Clara.

We saw sharks in the pool , we found a lot of coloured feathers  and  finally found a parrot in the tree , and the treasure !!

We decorated a pirate boat  and learned the prepositions by putting the pirate under, in and behind the boat.

It was all very exciting !!!

Vocabulary; We are happy pirates, in , under, behind the boat , I see a shark, ( a  tree,  a parrot, feathers, a boat)  The sea , Where is the parrot ? Where is the treasure ?

Thursday, January 28, 2021

P4 group. Colours, clothes and so much more!

Hi families!
In this blog post, I will be sharing some interesting thing we did together.
So, as always, we use games (playing outdoor games in the yard or using board games) to review vocabulary and then practice structures and patterns useful for them. 
We having been working on the following topics:
Parts of body 
Prepositions( in, on, under, next to, behind)
At the supermarket 
Opposites (Big and small, clean and dirty, up and down, back and forth, go forward and go back ).
We have not only learned English, but we have also been working with values ​​such as friendships or commitment.
This academic year is being challenging, but, as you can see in these pics, kids are happy and  the classes have preserved this innocent and captivating glow ⭐️
We do have fun!
Families can be proud of these little guys! They are awesome! 

With love ❤️ 

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

5th graders Using adjectives while playing games

 Hi All !!!

With 5th graders we did many things!  Challenging them to  speak more and more

We started the new year , making some new years resolutions. We used sentences like: I'm going to be more creative, I'm going to be healthier etc etc.

Last week we played DIXET.  They had to use an adjective in each sentence and explain why they chose the card . For example I think this is a very scary card because there  is a big monster in the picture.The students really liked it !

2nd graders In the restaurant

 Hello everybody !

This year we started with the topic toys. We played different games. 

One game was a guessing game. The students had to write a prize on the back of a flashcard with a toy on it and the students had to guess if it was more or less than  for example 20 Euro.

Last week we started with the topic Restaurant.  We did a role play where in the students could try the different roles; the client, the waitress,or the chef.

We used sentences like ; What would you like to drink ?^

 I would like some water. ( some wine , a coca cola)

 What would you like to eat? 

 I would like a salad.( a soup , spaghettis.a pizza )

Help there is a spider in the soup , I can't eat it !!

This week we started to write and draw a menu card. 

The students really liked it !!

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

1B Group - Bag of wishes project

Hello Hello! Nice to see you again!  

Well, 2021 has already started, were we go with a new project and  we hope you enjoy it.

The name of the project is "bag of wishes".

We started creating a bag and we put in it our wishes for 2021.

They are: Happiness, healthiness,  be a good student, be a good friend and help the others!

Then we recorded  a vĂ­deo with some ideas we had to help people.

We are also  learning a new song that keep us motivated

And now we move to the next point: " How can I be a good friend"? Are you interested? Don't miss our next post!


Sunday, January 24, 2021

P4 Celebrating a Birthday party

Hello everybody !!!!

We did many things with P4 . We started the new year with the topic toys. We played games and sang the song ;

Hello girls , Hello boys !

Are you happy happy happy with your toys ?

With your car and with your doll.

With your dog  and with your ball.

Last week  we worked on the topic birthday party. The children watched a small puppet play and made different crafts . We decorated a house and were in the party mood. 

Last class we made a birthday cake out of playdough using sentences  as ; I want some choclate on my cake , I want some cream on my cake ..I want some candles on my cake   And of course we used the question ; How old are you ?  The answers were surprising, I'm 28, I'm a million  etc. Soooo funny !

Vocabulary: present, birhdayc cake, flags, toys, ball , doll, car, dog, girl , boy , house , colours, numbers

These P4 groups enjoy the classes a lot and are very motivated to speak English !