Thursday, November 24, 2022

p4 Help ! An accident..... !

 Hi all!    

With P4 we played going with the bus to Barcelona! And we had an accident!The children fell out of the bus..and said; my leg ..auw my leg is hand is hurting. My head is  hurting  We also watched the video ; the wheels of the bus go round and round.                              We had a lot of fun!

Thursday, November 17, 2022

5th graders Playing doctor

 Hi all  !

Playing  doctor is always fun. And while we are doing this we can learn a lot of English and vocabulary about the human body.

After  playing  the role play we  played different games ..labeling the bodyparts with post its and the game Simon said  ( touch your chin,eyebrow, wrist belly button, nostrill, ankle, neck,  thumb , heel,  chest  etc )

We used sentences like; What happened, My arm( leg) got broken, I cut my finger, I had an accident , 

It's hurting, I'm going to heal you.

Friday, November 11, 2022

P4 Indians love nature

 Hi all !  

With P4 we played being Indians. We painted our faces, made a headband and repeated actions like,, dance, sing, jump, run and sit down. 

We watched the video 10 little Indians on simple songs you tube and had a lot of fin!

Indias LOVE nature . So we found real leaves to use them for colouring  and made a tree out of  playdough. We had a lot of fun!!!

Some sentences we used: Touch the tree,find a leave jump 5 times,  run very fast, count till 10, I want a red feather, put the bird on your head( shoulder,foot, back, nose etc)  role the dice.

Thursday, November 10, 2022

P5 The weather and the magic cloud.

 Hi all,

With P5 we started the topic weather.  We coloured the different types of weather;  sunny, cloudy, stormy, rainy , windy and snowy.  . We played a game , acting out the  weather with different movements.

 This week we saw 5 minuts of the movie ;  Cloudy and a chance of meatballs. 

In this movie there is raining food,  ( hamburgers, sausages etc) from a magic cloud. 

 We used the movie for inspiration and made a magic cloud and we coloured the food that is coming out of this cloud    

The students really liked it !

Fun autumn outdoors games

 Creation of a leaf Mandala,handkerchief game, hide and seek..

we've had so much fun together! 

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

A Halloween party

Hi  all,

With 4th graders we made a small movie about Halloweeen. 

It's a cold dark night. There is a party in the haunted house.

There are a lot of spider webs in the haunted house,  there is a ghost  a witch and a vampire.

Two chlidren are scared to go in the haunted house,  One student is not scared, he loves ghosts.

Finaly they eat the toxic soup of the witch that makes them sleep. 

It's all so scary !!!!!

We had a lot of fun !!1

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

1st graders - HAUNTED HOUSES !!

 1st graders learned the parts of the house, and many various objects inside as they created their own Dream House mixed with a bit of Halloween! 🕷🕸👻

Vocabulary: Bedroom, Bathroom, Living room, Dining Room, and Kitchen (not chicken 🐔🤣 )

Ghost, Witch, Jack-o-Lantern, Skeleton,  Black Cat, Spider,  Bat, Monster, Vampire, Mummy, Alien, Moon, Haunted House, Costumes 

In the United States Halloween isn't always "scary" and both children and adults dress as many other characters. Students also learned: Doctor, Nurse, Cowboy, Angel, Football Player, Pirate, Astronaut, Ballerina, Clown, etc..

1st graders and the Human Body

The last part of September, students focused on learning parts of the body through games like Twister.
Students aso particpated in 2 sessions of Monkey Yoga... practicing directives in English moving different body parts, and at the same time reinforcing the ABC's with Monkey Yoga. 🐒

Vocabulary: Parts of face, arms. legs, foot, toes, hand, and fingers, shoulders, chest, knees, elbows etc.


1st grade at the Supermarket!

1st Graders imagined they were grocery shopping,  and we had some fun learning food vocabulary.
Additional Vocabulary: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.
Phrases... I LIKE... and I DON''T LIKE
and YES, I DO and NO, I DON'T 


Welcome Back 1st grade!

Hello Families!!! 
We have started our new course playing lots of games to reinforce colors, numbers, animals, and basic everyday objects.
We have been playnig various games such as UNO, Pictureka, and  Monopoloy Jr. 
In addition, there are so many songs we have been learning!
All our current songs will be posted in a separate post... so you can practice together at home. 💚💚💚


Thursday, October 20, 2022

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

P4 Cooking a magic soup

 Hello everybody!

With p4 we are going slowly in the magic Halloween mood.  We sang the song ¨Go away , scary monster go away. We coloured a monster. And today we were cooking a magic soup and painted a witch.

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

It's AUTUMN in P5!

 Autumn is here and p5 are so excited to see the leaves falling down and how they are changing coulours! We went to Plaça Clarà for leaves and we collected a lot! Then we made a very big tree and we practised Autumn vocabulary. We are enjoying Autumn!!!

3rd grade feelings and emotions!

We learned feelings and emotions in english and we practised with games and asking each other "How are you"? Now we love to share our feelings in english. 


 We are back to school! We made our school bag with the school supplies that we need for class! Scissors, pencil, notebook, colours, .... 

Monday, October 17, 2022

P5 Autumn

 Hi all !!! 

We went with 2 groups of P5 to Plaza Clara to find some autumn leaves. We counted them and  made a tree with leaves in the classroom.We had a lot of fun !

Vocabulary:  It's autumn we can see  a ;mushroom, some leaves, an  umbrella, an apple , a pumpkin

Thursday, September 29, 2022

4th graders Does it fit ?????

 Hi all,

With 4th graders we started the topic ; Yoa are going on a trip and what are you going to  put in your suitcase ???

We played the game , Does it fit ? To see if an object fits , or doesn't fit in a suitcase.

We designed our own suitcase and drew some things we would put in it.

Vocabulary we used; comb, torch, trousers , suncream, sunclasses, game,  t-shirt, camara, toothbrush, tooth paste, umbrella etc

Questions we used ; Where are you going ?  Answers ; Im going to the beach, to the mountains etc

What are you going to take ?  ;  I'm going to take  a torch , a jacket etc

P5 Emotions

 Hi all!   

After a long summer we are there again to learn English in a playful way.

We repeated some vocabulary of last year and started with the topic emotions .

We drew different expressions and related the emotion to a situation for example. I get a present I'm happy . At  night  . I'm sleepy.  The guitar is broken ;I'm sad.

We watched the video this is a happy face  You tube .

Monday, September 26, 2022

P4 Having fun with colours and and actions .

 Hi all.       

With p4 we started with colours and actions.

Each class we start with a warming up song  for the body.  

Vocabulary we usted:Fly high ,fly high in the sky, jump, swim, run, sit down, dance, sing. Clap your hands  Stamp your feet

We played many games,and danced and sang along with the song Hello Hello Hello how are you?


Sunday, June 19, 2022

P 4 It's hot !!!

 Hi all !

With P 4 we did many activities.  After the topic sport where in  we repeated body parts as well we started to talk about the weather , the heat , the sun, the rain  ¨It's cold ¨ ¨It's hot¨. Do you like an  ice cream?         I want some water.

We put some seeds in the earth of a pot and watered them but because of the extreme heat  at the weekend on moday everything was so dry. The children took their pot with a  ¨coloured flower ¨home  and lets see what is going to happen  with the seeds . 

2nd graders Playing, rapping ,painting about the coming summer

 Hi all  ! 

With the  2nd graders we did various activities .  We repeated vvocabulary about the coming summer . 

For exemple What do you like to do in the summer?  What do you like to eat in the summer.

We painted or drew imatges about the summer  and ,  we made a song on the beat of an old school  instrumental rap ; ¨I like the summer, I like to swim , I like to read, I like to dance ,

And because of the extreme hot weather we played a water game in plaza Clara.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

1st grade - Parts of the City

1st graders have been practicing learning different parts of the city through playing Monopoly.

Vocabulary includes- Swimming pool, pet shop, ice cream shop, supermarket, Arcade, museum, skate rink, candy shop, bowling alley, toy store, etc.

We are also practicing money, and using terms such as-

Your turn, roll the dice, please pay me, Whose turn, etc....

1st Grade - Sports and Yoga

1st graders have been re-inforcing body parts through various Yoga and Sport activities.

We have also created a body wheel so we can practice and learn to spell the words correctly.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

P4 Superheroes and super powers

 Hi all  !

After the activity The Park , we started with the topic superheroes.  The children made their own superhero.  We played in the park and talked about super powers.  

Vocabulary; I can fly, I am strong, I can climb, i can jump very high, I can run fast.   We are superheroes. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

1st Grade - Daily Routines

 We have started to play games, and reinforce vocabulary concerning our daily habits.

Vocabulary - Get dressed-get undressed, catch the bus, wash face-hands, do homework, go to bed, etc.

In addition, we are starting a comic to illustrate our daily routines!!