Friday, September 20, 2019

2nd graders True or False

Hello everybody,

With the second grades we started to revise some English. We played the game truths and lies.
The students had to say  a sentence that could be  true or false.
For example : My birthday is in May. The other students had to guess if it was true or false.
Another sentence was ; My favourite transport is by plane . ( boat, by bycycle, by car).
The students liked the game a lot !
Last week we started with the topic beach. We used the sentence; ¨ I want a towel , I want some food etc. ( vocabulary : umbrella , towel , camara , food , money , swimming suit. swimming trunks)
While drawing a beach appeared new vocabulary like for example crab and light house.

3rd graders Going to the beach

Hello Everybody !

Hope you had a nice summer !
Well to stay a bit in the summer mood 3rd graders started with the topic ¨ The beach¨.
We played different games around this topic.and used  for example the sentence ; I'm going to the beach and i need some suncream   .
Vocabulary: Suncream, towel, camara, money, food, swimming trunks, swimming suit, umbrella.
The last class we were drawing with crayons a beach...and there appeared new vocabulary like thunder and the sun does't always shine.

P4 Being Indians........

Hello everybody !

We had already  a lot of fun in the English classes. Normally the class starts when leaving the canteen ,We move like different animals before entering in the classroom.
Then we sit on the floor in a circkle and play a ballgame. These days we moved the ball by saying the sentences; My name is.....and I like green..I like blue etc.
Then there is Song time ,   We moved our bodies  and listened to the songs; I see something blue...and when you happy and you know it clap your hands
This week we started the topic Indians, We danced and named differnt actions (walk, jump, play the drum) in the video 10 little indians. We made  a real indian headband and played as  we were indians.

And as you see . They are a real tribe !!! And  friendship is very important.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Up and running!

Hi families!

Once again we have started with our extra-curricular English lessons. And once again, we are ready for a great year full of special moments and surprises!!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

All ready to start a new course!!!!

Hi all,

We are all ready and set to start a new year. Find below the groups and timetable. Bear in mind that there might be some last minute changes.

We hope you have all had a wonderful summer full of nice and fulfilling moments and memories!!!

The English Team

Horaris de grups i professors

Grups d'alumnes

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

A special day at the cinema!

Hi families!

Last days, last lessons! Today we enjoyed a very special day at the cinema!!! Words and sentences like ticket, pop corn, drinks, queue, please be quiet, turn off your phone were used and introduced!
We got to eat some delicious pop corn!!!! Yummy!!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

3rd graders Sports, What do you need for each sport?

Hello everybody  ! Last week we worked on the topic sport. We had to listen to a sentence that described a sport and the the students had to find the flashcard with the sport. For exemple ; For this sport you need a helmet and you practice it in winter.   Skiing  !  Yessss !  Find the card.
As well we did different activities with the sentence; You have to..... The students had to use a fortune teller to know what to do. For example you have to walk with the plate on the stick, you have to run around the pool , you have to jump through the ring.

And of course, you have to use the hoola hoop for 30 seconds.

3rd graders Going out ! What can you find in the shops ?

Hello everybody ,

With 3rd graders we did a lot of activities.  We visited different shops , by turns two students explained in front of the camara what you could find in the shop. For example ; In the sportshop you can find ; trainers, shorts,balls and bags,  in the petshop  you can find food for animals , rabbits, dogs and cats. On a big paper we drew the different shops and the things you can buy there.

p5 In action...Can you............?

Hello everybody !!

 With p5 we did many activities,  There is a kind of ritual; First we shout open the door, the door opens...students run into the class and say; ¨We want the costumes "...They dress themselves up and we sing a few songs together.  Then there is always the song of  the magic bag. Each day there is a different surprise in the bag. The last days we used the sentences ; Can you...... ? Yes , I can ...No I can't.

Can you put the plate on the stick?   Can you walk with the plate on the stick ?
And we made a craft , we decorated a mirror.  and learned the sentence ; I can see myself.

We continued with the question  Can you...? related with the senses and the weather. The questions are  ; Can you see the sun ?  Can you hear the rain ?  Can you touch a cloud ?  Can you smell the rain ? etc. Of course we have fun !!!

P4 Cloudy and a chance of icecream....

Hello everybody,

With p4 we keep on playing ,singing and creating. We made a craft related to the movie , cloudy and a chance of meatballs. In this movie there is raining food, so the students made a paper  cloud with cotton wool  and coloured some food items and put them on a string like rain.
The plan for the classes of p 4 can change a lot . For example the  teacher  wants to do a running game with the animals that are hungry ,the students can change this plan as they want to  play theatre.

Slowly they are getting more and more familiar with the English languatge, repeating sentences and singing songs.

Friday, June 7, 2019

1A & 1B (and 1C) - Sleeping away camps in advance

Hi all,

This week first graders have had the experience of sleeping away camps in advance, as we have done different activities related to this topic, such as discovering new vocabulary, playing a gymcama or colouring a postcard, and even a little role playing (with 1A).

Concretely, we have seen several words that have somehow a connection with sleeping away camps. For example: camping, campfire, sleeping bags, bunk beds, free time, to miss parents, go for a hike, and so on. We have also made a postcard for you, parents, which is not finished yet, for children to tell you what they are doing in the sleeping away camps and how they feel.

About the role playing, last Wednesday, we joined 1A and 1C, and three students played the role of being camp counselors and planned a set of activities, and the rest of the class pretended to be just participants. It worked very well, and such three students had the opportunity to put in our shoes, and be aware of how difficult to dela with students is sometimes, which ís a good exercise, we think.


5th A - Prepositions of place and movement

Hi all again!

Fifth graders have been working on the topic of prepositions of place and movement, by doing different sort of exercises, such as descriptions of pictures.

We have learnt that that there's a great deal of such prepositions, the ones that express place or position (in, on, under...) and the other ones that express how something moves from a place (towards, through...).

We have practised the role of prepositions within sentences. In other words, we have made sentences, placing prepositions to their most usual place within.

P.D: We have also had time for playing games! Take a look at the two pictures below!

It has been a succesful class! We have had fun!


Thursday, June 6, 2019

2nd B - Animals and Vehicles

Where we can see or find a boat? And a fish?

Have vehicles and animals anything in common?

That's the question that 2nd grade have been working on...

Doing this we could connect different vocabulary families:
Animals: a fish, a bear, a pig, a dog, a duck, a pigeon.
Places: the sea, the countryside, the city, the forest, the sky.
Vehicles: a car, a tractor, a jeep, a boat, a plane, a subamarine.

Furthermore we use and practice some prepopositions... under, in, on, at, etc.

They are capturing all this work in lovely collages!

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Magic is up in the air!!! A theatre play with 3rd graders

Hi all,

With 3rd graders we have been working around a theatre play. We enjoyed a lot! Have a look!!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2019


We have been talking about weather and food for a few weeks now. In a short time we will watch the movie ¨Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs¨.
The children are creating a mobile, incorporating both food and weather.
In addition,  we continue to work on our please practice together at home whenever possible!

6th Grade- Sports/Verbs

We have spent many classes talking about different kinds of sports.
At the moment we have had some technical terms/vocabulary related to  NBA Basketball.  We have also done some activities with fingerboard skateboarding. Our recent focus has been practicing Irregular verbs, while shooting baskets.

Monday, May 27, 2019

2nd B - Still St George

Hello Families!

yes, we know that Saint George was many days ago... but we love it!

And we prepare a craft activity... They read instructions, they colored-in the templates, they cut the figures, folded and glued ... and WOW look at this!

Brave Princesses, Humble Knights and Sensitives Dragons, having fun all together

2nd A - Sports

Hello Families!

The last days we have been working on Sports and Activities.... there is a lot of vocabulary to learn and  to practice!

Sports and Activities can be indoor or outdoor, you can practice it individually or in a team... and what  kind of material do  you  need for each sport?

The students  have invented their own sportive activity... now we are working on naming it and defining the rules!

Friday, May 24, 2019

song p4 p5 Do you like broccoli icecream ?

P4 In the restaurant

Hello everybody,

Last week we started the topic food.  We played to be in a restaurant  . Some students were cooking, others serving and others were the guests. Sentences we used were . Do you want to drink ?  Do you want to eat ?  Do you like ice cream ?  Yes I do .  no I don't.
We sang along with the song ;  Do you like broccoli icecream ?( youtube ).
And we had a lot of fun !!1

                                         Mmmmmmmm........delicious !!!!

                                           To tidy up the kitchen is important as well !

Cooking in the kitchen............

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

1C - summer is getting closer

This past few classes we have been working on some vocabulary about summer and what we can do during holidays. Some examples are sea, sand, beach, mountain, shell and sun.
They are also making a memory game with flashcards of this vocabulary so they can play while learning at home and/or in school.
Here are some pictures:

P3 initiation to english

In the past month, we have worked on different topics with P3 students, such as the numbers, colours, animals and parts of the body. 

For the body parts, they played a memory game while learning vocabulary such as eyes, ears, nose, mouth, as well as knee, toes, fingers, arms and legs, among others. We listened to a song related to the topic, which you can find here: Body parts Song 
And some pictures below: 

For the topic with animals, they did a big puzzle with which they learned vocabulary like monkey, lion, crocodiles, bee, snake, tiger, giraffe and elephant. You can find some pictures below as well as the link to two songs we listened in class. 

P5 I would like..........

Hello everybody  !

 Last week we started the topic food. We did a craft where we learned some sentences like; A monkey likes bananas, The horse likes apples, the cow likes grass, The rabbit likes carrots.
And today we opened the reastaurant. By turns the students were the guests or the cook or the waiter/ waitress.  We learned sentences like;  The restaurant is open , the restaurant is closed.  What would you like ???

I would like some pizza , I would like an icecream, I would like some water . I would like some watermelon...etc  We had a lot of fun !

3rd Graders Welcome in the restaurant !

Hello everybody,

This week we started with the topic food.  We played theatre in a restaurant practising sentences like; Welcome in our restaurant.  Sit down please.
What would you like to drink ? What would you like to eat ?  I would like some water, (some wine, some orange juice)  I would like some chicken, I would like a pizza , I would like an icecream .
Excuse me there is a spider in the soup or Excuse me this glass is dirty.
Today we had some special guests to invite in the restaurant and of course we had fun !!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

1A - 1B Let's discover animals!

Hello again,

We have been working on the topic of animals since the last post. The idea is to get familiar with animals and their environment. 

We have discovered a great variety of animals (tigers, bears, penguins, rhinos, elephants and more and more); we have learnt how their environments are, from the forest to the jungle, or even our own homes. We have learnt we can classify animals in three groups: wild animals, farm animals and domestic animals (or pets). 

Some photos taken during the class. Hope you enjoy them!