Thursday, 16 November 2017

3rd - Final days of magic subject

This has been the last activity about "magic worlds", "magic powers" and "magic abilities". Distributed in pairs, they imagined they were principals of a magic school, so they had to invent the rules of that school: what was permited or prohibited ... and at the end even the buildings where described with different senvices, one of them, like a hotel "a school whre you can sleep for free"!!

Of course, they wrote the different aspects and afters they did the presentation in front of their colleages, 

The last day of the subject was an improvisation of themselves: they invented a HAT to attend such magical schools. 
The activities of handcraft are a good opportunity to interact with them one by one, have little conversations about the process of cration itself and practice the spontaneity of asking for material, help and so on.


1st B- How are you?

How are you? How do you feel? This is a question not easy to answer even in our own language!
We have been going through different feelings: vocabulary, spelling through writing, theatre with our faces to integrate the vocabulary, videos, handcraft and games. All these activities around FEELINGS.

Here you have a couple of pictures of one of the games about inventing faces for each one of the feelings.

 I 'd like to invite you to watch these videos at home with your child, it can be fun to do it with the family. Today we have been working on the first one "How are they feeling now?" in the class. We have been talking about the different situations and feelings that we can experiment.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

P4 Singing and dancing baby shark

Hello everybody. We are singing and dancing the song baby shark. You can find the link here for your children to dance and sing  along the song at home.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

4th grade - Airports

Hello again,

We have started a new topic: airports. We have started learning new words of vocabulary related to this topic and we have also done some exercises to get used to using these new words and expressions.

Here below some photographies:

3A Amulets

Hello again,

Here we show you some photographies where you can see us painting the amulets we did last week.

Just as a reminder

First, we had to design our amulet, and second we described  what magic powers they gave us by using the expression "I can...".

1st grade. FOOD - Making a mural


These last sessions we have been working on food topic by making a mural. We started learning new words of vocabulary, and coloured pictures of them. Then, we designed the mural: we did the title, we painted it and pasted the pictures that we had already painted at class on it.

Some of the words we have learnt are fruits like banana, grapes or oranges, and lactics like milk or cheese and butter among others.

The last activity has been a visit to the market.1A already went to the market, and they had fun there.

Next week it will be 1C's turn to go there.

We'll post more photos then. Up to that moment, enjoy watching these ones below, which reflect what we have done at class since the last post.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

P4 & P5 Creating Books!

We are putting together a book using everything we have learned since school started!  Animals, colors, numbers, and the parts of our bodies.. we are using collage and drawing. Our favorite book has been Brown Bear, Brown Bear... and they already know it well!  I'm super proud of their pronunciation. Also.. we've had so much fun with monsters!

P4 -Celebrated Halloween with P5/1st

We had a fabulous time. We did some face painting.. and practiced scary vocabulary while we sang, and did lots of dancing!

1° ESO Halloween Snacks!

The girls have started the 1st in their series of tutorial Vlogs with: Halloween Snacks. We made chocolate oreo bats, monster lollipops, witch's fingers, and spider cupcakes. Videos coming soon!

6th grade and the Halloween week

The English Club started Halloween celebrations doing chalk masks all together....
last week, just before the most "frightening night" 6th grade continued the work deciding which of the most scary characters of Halloween they wanted to be and so in which way they were going to decorate their masks ...

The result? So creepy cool!!!!! 

2nd A Halloween Masks

The day before Halloween it was time to finish the Chalk Masks that they created for  going out for "trick or treat"...
They selected the most "terrible" characters from "Halloween Staff" and then designed a very cool patterns for each of them ... after painting...

such a great result!

2nd C Monsters, aliens, Halloween!

Do you remember the aliens that we sketched from a description... yes! Those that afterwards we modelated with clay... so, last days we have painted them... that helps a lot to practice colours, parts of the body, adjectives...

talking about art

The day before Halloween it was time to finish the  Chalk Masks, so they could go out to "trick or treat"...
They selected the most scary and creepy characters from "Halloween Staff" and then they designed  very cool patterns to reach a great result!

some "creepy" art

Lovely "Black Cats" Halloween Masks!