Wednesday, January 19, 2022

1st Grade / Busy Winter Months!!

 1st grade has done so much work these days before the Holidays!

We have been studying higher numbers, school supplies, clothes, food, parts of body, and rooms /objects in the  House. We are also completing a book that will include all our work for the course.

Before Christmas we had Unit on Toys, and each student had option to create a *Doll or a *Ball in Cup from recycled materials. This gave us opportunity to reinforce all the vocabulary from clothes, school supplies, and parts of the body.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

P4 Transport

 Hi all  !!

I hope you had a fantastic new start in 2022. We are having the classes mostly oudside.

We are working on the topic transport. We moved like planes, cars, trains, lorries, boats and bicycles.

There were some transport flashcards hidden in Plaza Clara and we painted a picture about. transport.

Saturday, December 11, 2021

P4 The little snowman in Plaza Clara

 Hi all ! 

Last weeks we went several times to plaza Clara .   We used the song : I'm a little snowman  ( you tube) to decorate a  snowman.  We had to put a hat  a scarf, some eyes, a nose and find some snow (white wool) that was hidden in the park.  We had a lot of fun   !!!

With tanksgiving we did the craft in plaza Clara as well so the birds they made could really fly around in the park.

2nd graders Being scientists .

 Hi all,

Last weeks we were working on the topic jobs.    After playing doctors, nurses,  policemen,  we played being scientists and did some interesting experiments.  

Example floating candle;

For the floating candle experiment we need ; a plate ,  a bottle with coloured water,  matches ( to lit the candle) and a jar .

  First we put  some water in the  plate, then we lit the candle and put it in the plate, Finally we put the jar over the burning candle. And then watch what will happen !!!! Yesss The water is rising in the jar and the candle is floating !!

Friday, December 3, 2021

A 5th grade November

 This was a fun activity that really got the blood flowing.
Students had to move around obstacles on the screen, all in English of course! 

Making fortune tellers to play with irregular plurals. 1 Man/2 men etc.

Friday, November 19, 2021

P5 It’s Autumn

Hello families!  We have been doing very cool activities and we are excited to share them with you.
We have reviewed colors and numbers and

Then have been working on topics such as parts of the body, fruits, what are you wearing,
 It’s autumn! 🍂🍁🌰
The funniest thing was enjoying Halloween, by songs and stories and crafts.
I hope you have enjoyed it!!!! See you soon!

Sunday, November 14, 2021

P4 Keep on learning !!

Hi all !!!

We keep on learning with P4  . Every class we start  moving the body in a game and use English in every  action.
 Last week we used bread dough to make different objects  for examplke a big ball, 3 small balls, a long sausage.  As wel we made a boy or a girl with playdough ( plastecine) 
As we had some new students we repeated the body , colours and actions in games like ;  Sit down, take one chair away, throw it, give it please. And we  used the song 
5 Little monkeys jumping on the bed  ( you tube ) for a chairdance .
The students love it !!!


Wednesday, November 10, 2021

2nd graders in the hospital

 Hi all! 

We worked on the topic ; In the hospital. 

We played games and did theatre using the sentences;  What's the matter? I got my leg ( arm ,finger,shoulder) broken. What happened? I had a car accident..I had a bicycle accident. My leg ( head, finger arm, )s hurting.

More vocabulary; blood,tape,wound.pain,bandage,

The students loved the activity!

3rd graders and our special pizza!

 With 3rd graders we "baked" our special pizza with all of the ingredients: tomato sauce, mushrooms, cheese, pepperoni, red and green pepper, ...


P5 and parts of the body

 With P5 we were working the parts of the body. We danced with each part: wriggling our WAIST, jumping with 1 FOOT, waving our ARMS, nodding our HEAD, ...

Halloweenie! 1st Grade

 Students continued emotional monsters to make a scary scenario emphasising Halloween vocabulary such as bats, witch, spider, ghost, black cat, candy.