Monday, 18 June 2018

2nd grade - A clay fish


We made a craft. Here some amazing pictures!

Enjoy it!

3rd grade - A craft- A clay fish

Hi again,

We made a clay fish. Here some pictures.

Enjoy it!

6th grade - A craft. Make a fish

Hi again,

Last week, we made a craft. Here you can see the amazing figures we created

Enjoy it!

6th grade. Slang vs. Standard English


The group felt curiosity about words and expressions they usually hear on movies, videos, Internet...

That's why we decided to start this project about slang and standard English. We insisted on the importance of learning a good standard English as it's the most useful and the most common English they need to use.

However, it is true that there are other words and expressions that are very common in other contexts and situations. Through examples and exercises we have introduced the students to this topic. Our priority has been to give them pairs of words, in slang and in standard, to use them to the right context and situation.

Here some pictures

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1A Summertime

Hi again,

The next activity was dedicated to summertime and holidays. We started speaking about summertime and the activities they love to do.

We also connected their answers with travels and means of transport. For example: if one says that she goes to the beach, we ask how she gets there, either by car or by train. If another one says that he goes abroad on holidays, we ask how he gets there, either by plane, on ship, and so on.

After that, they coloured a typical summer postcard.

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Sunday, 17 June 2018

1A. Means of transport


A few weeks ago we spent two sessions to talk about means of transport, and nouns, verbs and expressions related to. From basic means of transport like car, train, ship, bicycle to verbs like drive, travel and sentences like "Have you ever travelled by train/car?" and so on.

First, all the students participated and gave their opinion about the topic. After that, they had to colour some pictures.

The activity was well

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Thursday, 14 June 2018

5th grade Delicious Pizzas !!!!!!

Hello everybody ,

Finaly we didn't finish the mafia video.  But to continue the Italian topic we made some Pizzas.
We learned some sentences like; chop the onions, spread the tomato sauce,  weigh the flour, put some olives , roll the dough etc.
We played a ball game with the sentences and of course we made real pizzas and had a lot of fun !!!!

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

2nd C - Speaking games!

the last weeks the second grade students have been playing a lot of board games...

Story cubes: first creating short sentences that they put together to make the most funny and absurd stories!

What's Up!: guessing by categories, transport, professions, animals, sports. Is it a boy or a girl? Is he/she wearing special costume? How many wheels it has? It goes by water or by air? Can I run/fly/swim? Have I fur, scales, feathers?

Last letter: proposing which sport or activity that match with the strange letter from this game!

This week is time for: Last Word! Let's see how it goes!