Friday, May 24, 2019

song p4 p5 Do you like broccoli icecream ?

P4 In the restaurant

Hello everybody,

Last week we started the topic food.  We played to be in a restaurant  . Some students were cooking, others serving and others were the guests. Sentences we used were . Do you want to drink ?  Do you want to eat ?  Do you like ice cream ?  Yes I do .  no I don't.
We sang along with the song ;  Do you like broccoli icecream ?( youtube ).
And we had a lot of fun !!1

                                         Mmmmmmmm........delicious !!!!

                                           To tidy up the kitchen is important as well !

Cooking in the kitchen............

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

1C - summer is getting closer

This past few classes we have been working on some vocabulary about summer and what we can do during holidays. Some examples are sea, sand, beach, mountain, shell and sun.
They are also making a memory game with flashcards of this vocabulary so they can play while learning at home and/or in school.
Here are some pictures:

P3 initiation to english

In the past month, we have worked on different topics with P3 students, such as the numbers, colours, animals and parts of the body. 

For the body parts, they played a memory game while learning vocabulary such as eyes, ears, nose, mouth, as well as knee, toes, fingers, arms and legs, among others. We listened to a song related to the topic, which you can find here: Body parts Song 
And some pictures below: 

For the topic with animals, they did a big puzzle with which they learned vocabulary like monkey, lion, crocodiles, bee, snake, tiger, giraffe and elephant. You can find some pictures below as well as the link to two songs we listened in class. 

P5 I would like..........

Hello everybody  !

 Last week we started the topic food. We did a craft where we learned some sentences like; A monkey likes bananas, The horse likes apples, the cow likes grass, The rabbit likes carrots.
And today we opened the reastaurant. By turns the students were the guests or the cook or the waiter/ waitress.  We learned sentences like;  The restaurant is open , the restaurant is closed.  What would you like ???

I would like some pizza , I would like an icecream, I would like some water . I would like some watermelon...etc  We had a lot of fun !

3rd Graders Welcome in the restaurant !

Hello everybody,

This week we started with the topic food.  We played theatre in a restaurant practising sentences like; Welcome in our restaurant.  Sit down please.
What would you like to drink ? What would you like to eat ?  I would like some water, (some wine, some orange juice)  I would like some chicken, I would like a pizza , I would like an icecream .
Excuse me there is a spider in the soup or Excuse me this glass is dirty.
Today we had some special guests to invite in the restaurant and of course we had fun !!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

1A - 1B Let's discover animals!

Hello again,

We have been working on the topic of animals since the last post. The idea is to get familiar with animals and their environment. 

We have discovered a great variety of animals (tigers, bears, penguins, rhinos, elephants and more and more); we have learnt how their environments are, from the forest to the jungle, or even our own homes. We have learnt we can classify animals in three groups: wild animals, farm animals and domestic animals (or pets). 

Some photos taken during the class. Hope you enjoy them!


Hello again!

Having played a great role as news anchors, the fifth graders are undertaking quite a different activity: "Grow up. project. What would you do if you suddenly become a grown up?"

Which would be the pros and cons of such surprisingly new condition? Precisely this, a list of pros and cons, has been the first activity we have done. It has worked really well, and everyone has given his opinion, participating lively.

The second activity is to watch Big (1988),  a movie by Penny Marshall, with Tom Hanks as main character, that puts forward the same question we do. We have been watching it for two weeks now, and it has really caught our attention.

The project will end up with a set of questions, and then we will discuss the movie, its plot, its main characters and the best scenes.


Key words:

grown up, childhood, friedship, a wish, a fair (or an amusement park), arcades, a job, love, homesick, motherhood.

Resultat d'imatges de big tom hanks


Monday, May 13, 2019

P5 Flying their butterflies in plaza del Carme.

Hello everybody.

 P5 made each their own butterfly . After making them , we went to plaza  del Carme to let them fly.
Each student got a turn what we had to do with the butterfly. For example jump to the ground ..draw a flower on the ground for your butterfly. We enjoyed the activity a lot !

P4 Butterfly Fly high !!

Hello everybody !! P4 had a lot of fun flying their butterflies round and round  .  We imitated different animals again and looked in a book how an egg changes into a butterfly.

3rd Grade The magic basket

Hello everybody !

3rd Graders are preparing a theatre play for P4 and P5. The story is about a magic basket that brings happiness. There is a witch who wants the basket for herself....but the baskes loses it's magic power if you don't share it. We are having a lot of fun and hope to present the role play the coming week. During the rehearsals  we not only use the vocabulary of the roleplay but as well there are a lot of decisions to be made ; What to wear . How to decorate each scene . What to put in the magic potion etc etc  And of course we use English to communicate about all these things.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

P4. Keep on playing!!!

Hi all. With P4 we keep on playing. We 've been working with animals and asking questions to guess about them. Horse, giraffe, monkey, dog, cow and many more came up! We keep on repeating actions like: Under the table, on the chair, stand up, sit down. When doing a craft we keep repeating vocabulary such as: scissors, glue, markers...

3rd graders The magic hat

With 3rd graders we put ourselves in the skin of a magician. One student was the magician and another one the assistant. They hid animals in the magic hat. The other students had to guess which animal was it by asking questions like: Where does it live, what does it eat, does it have wings? Is it big, and many more.

1C - let's talk about Saint George

A few days after Saint George, we worked with vocabulary related to the legend of St. George, while doing a fun word search activity. Some of the words we worked are armour, dragon, patron, feast and sword.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

P5/ Birthday Cakes

P5 have been continuing to talk about birthdays, and we have finally finished our 3D cakes. The children used a lot of detail to decorate. Vocabulary in this unit includes.. candles, balloons, gifts, party
We are also practicing the response when we are asked,
"How old are you?"

5th Grade/ Saint George's Day

Today we talked about how Saint George's Day is celebrated in many countries, but in particular Catalonia, Portugal, and England.
April 23rd is also International Book day, so we created our own bookmarks using collage.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

"The king and the tree" by Kate Curtis

Hi all,

Today has been a very special day for all as Kate has visited us to explain her own story tale to our students. Kate worked with us last year and is a very talented artist. From the little ones to the grown-ups have enjoyed her book and the activities they did connected to the story. A good wishes tree for the little ones where they all wrote their wishes on its leaves and a speaking activity for the grown-ups related to the story. The rest of the groups will also enjoy her visit tomorrow. Have a look at the pictures and click on the link below them for more.

Click for more photos

P5 celebrating Sant Jordi

Hi families,

With P5 we celebrated Sant Jordi by representing the story and playing a game. Words like green dragon, dangerous dragon, beautiful priness, catch the dragon, spit fire, book, rose played an important role in them.

Monday, April 22, 2019

2nd grade - time for drawing

This week we begin a new project... this time related to drawing.

lines can be straight or curved

shapes can be flat or to have volume

and lines can cheet us and make that flat draw looks like  3D....

6th - The tick

Just before the Easter celebration we start watching a serie called The tick.

The tick is a very particular super hero... he and his friend Arthur, who has not super powers, decide to apply for entering in a organization that is aimed to create a squad that will fight agaist the super villain that is controlling their city.

We are hopping to watch the next episode, full of adventures and fun...

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Welcome to the new P3 students!!!!

Hi all,

Since last week we have some new students with us!!!! They are Biel, Pol, Valentina and Max. We want to welcome them on board!!! Today they have participated together with other students in the special Easter celebrations. To finish they have taken home some stickers: stars, butterflies, giraffes among them...

Happy Easter holidays!!!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Easter celebrations!

Hi all,

Easter is just around the corner!!! And as every year we have organised special and different activities for our students to enjoy. Music, stickers, gymkhana, bunny ears...

Have a look at the album:

Easter photos

Happy Easter holidays!

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Easter bunnies!!!

Hi all,

With Easter just around the corner we have started doing some clay bunnies and eggs. Have a look!

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Looking after our little vegetable garden!

Hi families!

We are very proud and enthusiastic about our little vegetable gardens! We plant seeds and water them! Will they grow? What will we grow? We'll keep you updated!

Thursday, March 28, 2019

5th A - Friendship

After having finished Pia Channel Midday News, we start a new project about friendship. It has three main parts.

First, a writing activity about situations related to friendship that needs to be done in pairs. Second, watching a movie, called Stand by me, that fits perfectly the topic. Third, a writing and a speaking activity to discuss about what friendship is and what it isn't, that we expect they would enjoy so much!

We'll keep you informed!


Resultado de imagen de stand by me