Tuesday, July 6, 2021

P5 - Stick Puppets / End of Course

P5 finished the last classes of the course reviewing many of the topics/vocabulary we have explored ... including parts of the body, clothes, and our emotions. We incorporated these concepts into creating puppets in many cases, they turned into 3D self -portraits . 🀣 The students had their own spectacular and played various scenarios out.
Have a great summer, and remember to continue listening at  home!!

Monday, June 21, 2021

6th grade - Last day of the course - Let's go hiking!

 Dear families:

This is the last entry of the course. Today, Monday 21st, was a special day as we put an end to the activity. That's why we did something completely different: we went Montsacopa and spend some quality time talking about the course, and about all we have shared. 

I can only add that it's been a real pleasure to have you, Jan and Aniol, in class again. It's been three courses doing the activity, and for me it's been nice to see how you grow up. 

I wish to add the course has been very successful in terms of your participation and involvement in tne activity, and I want to thank you for that! 

You both have a very good levels of English for your age, and I am totally sure you will continue improving and learning more and more in the future.

I wish you have a great summertime, and let me remind you not to lose track in your English!

All the best!

Jordi Boy Mas

Extracurricular English Lessons


1A - Last day of the course, having fun at the park!

 Dear families:

The course has come to its end. It's been a special one because of the pandemic, but we have learnt a lot of new things, we have played, laughed, worked and enjoyed every activity and every minute.

Today, we said farewell and wished a very good summer to each other!

Only would I like to wish you, families, for all your support and trust along the year! It's been a real pleasure to have your children at class every week!

Looking forward to having you at class next course!

Nice summer to everyone!

Jordi Boy Mas 

Extracurricular English Classes


Wednesday, June 16, 2021

1B Animals & Feelings and emotions!

 Dear families:

We have recently finished a series of lessons about animals and feelings and emotions. We have worked on this two topics by doing speaking and writing activities all together and individually. We have learned a great deal of caractheristics of a long lis of animals, such as whales, dogs, snakes, elephants, pigs, frogs, sharks and more and more, (from where they live or what they eat to what they look like...). In addition we have introduced basic feelings and emotions (in the form of adjectives) by using emoticons and colour them! It's been so much fun!

Next week we'll take the last entry of the year, informing you about the latest news and saying farewell to all of you!

See you then!

Take care!


1A Food & Minions

 Dear families

The course is finishing in the middle of this heat wave!

 Here I would like to give you  a short flash about an activity we have recently done. It covers the topic of food, which we have worked more than once this course, and say greetings or introduce yourself. 

We watched a video about what minions eat and what they like and what they do not like to do. Then we did the activity itself, which is named Meet Bob! and it has let us to revise greeting expressions, colours and parts of the classroom. Not only did we do the worksheet but we also practised the questions related to greetings and farewells.

Next week I will make the last entry of the course, and say farewell to all of you!

See you then!

Take care!

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

2nd graders Let's go to the beach.

 Hi all  !!!

With the second graders we did many things, for example we did a jincama in Plaza carmen  

  Last week we started with the topic beach . 

What do you take to the beach ???   A towel, suncream,  swimming suit,  a lunch, beachball, money

What kind of animals are in the sea???? a yelly fish, an octopus, a shark , a turtle, a crab a sea horse ,   a whale , a  dolpin .

On the terrace of the library we made an  enormous beach and sea scene  and we did a craft as well.

And of course we had to play with the beach ball repeating the vocabulary .

It was fun !!

P4 The beach. and the sea.

 Hi all  ! 

After the topic farm we continued with the topic beach and  the  sea .

We moved like a fish, an octopus, a whale, a dolpin , a shark, a turtle and a yelly fish.

We made a fish and used a shell ( this is the mermaid's telephone ) to communicate with the  mermaid  , repeating sentences like ;  Hello ...How are you ?  Are you good ?  Where are you ?  aaaahhh IIn the sea .

Questions  we used ;   Do you like the beach ??  Do you like swimming ?  Do you like icecream. Can you move like ( a fish , a turtle etc.


It was really interesring to talk with the mermaid !    And when there was silance we could hear the sea  !!!!



P4 The Farm Animals

 Hi All !!!

We did many things with p4 .....We repeated the  ,weather,  the body and we worked on the topic farm .

Of course we sang the song ;Old mac donald had a farm ia ia hee.

One activity we did was on the terrace of he library.  First we had to run to the different farm animals


 ( horse , chicken, pig , cow , sheep, cat  ) and after that the students could draw the farm animals on the floor.  Some kids took the opportunity to make a very long caterpillar .  They loved it !!!   

Monday, May 17, 2021

3rd Grader's review: Crafts, theater, games and so much more...

Hi families!
Today we are going to review some of the most fun activities we have done these days.
Making pizzas πŸ• 
We have learned about “Toppings”  like: Mushrooms, olives, cheese, pepperoni, green pepper and using structures like Can I have some... 
Some pills of grammar: We have been practicing how to build phrases using “do” and “does” in the present tense, for affirmative structures, questions, and Negative form.
We have been working in the past tense with the Legend of St Jordi... 
The dragon “was” very hungry, he “felt” rage, so he “went” to the Village”and “asked “ for the people for their food, and he “ate” all the vegetables. 
To have more fun, we have acted in a play about the legend of Saint Geoge.

And we also have made nice mark books for our next new books.πŸ‰πŸŒΉ
In another class we have talked about our favorite animals by describing them using structures such as, for example:
My favorite animal has got brown fur, but it hasn’t got feathers.https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1Wf7wHuQksEDFqEA2QXxr_z9icV-ih73thttps://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1lvR9wEQilk68RDiVbyARYXH_otcK8pHJ
To complete this topic Students have created their favorite animal. They are all tremendous artists! 
I hope you have enjoyed this blog as much we have enjoyed performing these activities
Have a great day!

Sunday, May 16, 2021

P4 In the restaurant..... and a lot of food

 Hi all !!!

Last weeks we worked on the topic food.  

We did different activities around this topic.   We played as being in the restaurant using the
following sentences; I would like a pizza , I would like a donut, I would like this ...( pointing at the plastic food).

We sang the song   ; Do you like  broccoli ice cream ? (you tube )

As well we combined the topic food with animals  and used sentences like...;

Monkey ..Do you like bananas ?   Yes i do

Rabbit .. do you like a carrot ?  Yes I do 

We watched the  video the very hungry caterpillar and played being caterpillars  by creeping under some chairs . On the chairs were the folllowing fruits:  Apple , pear, banana, strawberry, cherry, prune.

We keep on learning !!

And we are having a lot of fun !!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

P4 group The legend of Saint George

Hi families,
Saint George’s day gave to us the opportunity to work and so many different ways.. Theater, games and coloring.

Using theater we could introduce new vocabularies such as Castle, dragon, village, King, Princess, knight, shield, book, and roses🌹 https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1iL0y5pszqw4k8zLAGjRclAQL1z9hXKlx
Fellings: The dragon is angry because he is hungry!
And then, after knowing the story,  kids were able to feed the Dragon, and answer questions.
After this chapter of English classes if we ask “ Why the dragon was so angry?
Kids should be able to answer: Because he is hungry πŸ‰I hope you enjoy it  πŸ’•Denise

4th grade - Food & Drink

Dear families:

I would like to inform you about the latest news of the activity. We have recently finished a topic around food and drink. We have done a wide range of activities. Not only have we practised vocabulary and basic grammar pills, but also listening and reading skills. 

Now that we have widened our range of vocabulary on this area, we can name a wider range of food and drinks, and we can do so by using the basic structures we have learnt: There is / There are and prepositions of place (in, in front of, on, under, next tom behind).

Hoping you are being well, we'll keep you informed!



Monday, May 3, 2021

1B GROUP - Bag of wishes part IV

Hello ! Hello!

Here I share with you the last, but not the least important, part of the project "bag of wishes".

We used to sing this song Healthy x unhealthy food.

The song introduced the topic and remembered us the importance of being healthy and that we can do it choosing what we eat.

We had a great time  classifying  healthy and  unhealthy food. We also created together different kinds of menus according with the 3/4 meals we have during the day.

We enjoyed together these Steve and Maggie episodes Steve and Maggie Steve and Maggie II.  Kids have took home the "bag" and you can talk more about it. It was a pleasure to guide these activities learning English and good/ positive habits at the same tame.

Now we keep moving  and the next project is acting classes. Kids are happy and exited!

1B group - Bag of wishes part III

 Hello again!!!!!

Here I bring news about our project. During 2 weeks we talked about. "How can I be a good student?"

We started learning new vocabulary like:

Eyes watching!

Ears listening!

Legs crossed!

Hands still!

After that we created some cards and exercised some imperatives like!

Raise your hand!
Don't be late!
Quiet please!
Respecte the others!

These cards we used to play a memory game!

We also had a crossword and of course a song to inspire!

Hope you have enjoyed! We have

6th grade - Let's make a "six-hand" entry!

 Dear families:

This is a special entry, because we, Jan and Aniol, are updating the blog instead of Jordi.

We are going to inform you about the latest news about our activities.

We have discussed on the topic of bullying in the school.

We watched Karate kid and answered a set of questions to stir up the discussion.

Then we took on another project around the meaning of friendship among teenagers.

We watched Stand by me, by Rob Reiner, which is very appropiate. After that we did a set of reading and writing activities.

We have also worked in the topic of food and drinks, not only practising vocabulary but also doing  grammar points, like pronouns and prepositions of place.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our activities.

Aniol and Jan

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

The dragon is hungry...St George

 Hi all !!!

Last week we worked on the celebration of St George  ( St Jordi) 

 We played with puppets to perform some parts of the story and  made a real shield to fight with the dragon ...In this case the dragon was  a green balloon.  And we sang the song ;

  Look who is coming!...It's the green ,green dragon Spitting fire !

Look who is coming ! It's the sweet sweet princess.

Look who is coming ! It's saint George   , Fighting the dragon !!

We enjoyed it a  lot!!

Some vocabulary we used:  The dragon is hungry !!!  Don't eat the horse !! Don't eat the rabbit , Don't eat the princess !!   Fight with the dragon !! The dragon ( green balloon) can not touch the ground !!  

Monday, April 26, 2021

1st Grade/ Dragon..Different shades of Green

1st grade have started to learn a little more about the element of Art / Color. We talked about all the different shades of green found in nature. Students created their own Sant Jordi dragon using a collage technique. Vocabulary: light green, medium green, dark green, feathers, spring, dragons, scales, claws, fire

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

P5/ Body Paper Dolls

Completed a Unit on the Body. Vocabulary:  head, arms, hands, legs, feet . Also Clothes Vocabulary: 
Jeans, skirt, t-shirt, belt, shoes, boots, necklaces, rings, hair clips.

P5 /Transportation

P5 Completed a Unit on various  Transportation Air/Land/Water
Vocabulary: train, car, helicopter, airplane, forklift, truck, airplane, boat.
 Students also practiced School Supply Vocabulary : glue, scissors, stickers, markers, crayons.