Friday, 16 March 2018

Second grade; I want to acrobat a dancer, a juggler, a magician, a clown ,

Hello everybody !!

It isn't always easy but we are rehearsing for a circus performance.
Who do you want to be in the circus ??   An acrobat ?? A clown ?? A magician ? A Jugler ? or  A dancer ? are  the questions.  Slowly we are gettting there !!!

getting there .
Here you are ; some pictures

Thursday, 15 March 2018

3rd Grade

Hello everybody !!!

 We are still working on the topic jobs.  Last tuesday we went out ....we had to throw some dices.
Then take some steps. Throw the dice again and then see which letter of the ABC showed up....With this letter we tried to find a job  or objects related to a job.  For example  G  a gardener....the gardener grows flowers....this was the idea of the game.

P  Policeman....The policeman puts the thiefs in prison. In reality the students were making up their own version of the game. But they spoke English and that's important !!!

First grade Circus !

Hello everybody

With first grade we are working on the topic circus. We dressed up like clowns and  tried different ways to be funny.

 ¨We are the king and the princess . We want to see the clowns !! ¨

¨What's that ?  A suitcase ? ¨  but when the clown wanted to open the suitcase ...another clown  pulled the suitcase away.....

As well we did some performance by  throwing objects through rings. We used vocabulary like  .
Catch it !! Throw it !! High.....  More difficult.... . Higher

And we tried to be acrobats by building up a human mountain.....but we fell down......

Friday, 9 March 2018

Second grade We are going to the Circus !!!

Hello everybody  !

We started the topic circus. The idea is to make a performance. But first we have to rehearse.
We sre singing the song , We are going to the circus to see;  some juglars, some acrobats  a dancer, a strong woman...a liontamer. Hope to show some pictures soon

1st grade/ Transportation

We have started a new project which will consist of many art projects based on the different modes of transportation. This week we started reading... Disney's Dusty to the Rescue!

1st grade / The Color Monster

We are currently making books based on the book..The Color Monster. The drawings inside illustrate what causes us to feel different emotions such as: happiness, anger, fear , sadness, love and being calm.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Third graders The ABC of jobs...

Hello everybody ! We are still working on the topic Jobs.
We played diffrent games . One game was ;While watching the video , Finding the words  and filling  in the  missing letters . The words were spread all over the class 
As we worked with  3 teams it was a bit of  a competion but we had fun. In the mean while we were repeating the ABC.

Monday, 5 March 2018

Song Sing Its my Job! English for Children

Hello everybody !!!

Last weeks we worked on the topic jobs.  We sang the following song ...but with a different text .
( to know the melody I put the video).

The students were very interested in playing hospital so often the class ended with a roleplay about being a nurse, a doctor or a patient.

First grade The 5 senses

Hello everybody  !

We are working on the topic senses. To see, to hear, to touch, to smell and to taste.
We did different games to get familiar with these verbs. For example throwing a  ball to a mouth while saying , ¨  taste! .¨ a nose...¨smell !l¨ to a hand ¨touch¨ to an eye ¨See ! and to an ear  ;¨Hear ¨

As well we are making a book about the senses.

I brought different things to taste ....but the students were not very willing to try everything.
They like more the games where moving is involved
Tuesday we will play a game  with the following questions;   Can you taste the sun?  Can you hear a tree?   Can you touch a cloud ?  Can you smell a bird ??¨  Can you see the wind??

Let's see what will be the opinions of the students..............

P5 What's the weather today?

In February we were been talking about the weather!
What's the weather today?
Is it sunny and cloudy?
Is it cold and snowing? 
Is it hot and sunny?
Is it stormy?

We made a picture of snowman! He has 2 circles for his body and a circle for his head! He needs 2 eyes, 2 arms, a carrot for a nose, and a scarf and hat!
Brrrrrrrrr...... it's cold!! 

Now we are finishing our weather mobiles!
We made a rainbow with all the colours!!!
We made a bright yellow and orange sun, a silver raindrop and a white cloud.

When it's raining and sunny at the same time, we get a rainbow!

We sang a song about snowflakes and raindrops!

Saturday, 3 March 2018

3rd grade. A handcraft: Seasons spinner


This week we dedicated a session to talk about the seasons and the months of the year. First, we watched a short video as an introduction. After that, we made a handcraft, called "Seasons spinner".

Here below you can see us with our spinners!

Keep in contact!

All the best

Jordi & Barika

Friday, 2 March 2018

2A. My five senses: sight, the sense of smell, of touch, of taste and of hearing


Two weeks ago we started a new topic: my five senses. We have been working on this topic by designing a handmade book that contains vocabulary, sentences and drawings. Besides that, we have watched a video and we have made speaking short activities to give the students examples of the senses, their uses and so on.

Here below you have a link to the video we have recently watched and a picture of the book, that is still unfinished.

More information in a few weeks!

All the best!

6th grade. Project: A brochure of Great Britain

Hello again,

Due to several circumstances, out of our control, the brochure's project is still ongoing. However, we can already show you some pictures of Nuria's brochure, which is already finished.

The whole group is doing a great job! I think that we can show you more brochures in a few days.

Apart from the brochure itself, which has been the second and main task of the project (the first was the video), we also did a wordsearch of vocabulary related to the topic.

Here below we post you such pictures of Nuria's one.

Great job! Congratulations, NĂºria!

Keep in contact!

5th grade Talking about different cultures.....

With 5th grade we are talking about different cultures.
What prejudices do you have ? What kind of ideas  have you got, about Chinese people , African  people,Arab people, Indian people, English people ?For example; Who work more in a tradional African village, the men or the woman ? The students had different opinions.

As well we made a tradional African village out of clay

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

P4 What's the weather?

 We painted with all the colours to make a RAINBOW mobile!
Is it sunny?
Is it raining?
Is it cloudy?
Is it hot or cold?
We read a lovely story about Maisy Mouse and the weather!
We are playing games about the weather- stormy, windy, cloudy, raining, snowing, etc. 

and today.... IT IS SNOWING!!! We put on our JACKETS and GLOVES and BOOTS- and made a SNOWMAN!!!

or maybe it's a SNOW MONSTER!!!!

2B My 5 senses

We are making a book about MY 5 SENSES!!
I SEE with my eyes
I HEAR with my ears
I SMELL with my nose
I TASTE with my tongue
I TOUCH with my fingers and hands

We did a taste test of different flavours: Sweet like sugar, sour like lemons, bitter like goji berries, salty like salt!
" I like it!"  or  "I DON"T like it!" 

Then we made cameras!
We took our cameras to the Plaza Clara to SEE what we could SEE!!
" I see my friend"
"I see a bird"
"I see trees" and many, many more things!
We made a page in out books about the things we see in the plaza.



4A Becoming Ninjas!

We learned to play a game called ninja! It is a card game with colourful illustrations about BEING a ninja. BE  BALANCED, KIND,  HONEST, GENEROUS, CREATIVE, HELPFUL, TOLERANT etc.
We continue to play different games with the cards, learning the vocabulary and making examples with the verb "to be". For example: I am helpful when I take out the rubbish!
We play memory and guessing games with the cards too. 

At the moment are working on our individual books about:
and ......

This is an ongoing project, which will take more time to complete, as there are diverse activities and concepts involved.
We created the cover page and tied the inside pages together.
We practiced speaking about ourselves and a small description of who we are.
We took a photo to put in our book.

Now we are working on our skills pages and drawings:

                                           "I am good at acting" 
"I am good at playing football"                         "I am good at time-keeping" 
                                    "I am good at cooking mushroom omelettes!" 

Friday, 23 February 2018

5th grade We made slime ..........

Hello everybody !

Today we made slime !! It was a lot of fun !
We made our own Pia Mix.

We used; foodcolorant , glue, glitter ,bakingpowder ,vaseline and contact lense solution.
We used our own intuition...adding the different ingredients....,stirring with the spoon in the pot.....and then .......

The result :  PIA SLIME !!!!

Monday, 19 February 2018

2nd grade girls and St Valentine

Hello everybody !

Of course we had to do something with Valentine's day. Glitters and girls go very well together !! So they made some beautiful hearts full with glitter. And just to let you know that we painted faces as well . Here you are; some pictures !!!

5th grade Let's speak !!!

Hello everybody !

With 5thgraders  we are doing a lot of games and  activities to invite them to speak.
For example we look at a short video and they have to tell what they saw.
We did as well many experiments.They have to explain the steps to take to do the experiment.
The folowing pictures are made while doing experiments.

first grade : Jincama in the plaza Carmen.

Last week we went to Plaza Carmen to repeat some vocabulary and be real detectives.  We had to find a palmtree,   money, hearts , a boat , feathers and finally found the parrot as well.  

We had a lot of fun !!!

2nd grade What do you do ??? I'm a doctor, I listen to your heartbeat.

Hello everybody !    We are working on the topic ; Jobs.  We did different games.  Danced and sang along with the following video.

As well we did theatre . For example we build a prison with chairs where we played to be the policeman and the thief. and we made a hospital with chairs and played roles like the patient and the nurse. We used sentences like . Does  it hurt ? Yes it hurts.  I broke my leg. I broke my arm.
Ai ai it's terrible. You have to wait .   No problem.I listen to your heart beat.