Sunday, June 19, 2022

P 4 It's hot !!!

 Hi all !

With P 4 we did many activities.  After the topic sport where in  we repeated body parts as well we started to talk about the weather , the heat , the sun, the rain  ¨It's cold ¨ ¨It's hot¨. Do you like an  ice cream?         I want some water.

We put some seeds in the earth of a pot and watered them but because of the extreme heat  at the weekend on moday everything was so dry. The children took their pot with a  ¨coloured flower ¨home  and lets see what is going to happen  with the seeds . 

2nd graders Playing, rapping ,painting about the coming summer

 Hi all  ! 

With the  2nd graders we did various activities .  We repeated vvocabulary about the coming summer . 

For exemple What do you like to do in the summer?  What do you like to eat in the summer.

We painted or drew imatges about the summer  and ,  we made a song on the beat of an old school  instrumental rap ; ¨I like the summer, I like to swim , I like to read, I like to dance ,

And because of the extreme hot weather we played a water game in plaza Clara.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

1st grade - Parts of the City

1st graders have been practicing learning different parts of the city through playing Monopoly.

Vocabulary includes- Swimming pool, pet shop, ice cream shop, supermarket, Arcade, museum, skate rink, candy shop, bowling alley, toy store, etc.

We are also practicing money, and using terms such as-

Your turn, roll the dice, please pay me, Whose turn, etc....

1st Grade - Sports and Yoga

1st graders have been re-inforcing body parts through various Yoga and Sport activities.

We have also created a body wheel so we can practice and learn to spell the words correctly.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

P4 Superheroes and super powers

 Hi all  !

After the activity The Park , we started with the topic superheroes.  The children made their own superhero.  We played in the park and talked about super powers.  

Vocabulary; I can fly, I am strong, I can climb, i can jump very high, I can run fast.   We are superheroes. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

1st Grade - Daily Routines

 We have started to play games, and reinforce vocabulary concerning our daily habits.

Vocabulary - Get dressed-get undressed, catch the bus, wash face-hands, do homework, go to bed, etc.

In addition, we are starting a comic to illustrate our daily routines!!

1st Grade - St. George´s Day

We continue to celebrate Spring, as studentds learn to do some still life drawings.

Vocabulary we used wwas focused on looking for shapes such as squares, triangles, circles, and ovals.

We also talked about lines using vocabulary such as... thick, thin, dark, and light.

Later, we used our drawings to make special St. George cards for a loved one.

There are some fantastic artists in our groups!!

4th grade expanding on grammar


Interacting with English and technology.

Using our hands for everything!

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

P4 St George and the dragon

 Hi all !!!

Of course we had to celebrate  Saint George ! With P4 we fought with the dragon , played with shields and different balloons ( for example the  green balloon was the dragon) ,we played a bit of theatre and sang a song

Look who is coming 

It's the green green dragon

Spitting fire 

Very very hungry

Look who is coming 

It's the sweet sweet princess ,,

All alone

Going to the dragon


Look who is coming 

It's Staint George

rising on his horse

killing the dragon


 We found our easter egg with the help of Bunny!!! We enjoy looking for different types of easter eggs and then we coloured them. We painted them with different shapes: stars, circles, lines, ...


 We made a map of the class and we had to find different treasures! We practised giving directions and prepositions in a very fun way!

Thursday, April 7, 2022

2nd graders Spring


Hi all, 


With the second graders we did various activities depending on the day and the group.

In spring it's time to care for yourself so we organised a Spa with massage tools while talking about bodyparts and  and decorated a mirror.

 We made a painting of spring while asking questions about the different seasons.

For example ; What is your favourite season ? Why ?  When is your birthday?  In spring , In summer ?, In winter  or in Aurtumn.

And we went several times to Plaza Clara, to play a game about spring and to look for Easter eggs.

Can you find : a funny egg?...A mysterious egg? A crying egg? A shy egg ?  ( so each egg had a different expression . The students like to be outside !!!

P4 Spring

 Hi all,

With P4 we did many games and activities around the topic spring .   We decorated a camara and made pictures of a tree , a butterfly, a rainbow,a flower , some chickens and eggs.

We went to plaza clara several  times, to look for pictures of spring and  to find some Easter eggs.


Wednesday, April 6, 2022

1st grade- Spring in the Park!

 This week before our Easter holidays, we will be talking and learning about Spring and most specifially plants and flowers.

Vocabulary: Roses, Tulips, Carnations,  and Sunflowers

In addition, we are continue to practice prepositions:

In, on, under, in front of, behind, next to, between

Artificial flowers were hidden in Plaça Clara and students had to listen and use directions to find them.

1st grade / Animals

 We continue to talk, play, and sing to re-inforce our Unit on Animals.

We had animal races where students rolled dice, and practiced counting by 10's.

In addition, we have been playing animal dominos.

We will be reading several Eric Carl books and will be creating a collage inventing different kinds of ïmaginary creatures.

1st grade - What's the weather like?

 We have been observing the weather every day and Spring is finally here it will be nice for some sun and have some activities outside.

Vocabulary: Seasons/ Winter , Spring, Summer, Fall

Rainy, Stormy, Sunny, Windy, and Cloudy.

Grammar: It is Sunny.

                 It isn't sunny

We will also be watching the movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs which not only reinforces all the weather, but revises food in the crazy story set in the town CHEW AND SWALLOW.

P5 spring

 Welcome spring!!!

We are learning the weather of the different seasons and we are welcoming the spring.

P5 parts of the house

 We learned the parts of the house and we designed our dream house!

P5 showing their constructive minds

 The girls house was very stylish.

The boys built a multi level house with an underground garage.