Monday, May 3, 2021

1B GROUP - Bag of wishes part IV

Hello ! Hello!

Here I share with you the last, but not the least important, part of the project "bag of wishes".

We used to sing this song Healthy x unhealthy food.

The song introduced the topic and remembered us the importance of being healthy and that we can do it choosing what we eat.

We had a great time  classifying  healthy and  unhealthy food. We also created together different kinds of menus according with the 3/4 meals we have during the day.

We enjoyed together these Steve and Maggie episodes Steve and Maggie Steve and Maggie II.  Kids have took home the "bag" and you can talk more about it. It was a pleasure to guide these activities learning English and good/ positive habits at the same tame.

Now we keep moving  and the next project is acting classes. Kids are happy and exited!

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