Wednesday, 17 October 2018

1st grade FACES

1st graders are reinforcing their knowledge of all the parts of  the face using Visual Art.
We are using vocabulary such as cutting, glue, and scissors,

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

2nd ESO - Spark

the group did a nice work doing a writing poems, listening and speaking activity based in the song SPARK from Amy MacDonald.

Watch the video and sing  loud

1st grade - The pencil case

First graders started a bright new stage and at the English class we began the course learning vocabulary related to the material that they are using at class.

Have you see the great pencil case they made?

They can continue practicing the new vocabulary with the following video...

Monday, 8 October 2018

P5 Dressing up like pirates.

This week we continue with the topic Pirates.   We repeated the sentence ; The pirate is trousers...a black shirt etc.

And we played a game  using flashcards and he question  ...Have you got the Pirate ?   .....Answer  Yes....Or  NO  I've got the shark  etc..... We had fun !!!

Friday, 5 October 2018

6th grade Who is the most dangerous????

Hello everybody,

Last week we did different activities.  We watched a video about how to be a Ninja and afterwords  we made a ninja of pipe cleaners and beats.

This week we worked on comparetives and superlatives by doing theatre.
 One team had to act out for example ;  1 crazy, 2 crazier 3 The craziest.  The other students had to guess who was number 1, 2 or 3.
And some good news !
We have a new teacher in our team ! Her name is Judith , so of course we had to present ourselves to her. So more inspiration as she used to live in Scotland.

P5 Pirates ! What are you wearing ?

Hello everybody ,

Last week we started the topic pirates with P5. The students liked it a lot!
To get in the mood we danced and sang along the song ; We are happy pirates can't you see (simple songs you tube)

We played different games where by the students had to use the following sentences;  The pirate is wearing a yellow shirt. The pirate is wearing some green  trousers.  The pirate is wearing a blue hat.

As well they had to find the feathers of the parrot and make a real treasure map.

Vocabulary: is wearing a red jacket etc,  I see  ; a boat, a parrot, a crocodile ,an island, a  treasure, a map. We repeated bodyparts and colours.

P 4 We are the happy pirates !

Hello everybody,

This week we started the topic pirates.  During the activity we're repeating some colours,  animals and body parts as  well.
The students like to move so we did a lot of running games and danced and sang along a song.
We used the song We are happy pirates can't you see , there's room on the ship for you and me ! (simple songs you tube). In this song they repeat just a few words like wave your hands, pull up your knees.
The students were very excited to be pirates.

Vocabulary :  We are pirates, in the house, outside the house,  in the sea, run , wave your hands,  parrot, hat, feather. I want a red feather,  I want a blue feather  etc.

Thursday, 4 October 2018

5th - Names and descriptive words

Hello families

The first weeks of this course 5th graders did a great job.  Using the letters of their names they look for words that describe them, their likes and dislikes.

After they use these words to create a word cloud using the web: WordArt

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

3rd grade Holidays

Hello and welcome back again to all of you, parents and readers!

Once again here we are starting a new course. I wish we will be keeping in contact through this blog all along the course.

The first week of the present course was dedicated to the holidays. The activities planned were all about holidays through speaking sessions, either all together or individually or in pairs. We also had to draw a picture that represented our holidays. For example: a monument, a landscape or a place we used to go during summertime.

We had fun and enjoy it a lot!

2nd grade - Back to school

Welcome back to all of you, parents and readers!

Here we are again, starting a new course. I wish we will be keeping in contact through this channel all along the year.

The first week of this new year it was dedicated to give a great welcome back to all the children. We did so dedicating a part of the session to speak about holidays through questions like these: "where did you go...?; what did you do...?, did you have fun...?, did you travel abroad? and more and more.

In doing so the children had the opportunity to practise their English and to have fun giving details about the holidays.

Cheerful sessions we had such first week!

Monday, 1 October 2018

2nd ESO - Positive Words Clouds

Hello families!

2nd ESO group started a new course reviewing adjectives, in particular those that describe positive aspects of people.
They made a short list of those that they considered that describes them and after they proposed some for describing each of their classmates.
The explanaition of why they chose the options they chose lead to an interesting chat.
As a closure they created a word cloud using the words on the list and selecting the shape and colours that each of them likes.

We used

Friday, 28 September 2018

4th - back to English

4th is back to work!

We spend the first week talking about their favourite: colours, food, cartoons and more... they use these word to create "word clouds"

They used an online application:

Monday, 24 September 2018

Second of ESO About parents.

Hello everybody,

Every monday I meet 5 girls from second of ESO.  Our goal is to speak a lot by acting out different life situations.
 Last week we worked on the the topic parents. We talked about how parents should be. The students made sentences about what their parents should do or should'nt do.
This week we did a role play inspired by a video.  The students had to act out a situation .
The situation was how to tell some bad news to your parents.
We had fun and the students found some creative solutions!

Sunday, 23 September 2018

6th grade Making a video about life in a space station

Hello ,

After a long summer we started the classes again.  First week we made sentences about summer, what we did, what we bought and where we went. We did this activity by passing around ice cubes as it was a very hot day.
Last week we worked on the topic space station. Two teams had to create a space station  out of cardboards  , using tables , chairs etc and afterwards present the space station in a video.
The inspiration came  from the video: How it works from the international space station. (you tube)
 Of course there was an alien caught in a box by team 1.
Team 2 had thought about growing patatoes in the space ship. .
We had a lot of fun !!

Saturday, 22 September 2018

5th grade In Space

Hello everybody,

After a fresh start making sentences about summer and the activities that we like ,while passing around  icecubes  , we started with the topic Space.
We watched a part of the interesting video : How it works from the international space station (youtube).
After watching the video the students had to create their own space station using cardboards, clothes, tables and chairs.
We are working on the dynamic of this group so the need of the students to express themselves is combined with learning English .
Hope to give you soon more information.

P5 In the mood for playing !!!!

Hello everybody !

With P5 we started with the topic summer followed by the topic animals.
To  repeat  vocabulary we used the following song;

Blue blue blue is the colour I see
Blue blue blue is the colour I like .
because I like the blue of the sea the blue of the shark and the blue on me

Red red red is the colour I see  Red red red is the colour i like ..Because i like the red of the ladybird the red of the ladybird and the red on me  etc etc etc etc with all the colours

You can't find this song on you tube as I sing it with the guitar.

We played different games to learn and repeat the animals.

And we created our animals by using play dough. We had a lot of fun!!!

Vocabulary we used; colours, boat , fish, sea ,bird, shark, frog , mouse, dog, ladybird, piguin, dog.
I am a......(different animals)  I see a.......

Clap your hands , stamp your feet, turn around  and sit on the ground,,   eat, sleep , sing ,dance, play football, play basketball,   while singing the song the children mime the different actions.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

P4 In full action ! The body and animals

Hello everybody,

This P4 group is very motivated !! We usually start playing a game or singing a song with gestures outside on the playground. When we arrive at the door  they say  ; ¨Open the door ¨ for opening the classroom.
We started with the topic the body and animals and the colours (yellow red blue and green)

Each class we start with a circle . After the circle we play a game . Then there is the moment of the magic bag, We sing all together;  Magic bag ...magic bag ...what is inside the magic bag .  magic bag magic bag ; What is inside ??????

There is always a surprise in the bag. They can play a game with the surprise.

Vocabulary we used:    Hello,  What's your name ?  Animals; a shark a fish  an elephant ,a lion, a frog ,  a                                            a sheep,  a monkey, a dog
                                     clap your  hands  stamp your feet  turn around and sit on the ground, play                                             football, sing, dance
                                     yellow ,red, blue and green.

When the class finishes  we sing we're gonna tidy, tidy up.
We always have a lot of fun!!!!

Friday, 7 September 2018

Ready to start another school year!

Hi families,

We are up and running and all ready to start another school year full of energy, freshness and motivation! We hope everyone will have fun and enjoy over the next months! As always, our blog will be an open window for you to see what we do and some of the projects that we have. We want to encourage you to keep an eye on it! and REMEMBER! we would love to have some of you coming for a day or more, just to observe or even better, to participate or do an activity for the students!

Fins below the links for the groups, timetable, teachers and classrooms

Grups d'alumnes actualitzat 12/9

Horaris i professors

Warm regards!

The English team

Thursday, 21 June 2018

1st grade: a busy month!

We played a game called "Shopping Trolley" It was fun! 
We learned and practiced the names of different foods and fruit and vegetables.
We spoke about the things we like and don't like.
I LIKE IT!          I DON'T LIKE IT! 

We played a fun monster game with drawing together!
We drew the head, face and then exchanged the paper with someone else. Then we drew the body and arms. Then we drew the legs, etc. The monsters are really funny! 

We made these beautiful, colourful t-shirts! They are each different and we love them!

Finally we learned about the city and the things we find there. Cars, trucks, buses, buildings, shops, busy streets, etc.

We made these great city night scenes with moving vehicles, stars, the moon and even a rocket!

We had so much fun this year! Wishing you a FANTASTIC SUMMER!

P5 I like and I don't like!

We read the book "Go away, big, green, scary monster!"
Then we drew our own monsters and wrote all the labels for the parts of the body and face!
Arms, hands, legs, head, neck, etc! We did a great job!
My monster has 10 eyes, but I have 2 eyes! 
Our monsters are very funny and scary! 

We learned the names of many fruits. 
We learned and played games with all kinds of foods, fruits and vegetables. We spoke about the things we like and don't like and made a drawing chart.

We  like different things, but some of us like the same things! 

We played this fun game called "Shopping trolley" and another one called "Lunch Box"
What do you have? 
I have... tomatoes! 

Finally we made a beach picture and a farm picture with our favourite farm animals!

I wish you all a FANTASTIC SUMMER!!

P4 I like to eat!

We have been learning the names of many, many fruits! We played games with fruit cards and helped to colour them in.
Then we told each other the fruits that we LIKE and the ones that we DON'T LIKE

We learned a funny song, where we play with the vowel sounds: A, E, I, O, U!
"I like to eat, eat, eat
apples and bananas"
"I like to ute, ute, ute
uples and banunus!"
"I like to ite, ite, ite
iples and baninis!"

We made a monster face and learned the different parts of the face: My monster has 5 EYES, 3 EARS, Green HAIR!

We read this fun book: "Go away big, green scary monster!"

4th Grade- Treasure Maps!

We have had a very busy month! We learned about places in town, maps and giving and following directions!
Then we each made a TREASURE MAP! We invented names for all the places on the maps using alliteration : Creepy Cave, Misty Mountain, Bullet Beach and more!
We wrote the instructions to the treasure.

Then we had fun making the maps look really old! We used coffee and wrinkled the paper and cut the edges. We practiced reading and giving and following directions!
We also gave ourselves a pirate nam:
Angry Albert, Guim the Great, Incredible Ian, etc, etc!

The maps look fantastic and the teachers are very proud of the group!

We also played a game with these fun story cubes and we learned about different vehicles and movement (Up, down, forward, back, left, right, etc)
Wishing you ALL a fantastic summer!!

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

End of the course special day & activities for the 2nd shift groups

Hi all,

Today was the last day for most of our students and we have all together had fun while solving a mystery and facing different funny challenges like guessing what was inside a bucket just by touching and many others...

End of the course special day & activities!

Hi families!!!

Today is a very special day for us and our students! It is the last day of the course and we have organised something special for them! On the 1st shift we've joined all groups and did some activities together like unwrapping layers from a paper ball in order to get some presents! Like animals or balloons...
We had great fun together!!!

Monday, 18 June 2018