Saturday, March 31, 2018

2nd C - Giving directions

How can i get to...
We have been practicing how to ask for and how to give directions in the city...

we also did a game: "guide your partner through the labyrinth" and they enjoyed building a labyrinth of chairs and of competing to finish the first!

P4 B - Going on...

Finally, the P4 finish their Bear Hunt!

They go through the wavy green grass, the cold blue river, the sticky brown mud, the dark forest and the white snowstorm...

and they have found the big brown bear!

P5 B - The seasons

Together with the activities about the weather, P5 was working on the four seasons... how looks a tree along the year? Leaves, flowers, bees, snowflakes, the sun shining...

They choosed their prefered season and they make a very detailed draw of a tree!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

5th grade We visited the police station !

Hello everybody!

As we are working on the topic jobs we visited the police station.
Do you know that there is a policeman in Olot that speaks English ?
Well we asked him some interesting questions .
For example;   Do you like your job ?  Have you ever used your gun ?? What is the best part of your job ?  What is the worst part of your job?

Here you are ; some pictures....

Quim in handcuffs.....What did he do wrong ????

The boys tried the beds in prison and  discovered that  they are not really comfortable......

And of course sitting on a real police motorbike gives a nice feeling .....

P-5 Primary colors and shapes

We have started a unit on Shapes. At the moment , we are working with vocabulary such as : circles, overlapping, the primary colors,  and light & dark.

Monday, March 19, 2018

2B My five Senses


We finished our books about the 5 senses! Inside them, we have recorded our experiences while speaking about smell, touch, taste, hear and see.

We experimented with a smell test:
Lavendar, mint, cinnamon, lemon and more! We decided if we liked the smell, or we didn't like the smell!

We also did a touch game- we made a page with different textures:
rough, smooth
soft, hard
and more!

We've been playing games about all 5 senses!

Last week we enjoyed finding different things we could sense in the pages of this fantastic, detailed book!

P4 Sea life!

Hello! Hello!

These last classes we have been learning about the animals in the sea. 

We go down, down, down- under the ocean!
We swim, swim, swim! 

What do I see?
I see a fish! Gulp, gulp, gulp!!

What do I see?
I see a jellyfish! Wobble, wobble, wobble! 

What do I see?
I see a shark! Chomp, chomp, chomp!

What do I see?
I see a dolphin! Leap, splash, leap!

We made a beautiful picture with a little starfish,  jellyfish, shells, a big whale, seaweed and bubbles!

We watched this video and sang the song:

Saturday, March 17, 2018

1st B My five senses

Hello again,

We have just finished a topic about senses: the sense of smell, hearing, touch, sight and seeing. We have learnt what we use for each one.

For example: "I can hear!. I hear with my ears" or "I can smell!. I smell with my nose", etc.

After that, we have seen some more examples of each sense.

Here we attach you the link to the video which the activity has based on in case you want more detailed information about what vocabulary and what kind of sentences we have seen at class.


We will keep you informed!

See you soon!

2nd A My five senses!

Hello to all, again,

We have spent several sessions to work on the topic of senses. We have learnt how the senses are called in English, what they can be used for, with examples using vocabulary worked at class before and finally we have made a hand-made notebook full of examples of what we have learnt about this topic.

And here below is a picture of what we have done and a link to the video which the activity has based on.

I wish you enjoy watching it!


6th grade. A brochure of Great Britain - More pictures!

More pictures!

We will keep you informed about this project and the next one, "This is me!".

All the best!

6th grade. A brochure of Great Britain.

Hello again to all,

The brochure of Great Britain has already been finished. All the groups, Joel and Eloi; Clàudia, Àlexia and Marina; and Núria on her own, have done a great job!

They have been able to design colorful and attractive brochures and include some of the information listened at class.

Congratulations on these great jobs!

Here below are a great deal of pictures. Enjoy checking them out!

4th grade - The "This is Me" project

Hello again, 4th grade is working on a great project called "This is me"...

They have been describing themselves from different point of view... physical aspect, likes and dislikes, skills, qualities...

Here are some pictures where you can see us kneading clay to make totems that represents their qualities. We enjoyed a lot doing such activity!

Friday, March 16, 2018

Second grade; I want to acrobat a dancer, a juggler, a magician, a clown ,

Hello everybody !!

It isn't always easy but we are rehearsing for a circus performance.
Who do you want to be in the circus ??   An acrobat ?? A clown ?? A magician ? A Jugler ? or  A dancer ? are  the questions.  Slowly we are gettting there !!!

getting there .
Here you are ; some pictures

Thursday, March 15, 2018

3rd Grade

Hello everybody !!!

 We are still working on the topic jobs.  Last tuesday we went out ....we had to throw some dices.
Then take some steps. Throw the dice again and then see which letter of the ABC showed up....With this letter we tried to find a job  or objects related to a job.  For example  G  a gardener....the gardener grows flowers....this was the idea of the game.

P  Policeman....The policeman puts the thiefs in prison. In reality the students were making up their own version of the game. But they spoke English and that's important !!!

First grade Circus !

Hello everybody

With first grade we are working on the topic circus. We dressed up like clowns and  tried different ways to be funny.

 ¨We are the king and the princess . We want to see the clowns !! ¨

¨What's that ?  A suitcase ? ¨  but when the clown wanted to open the suitcase ...another clown  pulled the suitcase away.....

As well we did some performance by  throwing objects through rings. We used vocabulary like  .
Catch it !! Throw it !! High.....  More difficult.... . Higher

And we tried to be acrobats by building up a human mountain.....but we fell down......