Wednesday, March 11, 2020

6B. My favourite video game. A presentation

Hi everyone, again:

Here we are again sharing a series of presentations we have done. As you can see, they talk about video games, which is the most popular hobby among us! 

Hope you enjoy watching it so much as we enjoyed doing so!

Everyone has done a great task, doing a very clear and infromative presentations, full of colour pictures. 







P.S: Roger, if you allows us to share the video, we can add your link to the next post. Thanks!

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

3rd graders in space...

Hi all ,

With the 3rdgraders we are working on the topic space.
We watched a video of the NASA  about how it works in a real space station.  ( you tube how it works  intenational space station ) Then we drew in small groups our own space station. The students had to explain their  drawings  and present them , like   Here is the bathroom, here is the bedroom , here is the lab where we do the experiments etc.
As well we talked about how it would be to live in space for a long time.
What  would you miss if you are in space ?  ...I would miss the trees, i would miss the swimming pool , I would miss my family  etc.

In the class room it seemed to be all top secret as students were working on their projects.
There were some beautiful results. Pictures I'll add later.

Happy Pirate Song | Actions Song For Children | Children Songs

p4 Being pirates...

Hi all !

These weeks we are working on the topic pirates.
We made a big pirate ship with tables and chairs. We dressed up like pirates.
we did the chair dance with a pirate song and made a  craft; a spyglass..

Vocabulary: pirate, parrot, shark , boat, treasure, tree,

Sentences:  Where is the treasure,  the treasure is under the table   ( in the boat,  on the chair,
take one chair away,  I found the treasure, I am strong, I see ( a parrot, i see a shark, i see a canon, i see a crocodile , i see a tree.

We had a lot of fun and it's very exciting pretending to be pirates.

Sunday, March 1, 2020

P5 Picnic 🍉

As part of  " The picnic Project" We have enjoyed a delicious picnic in the company of our friends the cookie monster and the worry monster.  
First, we had to go to the supermarket to buy some items for the picnic 🍉 •Milk•Orange juice•Cookies

We have used expressions such as:Do you like cookies? 🍪 Yes I do.

We did games like : Close your eyes, let's hide the cookie, and then ask them, have you got a cookie? Yes I have, or no I haven’t. 
We also counted how many cookies we have to give to the monster.
Let’s feed the monster!

P5 Prepositions

The topic of this session was the prepositions <<on>> and <<under>>

Okay! Everybody let's go... On the table!
Now, everybody let 's go ... Under the table!

Then, on the floor, under the chair and so one...We had a lot of fun with this game! 😁

P5 group

Hi all, 

This semester we have been focused on these topics: Colors, shapes, weather, feelings, numbers, animals, and so much more.

 Project: Parts of the dinosaurs

 What’s the weather like today? ☀️

Is it raining? Yes it is or no it isn't.

Greeting: Hello, how are you?

I’m good, thank you.

Hello!  Nice to meet you !

They were able to express emotions on the whiteboard 

How do you feel?

Are you happy, sad or angry?

I am happy 😁

We have been learning about different clothes that we wear.

We used sentences like What are you wearing today?I’m wearing a black shorts and a white t-shirt...

We are having fun with the song "Hurry Up".

This is a fun song to practice together at home!

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

4th Graders

Hi families,
I would like to thank for this nice time together by sharing some of our memories.

Playing outside hiding, searching and finding treasures
Talking about animals, for instance, where do dolphins live? Do they live in the sea? In the forest?
Singing and dancing.......
We made a funny karaoke

We used sentences like ; Can you jump? Yes I can .  Can you run  ?  Yes I can.  Can you fly ?  No I can't.
It was an amazing experience to know this group!

1B & 1A. Carnival masks! - Some photos!

Hi, all again:

I would like to share some pictures of a Carnival activty we made recently at class.: masks!

Here you have them. Hope you enjoy watching!


Tuesday, February 25, 2020

1st/2nd Grade Carnival Music/Masks

1st and 2nd Grade have been working on masks and listening to classic Carnival music.
 We are listening to typical steel band competitions from London's Notting Hill Carnival,  Samba music from Brazil...and the brass bands, Jazz/ African fused music from Mardi Gras in New Orleans .
Vocabulary..Steel band, Samba Music, Mardi Gras, king, queen, clown, magician, costumes, masks, and feathers.

2nd Grade - I Love You!

2nd Grade made a special craft for their loved ones for Valentine's day. 
After tracing our hands, we decorated them. 
We also talked about this expression.... I   love   you   this  M U CH!! 

1st grade Hearts / Strings of Love

First grade celebrated a little bit of Valentine's by making small hearts for their  loved ones.
 Vocabulary we practiced were.. 
Yarn, string, criss- cross, long, short, pull corner to corner ..and of course hearts! 

Thursday, February 20, 2020

3rd Graders. Being creative and a secret Valentine mission !!!

Hello everybody,

We did many things these weeks . Just before Valentine's day we prepared more than 50 Valentine's cards  for our secret mission to hide them in the classroom of  the3rd graders. It was a very exciting adventure. The students made beautiful cards with messagers like ; I love your smile., I love my  class !!! , You are so beautiful . Happy Valentine! , etc etc . And with Carnival we made some masks .
We were very creative and had a lot of fun as well !!!

P4 Celebrating Carnival.......

Hi all !!!

P4 is in the Carnival mood !   We made masks and we painted our faces.
We use sentences like :  Who are you ?  I'm a witch...I'm a cat,   I'm  a princess

To ask for the material needed to decorate the mask we used the sentence : I would like; a blue feather, I would like the glue, I would like.......

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

6B. My favourite videogame is...

Hi all, again:

Currently we are working on a project about videogames, using laptops at class. The idea is to make a Power Point presentation describing a videogame we love playing it! We have done some research on the Internet to find out further information, like who created it, when or where, and so on

We expect to give you further information as soon as we finish!


5th Getting inspired, making a poster!

Hi all, again:

We have started this new semester seeking for inspiration! We have made a free topic drawing on a poster in pairs, and then we have painted it. The topics chosen have been the war, tennis and football. Then we have written a brief description of its meaning and where we got the inspiration to make it to.

Keep in touch!

4th graders What will you be ?????? and Carnival

Hello everybody  !!

With 4th graders we did a lot of creative things.  For  Valentine's day we made cards and the students wrote sentences like; I like your smile, you are beautiful, I love you..
Now it's Carnival  ...We made masks and  had to ask for the material with the question  I would like.......

The idea was to make a video using sentences like ; What  will you be???? I will be , A policeman etc.  But the students decided to do a Circus show.  So we used the sentences ; I will be a juggler , I will be a clown , I will be a magician , I will be a dog trainer,I will be an acrobat. we keep you updated.

1B & 1A. Let's discover our classrom!

Hi, again:

We have recently started second semester, and we have done so with a project called Let's discover our classroom!. The purpose is to know better the place where we are and the material we use every day. And we do so through different activities, and putting into practice speaking and writing skills

Keep in touch,


Wednesday, February 12, 2020

An exucrsion to Plaça Clarà with P4

Hi all,

With some P4 students we went to Plaça Clarà to find some animals and we had loads of fun! We used sentences like: "Where is the bird...", "Where is the elephant..", "I found the cat!" and many more...