Wednesday, May 15, 2019


Hello again!

Having played a great role as news anchors, the fifth graders are undertaking quite a different activity: "Grow up. project. What would you do if you suddenly become a grown up?"

Which would be the pros and cons of such surprisingly new condition? Precisely this, a list of pros and cons, has been the first activity we have done. It has worked really well, and everyone has given his opinion, participating lively.

The second activity is to watch Big (1988),  a movie by Penny Marshall, with Tom Hanks as main character, that puts forward the same question we do. We have been watching it for two weeks now, and it has really caught our attention.

The project will end up with a set of questions, and then we will discuss the movie, its plot, its main characters and the best scenes.


Key words:

grown up, childhood, friedship, a wish, a fair (or an amusement park), arcades, a job, love, homesick, motherhood.

Resultat d'imatges de big tom hanks


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