Thursday, 25 May 2017

1st grade. Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

These days we are watching pieces of an old movie: "Bedknobs and Broomsticks" (1971, UK-USA, Walt Disney).

Curiously, when we compare the old and new films for children, we find out that the speed of talking and rythm of the speeches is smoothier in the old films.
That's why this one was a good choice. We found a lot of animals' vocabulary to practice again with.

We are combining the activity with some handcraft related to the movie: inventing medalions, inventing magic wands with magic words....

5th grade. Sing and learn.

Spring came and we feel like singing. So for these days the students are sellecting some songs. After that we work on the lyrics, we sing, we check the meaning and if we feel like we invent a coreography.

There are so many songs that we listen to and sing along without knowing the meaning!!
Sometimes, after recognizing the lyrics, we change our mind about that soft and melodic song.

Moreover, many of the lyrics are about it is a goid starting point to speak about Jealousy, Love...
Here you have some pictures. Enjoy it!

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

6th grade , more and more and more vocabulary.....

Hello everybody,

6th grade has been working on different topics. The callenge to speak more and more.....

We did an activity where the students were invited to express themselves  by choosing a plant and to relate  it with  what they think about a person they know .
It was real fun ! Of course the roses were related to their lovely mothers.
Ps the rest is top secret !

As well they had to prepare a  speach about  a topic and present it to the others.
Marta presented the country Kenya and Marina presented Japan.

2nd It's my job , it's what I do ..It's my job I like it too

Hello everybody...

With second grade we have been working on the topic jobs.
The idea is to create a small musical , by singing...dancing and acting out the different jobs.

We have been singing the song ;  I'm a policeman in the town all day long i walk around It's my job ,It's what I do, It's my job  , I like it too ! (melody, see you tube; I'm a policeman in the town).
As well we played different games to become familiar with the vocabulary.


I’m a policeman in the town ,all day long I walk around

I’m a painter in the town ,all day long I paint around

I’m a fire man in the town , stop the fire all around

I’m a cleaner in the town ,all day long I clean around

I’m a gardener in the town, putting flowers in the ground

I’m a dentist in the town ,help the people all around

I’m a chef in the town ,cooking stirring around and around

I’m a farmer out of town ,drive my tractor around and around

I’m a builder in the town ,building houses round and round

I’m a milkman in the town ,all day long I drive around

I’m a hairdresser in the town . all day long I cut around

I’m a teacher in the town all day long I teach around

I’m a doctor in the town, all day long I heal around.


P4 Creating a house with a garden !!

Hello everybody,

With p4 we have been working on the topics house and garden. With some students we made a real small garden by sowing real seeds and decorating it with sticks and stones.
And we created a  house.
The idea of the game was to hide a cat or another picture of an animal in the house.
The question ,  Where is the cat ?  The cat is in the kitchen.  Where is the cat the cat is in the bathroom.

We sang a song with the ukelele:
Song; Cooking in the kitchen 2x
          Sleeping in the bedroom 2x
          and watching tv the livingroom.

It was real fun !

Pictures will follow....


P5 Having fun with the topic transport

Hello everybody !

Last weeks we have been working on the topic transport. We made a so called scateboard of cardboard and decorated it with various imatges of transport. Then we played with them throwing them in the air trying to touch different flashcards of transport.

We repeated the game changing chairs whereby there is one student in the middle saying for example¨There is a car¨´then the two children who have the flashcard  ¨car ¨have to change chairs and the student in the middle has to get one of the free chairs. It was real fun !
Sorry , no pictures...too involved in participating.

The vocabulary,  There is ; a car a bicycle.  a  plane,  a lorry,  a train ,a submarine, a boat.....or There is a car and a plane  (then the car and the plane change chairs).

Monday, 22 May 2017

5th - How can we describe using nature

They had two boxes in the class, one with leaves, branches, flowers, fruits from trees and plants; The other full of sticks, pieces of wood, rocks, shells from sea animals and from land...

The first activity? Let's match the material with the list of english names, so we can enjoy touching and get some specific vocabulary.

The second activity? Let's use these "pieces of nature" to create a composition that describe someone real or imaginary. And finally explain/present the result.

Composition: someone happy and competitive
Composition: is a person that is happy, positive and sweet.
composition: Sculpture of "someones"
This boat can navigate and make you enjoy time

They ended with free creation....

 A camp/city cooperative construction


A horse sculpture

English, Creativity and Fun.... we can't ask for more!



Sunday, 21 May 2017

5th grade. The 3rd and final chapter.

Here you have,

the 3rd and final chapter of the film. It's been a lot of work, but we finally did it!

We hope you enjoy it!

Saturday, 20 May 2017


Hello and welcome to everybody!

Yesterday we went to the market to know its products and its stands.

The boys talked to the shop assistants and enjoyed walking around the different stands while they were answering some questions about the market and its products.

Here below a photography taken at the fish market. Specially thanks to the fishmonger for explaining so many things about fishes to us and for being so patient, too.

Friday, 19 May 2017

1st grade. Food vocabulary.

Dear parents,
during the last sessions we have been working with food vocabulary.
Learning english, once more, is good fun when you combine it with games, drawing, creating food, theatre and real life like going to a supermarket and look for the items of a list.
Here you have some pictures: