Wednesday, November 13, 2019

1st Grade / Final Prepositions

We have finished our  project inspired by the book "A Visitor for Bear."

Our final project is a piece of Art that can be used at home to re-enforce the prepositions (in, on, under, next to, and behind) at home.

P4-A A song and more...

Hi everyone,

I just want to share these lovely pictures of this activity, and share with you this link of the song we sang at class.

It's been a fun class!


5th grade - Let's do crazy combinations

Hi everyone,

We have played a boardgame, named Apples to Apples. Junior, that consists of making up a history related to a key word (either a noun, or an adjective, or a verb). It's a fun game that has let us widen up our range of vocabulary. 

Besides that, there's a player who is a judge in each round, he's in charge of picking the best history and saying why he or she does so, which is also great because we can practice statements and questions, and improve our ability of persuasion.

We'll keep in contact!


1st grade- Numbers

This week 1st Grade practiced the classic ¨Go Fish¨ card game making pairs with numbers.  Phrases practiced were...
 Do you have a....?
 Yes,  I do.
 No,  I don't. 
 It's your turn.
Pick a card.
.... and of course 

Don't cheat and NO peeking! 

P4 - Numbers

   P- 4 reinforced numbers 1-20...we also practiced counting in reverse.
 We played games, and sang these fun number songs.
Practice together at home!!

Monday, November 11, 2019

P4 The witch is cooking the magic soup ........

Hello everybody !

As it was raining we couldn't  go to Plaza Clara to do the activity with p4B I.  But the witch was cooking the soup inside. We played a game while singing  ¨cooking, cooking , cooking the soup !!
There were spiders and leafs and snakes in the soup.
After the game we coloured a picture of a witch cooking a soup.
And some news !!! we have to present you our new teacher Tariro . She is going to help the teachers on the first shift and comes from  Liverpool. We are very happy to work with her !.

2nd graders Being nurses and doctors

Hello everybody.

Last week 2nd graders were nurses , doctors  and patients.   We watched a video about a hospital and did a roleplay.  We Used the question ;  What's the matter ?   and repeated sentences like:  I cut myself. I got my arm broken , I've got fever ,.I have a cold   I've got a headache,I've got a stomachache.
But of course the students wanted to improvise and  a lot of students used the sentence ; ¨I've got a spider bite ¨.

2A. Animals project. Part one: Wild animals

Hi everyone,

We have started a new topic for a week. It is about animals, about the differences among them, about their habitats... Part one of such topic is named Wild Animals. We have watched a video about them, and have repeated the correct pronunciation of each one several times. Then we have done an activity in which we have matched pictures of these animals and their definitions. Before all these things, we played a game, as a warm-up activity, named "Who is he/she" to practice questions in a fun way!

We'll keep informing you soon!


1A. Animals project. Part one: Wild animals

Hi everyone,

We have started a new project about animals. We will be spending some sessions discovering new animals and new things about them and their habitats. Part one of such project is named Wild animals. We have watched a video, where we have discovered some of these animals and have repeated the correct pronunciation of each one through examples (elephant, lion, zeebra, crocodile, rhino, hippo, hyena...). Then we have done an activity in which we have matched these animals' pictures with their definitions. It has been very fun!!

We'll keep informing you soon!


6B Sports Project. Basketball

Hi everyone!

We have been working on the topic of Basketball, which is also the second part of a project dedicated on Sports. We have got into the topic by discovering who invented basketball, why and how, and we have also learned basic vocabulary, like free throw, airball, rebound, to dribble, travelling, alley oop and more and more. We have watched videos, we have done exercises, we have read a story life...

We'll keep you inform soon!


Friday, November 8, 2019

P5’s Halloween

Just to give you a summary, Halloween party has taken over our attention all these days.
Kids had a terrifying stories to listen and songs to sing and dance, which was really fun to introduce them so many spooky things like the vampire, the which, the skeleton, Jack O’ lantern, the spider, the black cat, the Pirate, the ghost, the haunted house, the cauldron, the pumpkin, the candies and trick or treating.
It was gratifying to see how the kids have adopted this tradition in a big way.
They have built monsters and mummies with remarkable enthusiasm using the toilet paper rolls they brought from home.

kids had their face painted, pumpkin painting, crafts, coloring and more.🎃
I hope you have enjoyed it as much as they did! 

Food activities

Hi families!
With the 5th graders we have been remembering vocabulary and expressions about food, then, students had to put in practice by adding an extra touch of creativity. They created their dishes with plasticine and then that had to describe it. Take a look at these colorful examples.
In another class, we have played food bingo to reinforce vocabulary.
Bye Bye!

Thursday, November 7, 2019

3rd graders In the Hospital . What's the matter ?

Hello everybody  !

After the roleplay in the restaurant we continued with a roleplay in the hospital.
We used sentences like ;  Next patient,  What's the matter ? , I got my leg broken ?  Does it hurt?  I will clean the wound.  What happened ?  I fell from a cliff .
The students liked to use a lot of fake blood and of course a lot of bandages were used  and the doctors and nurses took good  care of the patients.

P4 It's autumn, which colours can you see?

Hello everybody,

This week we introduced some  autumn vocabulary to the children:
Senternces like :The leafs are falling, the wind is blowing them around...Which colours can you  see?
We visited plaza Clara as well . Inspired by the story that the witch lost her cauldren to cook the magic soup we went into the park to see if we could find it.  And yes we found it !!  And we found many ingredients for the magic soup like; leafs , spiders and chestnuts and snakes. We had a lot of fun !

Monday, November 4, 2019


Hi all!!!

Over the last week we celebrated Halloween. We had loads of fun and some scary moments too!
Click on the link below to see some pictures.

Halloween photos

Friday, October 18, 2019

2nd Graders. The spider soup.

Hi all,

Last days we have been involved in a restaurant roleplay. 2nd graders have been waiters, clients or chefs. We have been working on the expressions: "What would you like...?" "I would like..." Words like orange juice, water, soup came up! A client found a spider in a soup, WHAT A MESS!!!! This group is  really into theatre!!!

3rd Graders. "What would you like?...."

Hi all,

With 3rd graders over the last days we've been working on the "I would like..." expression. We started with a roleplay in a restaurant where a very disappointed client found a spider in a soup.
We are getting into the Halloween mood, so expression like "I would like a witche's nose", "I would like the skeleton's hand" or "I would like the vampire's teeth" have been commonplace these days...

P4 In the Halloween mood!!! We are monsters!!!

Hi all!

Halloween is just around the corner and P4 are really getting into its mood!!! We are learning vocabulary such as monster, witch, ghost and many more. We played the spider game where they had to imitate different Halloween characters. They had a hell of a fun :)

Friday, October 11, 2019

5th Let's discover our classroom!

Hello to everybody:

We have done several activites related to our classroom since the beginning of the year. For example, a game of questions and answers to build vocabulary (nouns like cushion, trolley, book.. and the most common verbs to each one like sit down, bring (back), lie down...) and a game called What's in the box? to practise speaking and revise the vocabulary learned. 

Here below you can see some pictures

6B. Goals for this new course

Hello to everybody:

September is a good moment to think about goals for the next course. So, our first project, which included a short writing, was called Goals for this new course. 

In short, we introduced the topic and gave a definition of what a goal is (something that you hope to achieve), then we made a list of them and provide the students with some standard sentences to help them start writing, like"This course I have got three goals. First, I want to ..., second I want to..., and third I want to... and I want to be able to write a letter in English", I want to get a better mark in English subject...

After finishing a draft, they wrote the clean copy in a special letter, and finally they decorated an envelope to put the letter in.

Here below you can see some photos!

1A Let's discover our classroom!

Hello to everybody,

In this post I'd like to inform you all about what we have been working on since the beginning of this new course.

The project that we are carrying out is called Let's discover our classroom. It includes a wide range of activities all related to the place where we get in contact with English,: the classroom.
Therefore, our classroom is the means to build vocabulary and to build first sentences, too. We have done so by playing games, by writing, by colouring... We have also learned to count from one to ten, and more and more

We will keep informing you soon!

2A Let's discover our classroom!

Hello to everybody:

In this post I'd like to inform you all about what we have been working on since the beginning of this new course, giving you some details, too.

The project that we are carrying out is called Let's discover our classroom. It includes a wide range of activities all related to the place where we get in contact with English. Therefore, our classroom is the means to build vocabulary and to build first senteces, too. 

A session usually has three parts: a warm-up activity, at the beginning, which consists of a short speaking (either about the weekend or about the routine at school) or a game (like "Pica Paret", English version, for example); a main activity, which is related to such topic, and a final activity in a more relaxed way, how to match up pictures, or a worksheet.

We have learned a lot of new words, like whiteboard, notebook, folder, a sheet of paper, pencil, pencil case, colour pencil, markers, hightlighter, rubber (or eraser), scissors, ruler, paper clip, and more and more.

We have made our first sentences, like This is... or These are..., That is..., Those are..., and we have had the help of mimics to have it funnier. 

Another activity has been Questions & Answers abour our classroom. In short, we put three objects on a desk and we had to ask questions (and answer them) in teams, with teacher's help. Sentences like: Can you sit down on this/that cushion? A: Yes, I can (= Sure I can/ Of course...); 2. Can you bring this/that cushion?, 3. Q: Can you bring this/that cusion back?, 4.Q: Can you lie down on this cushion?; Trolley - 1. Q: Can you sit down on the trolley? A: Yes, I can, 2. Can you drive the trolley around the class?, 3. Can you bring the trolley?, Can you put yourself into the trolley?...

Apart from all these activities, we have discovered how to write dates in English by writing our birthday in a sheet of paper. This activity obviously was called When is your birthday? My birthday is... It is a fun way to review the numbers!

A few pictures here below. Enjoy it!!

Sunday, October 6, 2019

3rd graders What can you do ?

After a week of playing different games about the question what an amimal is able to do , we started this week playing theatre with the question ; What can you  do ?
We watched the video of pumpkins , lesson 11 Yes I can , No I can't.
The students got inspired by this video, so next class we will continue to present the performance of each student.
The students have to act out 2 things they can do and one thing they can't do.For example ; ¨I can swim, I can dance but I can't sing ¨
This is a dynamic group with loads of fantasy and creativity. And we have a lot of fun !!

I can swim

                                                            I can clean.

                                                           I can't play the guitar.

2nd Graders What can the animals do ?

Hello everybody  !

With the second graders we are working with the sentences, Yes, it can ...No it can't.
We used questions like;  Can a bear climb ?  Can a bird run ?  Can a frog  swim ?
We played different games using animals  with different verbs.
As well we used the question . ¨What can an animal eat ?¨ Can it eat grass ?  Yes it can Can it eat the sun ? ¨No it can't ? ¨Can it eat meat ?¨ ¨Yes it can¨   ¨Can it eat a cloud?  ¨ ¨No it can't¨.
We made an animal out of playdough and had a lot of fun !!

p4 Being animals.....

Hello everybody,

With p4 we are working on many things....colours , numbers and animals.
Often we start on the playground.  We roll a dice , Each number of the dice is related with an animal.
The student asks:; ¨I want the dice ¨  we all say; ¨ Roll the dice ¨¨  Then we look which animal we have to act out and all students moving like , for example a horse , a chicken, a cat , a dog, a cow or a snake.
We watched the video;  ¨Walking in the jungle ¨ ( you tube simple songs). In this video appear different animals like, a monkey , a tiger, a frog , a bird , an elephant.
As well we read the book; Brown bear brown bear what do you see, a red bird is looking at me, red bird red bird what do you see?  A blue horse is looking at me
After reading the book  we made an animal out of plasteline and we introduced the vocabulary :  head,  eyes , ears , mouth, tail, and legs. The students could make a colourful animal , for example ...a pink head , a blue tail, yellow eyes etc. They used sentences like ..I want a pink head, I want yellow eyes.
We always have a lot of fun !!!