Wednesday, January 30, 2019

5th Grade/ Survival

We are finishing many activities dealing with survival.

Vocabulary include supplies needed if you were abandoned on an island..
flare gun, hiking boots, compass, insect repellent, tarp, knife, fishing rod, etc. 
Students explained how they could use these materials to live.

We also learned about history of Morse Code, and made our own urgent messages!

Group & teacher changes

Hi families,

On the below links you will find information about the new teachers for each of the groups. As always we have changed the teacher for most of them. We believe that doing that at half year is positive and enriching for most.

Students groups

Timetable and group's teacher

Warm regards

6th grade About crime,

With 6th graders we did many activties. We want to amplify our vocabulary and speaking is very important in the classes.
We played different games to learn how to put the words in the correct way in a sentence.
Inspired by Fornite the guys were very motivated to solve   the problem  .
Last week we started the topic crime.
We are learning the past simple in a playing way.  In a game where a student is blindfolded  and the others pass around some keys we use sentences  like;
Who took the keys ? Who stole the keys ? It wasn't me. Did you  steal  the keys ? etc.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

P5 Emotions/Robots

Hello, Hello, Hello ..
How are you?

We have been talking about many different emotions such as ..
I'm Good, Great, Wonderful
I'm Tired, Hungry, I'm not so good.

In addition, we have created our own robots.
They used their vocabulary for all the body parts..head, feet, shoulders, necks, legs, and arms
It was fun to play with this idea because robots do not have emotions. ;)

Practice the video together, the students loved doing the gestures!

P5 Our Home

P5 have been learning all about the parts of the house.

Using origami, we learned to fold houses.
Some new origami vocabulary includes ... folding, press down hard / soft, corner(s)
house vocabulary ... door, windows, street, roof, and chimney 

In addition, we are talking about all kinds of different vehicles.

As a family practice the song below with them .. they have learned it well.
¨Bedroom, Bathroom, Living Room, Dining Room, and Kitchen. Not chicken¨ 
 They liked this part.  ;)

1st grade Transportation

We are finishing up with our Unit on vehicles.
We are talking about both land and air vehicles.

We have also been practicing different adjectives to describe them...using colors and sizes.
The bright red truck, etc.
We can't forget the sounds...
The big yellow school bus goes...beep, beep, beep.
Make sure to practice the song together!
And we all go traveling by...Bye-Bye!

Monday, January 28, 2019

5th grade Who is the best ??

Hello everybody, We can do many things with 5th grade but moving and games they like a lot. So while  moving we use sentences like I'm the most dangerous, I'm the most intellegent or simply ; I am the best !

We made a cartoon about a superheroe as well. The idea  the following story to draw a victem who is shouting for help,  the superheroe appears ; ¨I will rescue you¨ ,then the bad person appears ; ¨No you won't ¨ and a final fight. Some boys were not in the mood for drawing so they used the sentences in a ball game.

P5 Making an Alien !

Hello everybody,

Last week we worked on the topic space.  We moved like we were in space, made spacy sounds, drew a planet and made an alien out of bread , cereals and breadsticks .
We played games and had a lot of fun.

Vocabulary:  I want some bread, I want purple ears , i want orange eyes. I want a red mouth, I want a round head. I want some bread sticks.  I want some tape.  Can you help me. It's a girl , her name is nora....It's a boy.... his name is Taka. 

P4 In space ...

Hello everybody,

last week we worked a  on the topic transport and space. As this group needs action we moved  and ran like  a plane, a car, a bike, a boat a train, and a rocket.
With the rocket we went to the following activity; Making an alien out of bread cereals and breadsticks.
We had a lot of fun .

Transport; I go by plane , I go by car , I go by plane , I go by rocket etc

Space I Want yellow eyes ...I want orange ears , I want a red mouth, I want some bread, I want some breadsticks for the legs , for the arms. And the special word..... belly button.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

3rd grade. Making a pizza at school!!!

Hi all again;

As a special activity to celebrate that the semester was about to finish, we made pizzas at school last week.

It was a working team activity because we went to the supermarket to buy all the stuff needed and then we made the pizzas, thanks to the willingness and help of all kitchen staff, who gave us help ad support to do so!

I wish you had enjoyed eating the pizzas at home

More blog posts soon!


2nd grade "Dress up the snowman"

Hi all again,

"Dress up the snowman" is a crafts we made after coming back from Christmas holidays. Children had to discover clothing vocabulary and paint it accordingly, then cut and paste it on a cardboard and wirte the title and their names.

The aim was to remind words and expressions that they are usually in contact with at school.

Here below a sample of what they made


2nd A: Fridays full of fun!

Hi all again,

"Fridays full of fun" is what we pretend this day to be for all children. After a week doing more standard English activities, Fridays is the day to do special activities, sometimes outside the school, sometimes inside the school, like playing sports or visiting a special place...

Here a couple of photos, the former it was taken during a visit to the central market in Olot, the latter during a Twister session at the classroom.

Enjoy it!


3rd A:To make up a house

Hi again,

Here some photos of the house we made up as part of a project, whose aim was to get in contact with a wiude range of vocabulary related to this topic.

It was a long project we finished a few weeks ago, in which we paid attention to each room of a house, and the main objects it usually has. Besides that, we add some basic other words and expressions about where the houses are, like: neighbourhood, downtown or countryside, street, squares, avenues, the right spelling of an English address, and more and more.

I wish you enjoy watching the photos and could have an idea of what the project consisted of


Friday, January 18, 2019

5th grade Defend your team !! Put the words in the right order .

Hello everybody.

This week we played a game to learn  to put the words in the right order.
Inspired by the interest of the boys in  Fornite we used senetences related with this game.
They worked in two teams so there was a competition going on as the first team that achieved  the right sentence could start to throw the ball to the camp of the opposite team.
Loads of fun and we learned new vocabulary .
Sorry , no time for  pictures as the activity was  very dynamic !


P4 / p5 What Is It? Song about Toys ...

Thursday, January 17, 2019

P5 How much is it ?

Hello everybody ,

Last weeks the topic was :  How much is it ? ...We created a real supermarket and a toyshop.
The students had to sell and buy.
Asking questions like : I want the red car .  How much is it ?¨ 5 euro  . Here you are ¨.
We listened to the song What is it ?  about toys  on you tube.

Friday, January 11, 2019

P4 Hello girls , Hello boys ,Are you happy with your toys ???

Hello everybody !

We started the English activity again ! Inspired by the visit of the three kings we dressed up like kings
and sang the song ;
Hello girls , Hello boys
Are you happy ,happy with your toys ?
With your bike and with your doll.
with your  car and with your ball .

And we set up a real toy shop with real toys and money. In fact all of the students wanted to be the shop assistant.
Why not ? Everything is possible.

We used the following vocabulary; toy shop, toys  money, bag, car , bicycle, ball ,doll, animals
And sentences like , I want the red car.

The teacher asked ; How much is it ? The students answered ;  5 Euro's..10 Euro's etc . The students were very generous because at the end they said ¨ zero..¨.so a lot of  the toys for free !

4th grade - Science...

Happy New Year Families... we are back to work!

The group is starting a new topic... science, scientists, experiments...

The first challenge: a word search of "Scientist Names".. but, who are them? what they did?... you can check the bio of some of them in the following link Famous Scientist Bios

1st grade - back to classes, New Topic!

Welcome back families,

1st graders start the year with a new topic... TRANSPORTS!

They are very excited, there are a lot of things to say about it!

We all go travelling by...

and we all start another school day, Hooray!