Wednesday, October 14, 2020

1B GROUP - History time!

Hello families!

Do you like histories? Roger, Aura, Nel, Júlia and Carles do!

We learned about objects that are at school:

We helped the teacher counting the shapes and saying the colours but the funniest thing was to notice the rabbit's trap.

history time

Tales always teach us a lot 😊

What does the rabbit say?


P4 Smiling with a Cute Clown🤡

Hello family!  The children are motivated and are very participative these days.  The most important thing now is to establish our new policy and group rules.  It's fair to say that they are doing very well.

We are now focused on getting to know each other.  We are describing our bodies and also how we feel.
They are curious and that is good!  We have been working on our emotions. Structures as:  How do you feel?  Are you sad, Angry or happy?  I am happy.
We have also included in our routines talking about the weather, what’s the weather like today?  
Oh, you have to know we have got a magical hat in this class which helps then to speak in English.
We have learned parts of the face, and we have played to build and deconstruct the face of a cute clown and we have played to guess which part was missing.
Structures like: What is missing? Let's put the nose on the clown’s face.
Finally, as you can see, we continue enjoying the sunny days in the garden ☀️🌈🌱
I hope you have appreciated it!  See you soon! 

Friday, October 9, 2020

A francès de P4 fem màscares!!!!

 Hola famílies,

Durant l'extraescolar de francès de P4 hem estat treballant les parts de la cara i hem fer aquestes màscares tan boniques i divertides!

Au revoir!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2020

1B Group - Shapes everywhere


 September 24th, 2020

Have you already noticed?
Shapes are everywhere...

A circle is a window!
A rectangle is a door!
A triangle is a peg!
And a square is a computer!

We sing and draw together!

"shapes, shapes, shapes oh yeah!
Let's draw a shape in the air!
Fingers ready 1,2,3 draw a (circle, triangle, square, rectangle) with me!"

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

6th grade

 Hi, everyone:

Here we are again, in a new course! It's been almost a month since we started, and it's time to inform us of what we are doing at class.

Given that some of you, parents, asked for some grammar & vocabulary contents along the course, I'd like to start talking about that. Aniol, Jan and I have reached an agreement: we will be doing a more standard grammar & vocabulary session a week, and another session will be dedicated to other activities in English, from personal projects to board games, or other activities that catch our attention. 

So, the idea is to find a balance between reinforcing the contents worked at class and going a bit further at the same time. 

In short, we have worked on vocabulary and we are just starting the present continous. Besides, we are carrying out two different  individual projects. Aniol is doing a presentation on the video game The Legend of Zelda, focusing on its characters and its main features, while Jan is doing his presentation on the topic of football. After some previous research on the sport, its origins and main features, he is creating an ideal team, mixing players from all around the world, from the past and the present, and doing some research to introduce them better (full name, age, height, nationality, team where he plays, position in the field, and so on).

The aim is they have fun and learn at the same time!

Nothing else by now

We'll keep you informed of how everything is going on in the following entry.

Take care!


4th grade

 Hi, everyone

It's been almost a month since we started lessons again. I would like to welcome you all back once again. This is the first entry I address to you, parents, students ot other followers. I'd have liked to contact earlier, but it couldn't find the right moment to do so. Sorry for that.

Besides the fact the class is 100% in English, we always spend 10' of specific speaking at the beginning of the class. I do think this gives us the opportunity to improve our range of vocabulary and our comprehesion of the language. So, after that we worked on a specific topic through different activities.

The first activity we have done, named Name these things, has provided them with new words of vacabulary  (animals, nature, means of transport, fruits and tools), and they have answered a great deal of questions related to every word, which has let us introduce wh.words like what, which, who, when, where, how...

The next activy, which is named What do we look like?, is about human body. We focus on the basic vocabulary for them to know, and then we introduce them a few verbs closely connected with every word mentioned. 

Finally, we also worked on the letters. The spelling, particularly.  At the same tine we have done other board games and quizzes.

I hope this first and long entry gives you an overview of what we are on at the moment. 

We'll keep you informed soon!

Take care!


Tuesday, October 6, 2020

2nd grade Where do you come from ?

 Hello everybody !   With 2nd graders we are working on the topic Houses of the world. we played many games  and sang the song ; We are the world, we are the children with the guitar. And the song : Where do you come from ??? 

We are having a lot of fun!

5th graders and culture

 Hi All  !

With 5th grade we are working on the topic  Cultures.

We played games and did craft.

We played the game true and false for example; Arabs normally don't eat pigs. Is it true or false ?  etc etc.

Asv well we looked at different ways of living in houses.  And made senetences like : The german boy lives in a treehouse, the indian lives in a tepee. Later on we drew  houses from  different ciultures  and made a house out of clay and wrote a sentence; I like this house because it's :  big, lovely , comfortable ...etc.

P4 Having fun being animals

Hello everybody,  With P4 we are having a lot of fun  !  We played games and coloured some animals.

We played the game : Where is the monkey ?  One student closes his / her eyes .  all students chant : Close your eyes.! One of the other students gets the  monkey and hides it.  All students chant ; Open your eyes! Then the students have  to guess .. Have you got the monkey ? The students answer 
 Yes I have or No I haven 't. 
As well we played the game  the cocodrile is hungry... The cocodrile says;' I'm hungry   , And the other children have to try to move forward ..but when the cocodrile sees you are moving  he says  ?
Go back !!!



1st Grade /Robots

1st Grade designed their own Robot  stick puppets. In addition to reviewing all the face and body parts.. we talked about antennas, controls, buttons,  switches found on other mechanical devices. Students then had a dance party with their puppets.

P5/ Robots

We began a Unit on Robots, to reinforce all face and body parts. 
Students also practiced using  school material Vocabulary..scissors, cut, glue, crayons, pencils, and markers.
In the end,  we had a dance party with Robot and other mechanical music! 

P5 Welcome Back Flowers!

Hellooo! So happy to see everyone again. This 1st week together we were outside in the fresh air. I will be adding links to all the songs we are learning. At the moment, we are practicing colours and shapes through flowers. 

1st Grade/ Welcome Back Monsters!

So nice to see everyone!  The 1st weeks back together, we are spending some time outdoors in the fresh air. Today we read , "Go Away Green Monster". It was a good moment to review parts of the face, and colours. Later, we created our own monsters with sidewalk chalk.

Monday, October 5, 2020

1B group - Nice to meet you!

 September 15th, 2020

Hi dear families!
My name is Carol, nice to meet you!
Our first classe was very active, children were happy and exited.
We met Mr. Monkey Yoga.

It remembered us the importance of breathing and also taught us how to represent animals through different yoga poses.
A to Z Yoga
Hope you like it! See you later!

Friday, October 2, 2020

Bon jour!!!!

 Hola families,

A l'extraescolar de francès de P4 estem treballant les parts de la cara!!!! Ens ho passem super bé!!!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

P 4 Lets play and learn English

 Hello everybody,

It's great to be with P4. They are very enthusiastic.  We played different games with colours and pretended to be  animals and played games .. Of course we presented ourselves by using the question ; What's your name ?  My name is...........

Vocabulary  we used: Open the door,  Where is the monkey?  I want........... ( colours green blue yellow brown pink orange  purple black )  I want the dog ( the cow , the dog , the turtle , the dolpin

We sang the song Head shoulders knees and toes ( see you tube) 

And we danced on the song : Blue blue blue is the colour I see, blue blue blue is the colour I like . because I like the blue  of the dolpin the blue of your shirt and the blue on me ( etc red red red,,is the colour I see).During the song the students  found the colours.

We are having a lot of fun!!!!

P5-C - Welcome back!

 Hi, everyone:

Welcome to everyone! My name is Jordi. I will be in charge of your children this semester. I hope we have so much fun in class and we learn a great deal of English, as well.

This is a very friendly group of children. Very lovely and smart are they! 

At the beginning, we have been focusing on the alphabet and vocabulary related to letters through a number of activities and games. Moreover we have got in contact with basic commands to follow a class in English, such as: "open and close the door, please", "let's sit down on the floor!, "let's stand-up", and basic directions (right left, up, down...).

Arlet, Ennia, Arnau, Cesc and Roger, my warmest welcome to the activity! 😊

See you in class!


1A - Welcome back!

 Hi, everyone!

Here we are, again. A new and different course for a number of reasons. It's been two weeks since we started.

We are focused on the alphabet, getting familiar with the letters, their prounciation and vocabulary related to it. We do it by doing a number of activities, from videos to spelling our own names, from drawing to writing our first words in English.

Recently we have also started a new topic, named The Body. What do we look like? The idea is to get in contact with the basic words to describe parts of the body through different ways.

Èric, Mar, Nora and Laia, my warmest welcome to this new edition! 😊

English & Fun!

See you soon!

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Hi family, 
We are happy to have the 3rd graders with us,
As it will not be easy to start this course, we are being inspired by our favorite superheroes, the best way to empower ourselves and make us brave to learn a lot!👍😃
 We started first by talking about our favorite heroes, through guessing games, then drawing and then exposing more about them, which was remarkable to describe it, talk about what they are wearing and also talk about what they can and cannot do.

Structures we have employed:
Has he got a mask?
Can she fly?
We have finally made a parallel between our superheroes and ourselves looking for our strengths.  I hope you have enjoyed it! 
 See you soon! 

Monday, September 28, 2020

The little adventurers (P4)

Hi There,
This course has just started but we have already lived some little adventures and we are happy to share with all the families : )
I am glad to explain that the groups p4C and P4D are participating in the classes with ruge enthusiasm.  
We have got a nice space outside where to have the activities which is great to grow up together exploring this new language  🌱
We have introduced ourselves to each other, we have also met Jack who comes from London, in England.  We have been practicing how to ask: How are you? And how to answer in a natural way 😎 I’m good! I’m okay!
We also have listened to the story of the three little pigs 🐷🐷🐷and we have played with the evil wolf.🐾
 We have reviewed the colors and the difference between big and small through objects that appear from a magic box, objects such as building blocks...
Some structures: How old are you?  I’m 3. This  is blue.  Can I have the yellow, please? Which is the little one, this one or that one? 
So I hope you have enjoyed it!
Big hug and see you soon! 🤗 

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Up and running!!!

Hi families,

Once more we are up and running since last monday. We have started again with our extra-curricular English and French lessons after lunch time. We are back with full motivation and ideas. We are so much looking forward to speanding great time with our students.  As always we will use this blog as an open-window for you to see and read some of the activities that we do! Feel free to comment, or come to see us!!!!

Groups & teachers 2020-2021

 Hi all,

Find in the link below an updated file with the student groups and teachers. Please note that it might have to be modified in the coming days.

Groups & teachers



The Englis team.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

6B. My favourite video game. A presentation

Hi everyone, again:

Here we are again sharing a series of presentations we have done. As you can see, they talk about video games, which is the most popular hobby among us! 

Hope you enjoy watching it so much as we enjoyed doing so!

Everyone has done a great task, doing a very clear and infromative presentations, full of colour pictures. 







P.S: Roger, if you allows us to share the video, we can add your link to the next post. Thanks!

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

3rd graders in space...

Hi all ,

With the 3rdgraders we are working on the topic space.
We watched a video of the NASA  about how it works in a real space station.  ( you tube how it works  intenational space station ) Then we drew in small groups our own space station. The students had to explain their  drawings  and present them , like   Here is the bathroom, here is the bedroom , here is the lab where we do the experiments etc.
As well we talked about how it would be to live in space for a long time.
What  would you miss if you are in space ?  ...I would miss the trees, i would miss the swimming pool , I would miss my family  etc.

In the class room it seemed to be all top secret as students were working on their projects.
There were some beautiful results. Pictures I'll add later.

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