Thursday, March 28, 2019

5th A - Friendship

After having finished Pia Channel Midday News, we start a new project about friendship. It has three main parts.

First, a writing activity about situations related to friendship that needs to be done in pairs. Second, watching a movie, called Stand by me, that fits perfectly the topic. Third, a writing and a speaking activity to discuss about what friendship is and what it isn't, that we expect they would enjoy so much!

We'll keep you informed!


Resultado de imagen de stand by me

1st A & B - London Tour. A first visit to the city!

Hello again,

Here we are to present you "London Tour. A first visit to the city" the project in which we have been working on the last few sessions. Basically, the aim is to get the students in contact with the city for a first time as well as getting in contact with basic vocabulary related to it, such as street, bridge, traffic lights, and so on.

By watching a video, whose link is at the bottom, and by cutting and colouring we have travelled abroad without getting out of the school.

I might add that we have pasted all the pictures on a poster, that you can see below in the pictures we attach.

I wish you have enjoyed this post!


Wednesday, March 27, 2019

1C - Getting ready for Easter Holidays!

This past week the kids have been working on some handcraft related to Easter as well as some vocabulary. This is the picture of the work they have done. There are birds, a sheep and rabbits.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

P5 Springtime

Hello everybody !!!

With P5 we started the spring topic.  We sow seeds and made a little garden to take home.
We made a rainbow of beautiful colours  and tried to imitate the video of springtime.

We had loads of fun !!!!!

p4 Playing with the rainbow

 This week we started  the topic Spring.
The students danced and played with a rainbow.
Vocabulary:  cloud, sun, rain, rainbow, There is a rainbow in the sky,
As well we played the game : Miss chicken  How are you ?   I'm fine.  How many steps can we take....4  but when we asked  Miss chicken   How are you ? And she answered I'm  hungry...We had  to run away.

We had loads of fun !!!

3rd graders Will the balloon explode ????

Hello everybody,

With 3rd grade we continued the topic ; Experiments.  This time week we combined different elements to observe what would happen if we would mix them .
We used the following ingredients: coca cola ,  menthos, vinagre and bicarbonate.
Before we started the experiment we asked the following questions;  Will it get cold?  Will it get hot.?.. Will it fill the balloon?  Will it explode ? .
We wrote the answers ; For example  Menthos +coca cola won't explode.  Vinagre + bicarbonate will explode.

We had a lot of fun and learned to make a prediction using  the grammer...It will or   It won't......

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

6th Grade/ Mad Libs ...St.Patrick's Day

Mad Libs is a fun way for students to practice the elements of grammar to create silly and ridiculous stories with a partner.
 We practiced using a wide range of adverbs, adjectives, nouns, and many different verb tenses to create some funny narratives.

5th A - Pia Channel Midday News

...and finally, here is the result of the wonderful work the group have made during the last weeks.

We hope you enjoy the result as much as we enjoyed the project!

Thank you for watching us!

P4 Birthday Time

We have started talking about Birthdays!
We are practicing the phrase 
"How old are you?"
 "I am  4."
Vocabulary...cake, candles, party, balloons, cards, and presents.
At the moment, we are starting to construct our own 3D cakes.

Monday, March 18, 2019

P5 Let's go to the park

Hello everybody.

Last week we started with the topic : The park.
We visited the park and designed our own park with different materials.
Vocabulary: Swing , seesaw, slide, tree , drink water,  throw the dice , find the treasure. Climbe up, go down.

3rd Grade Being scientists.

7Hello everybody.

 Last week we started the  topic experiments. The first experiment we did is to let unfold a  paper flower in the water.  The second experiment was the floating candle  . The third experiment was making slime.

We asked ourselfes different questions.

For example ; What opens the paper flower ?  When we did the experiment outside a student answered ;  ¨The wind .¨But inside the flower openend as well .  Magic ???
What happens if we put a bigger flower? does it open faster or slower ?

The floating candle experiment  was very interesting as well.

1 put some coloured water in a plate
2 strike a match and lighten the candle
3 put the candle in the plate
3 Put carefully a jar over the candle.

The result: the water is rising and the candle is floating .   Why ????
The candle stops burning because of a lack of oxygen. And because it uses the oxygen it causes a vacuum effect that makes the water rise and the candle float.
We had loads of fun !!

Friday, March 15, 2019

5th A - Midday News

Hello families

we have finished the recording of the news tv show... we had such a great time preparing and performing!

Now is editing time... the result, coming soon...

6th grade - Mad Libs and songs

Hello families,

this pair is fond of with singing and talk about music... We are preparing a playlist...

They are also having fun reading. They did a great job filling a Mad Libs and then reading out loud. This time was on weather!

Mad Libs is a phrasal template word game where one player prompts others for a list of words to substitute for blanks in a story, before reading the – often comical or nonsensical – story aloud.

2nd - The time... moments of the day

Hello families,

after a few days working very hard to learn How to tell the time? What time is it? Now we are working around the idea of moments of the day...
Talking, drawing, colouring in, writing,... we are analizing what are the different moments of the day, routines and activities...
Time to get up
Breakfast time
Time to go to school
Play time
Bath time
Bed time
and more

And because they are very excited we will continue learning more and more!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

P5 Origami Houses

P5  learned about origami, the art of folding paper.
Vocabulary we practiced are...
"press hard", "fold", "corner", and "middle".
We also talked about the exterior parts of the house such as...
doors, windows, mailbox, and roof.


P4 Left Foot, Right Root

We are practicing opposites through Dr. Seuss's Left Foot, Right Foot.
Practice together! We are practicing night/day, wet/dry, high/low,
big/small, front/back.

P4 Robots/Body and Shapes

P4 are practicing various activities to reinforce the body parts..
head, shoulders, arms, ears, head, shoulder, and feet.
We created robots and also talked about different shapes like.. circles, squares, rectangles, hearts, and triangles to add the more buttons and controls to our robots.


Thursday, March 7, 2019

p4 Happy Pirate Song . actions

P4 Watch out ! We are the pirates !

Hello everybody,

With P4 we started the topic pirates.
We made a big boat of chairs and a table.  We catched fishes.  We danced and had a lot of fun.
Vocabulary:  I want more chairs   , I want a table, ( to make the boat)  A big boat, a small boat, I am a pirate. We used the following actions in a pirate song Actions;  Dance,  jump, wave , stand on one leg

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

1C - let's make a crown for the Carnival Kings and Queens

This past Wednesday we made a special crown with feathers and stickers to make the Kings and Queens of English Class Carnival.
Here a picture of the kids with their crowns.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Carnival for everybody P4 P5

This song we use a lot these days. P5 is singing along and p4 listening and watching.
We did different activities , we made masks and played different games related to carnival.
With P4 we started the topic pirates.  So watch out !!! There are pirates walking around !!

Sunday, March 3, 2019

1st A & B Carnival masks

Hello again,

This week, we have made carnival masks. So, our children has had to practice manual skills like cutting, pasting, colouring... It has been very fun!

Keep in contact




We have started this second semester doing activties around how to describe people physically. The idea is to get used to more vocabulary (adjectives, basically) and to practice it by doing short descriptions of people. Concretely, we have done three activites.

Writing is always a difficult task, especially in English, but all they have done their best to do so.

We'll keep inforning you


5th A


This second semester we have started a new project, called TV Programme show, that give us the opportunity to practise writing and speaking skills altoghehter.

The project has four parts. First, it has been to watch a couple of videos as examples of what to do. Second, it has been to choose topic and role. Third, it has been to make a draft. Finally, the four part is to play the TV show, which we expect can be done very soon.

We will keep you informed!

1st grade - Groups A & B - School supplies

Hello people,

"School supplies" is the topic on which we worked before Carnival. The idea was to discover the classroom, where we spend most of the time every day, and its main objects. The idea was our children learn more new vocabulary and was able to use it at class at every moment easily.

The first activity was making a school bag which had all basic stuff like  a pencil case, some crayons, some colour pencils, a pair of scissors, a rubber and a sharpener. The second activity was a matching-up game to remember such new words of vocabulary.

Here below a few photos of one of the activities that have been done

Friday, March 1, 2019

2nd grade (and P5 guests) - Mardi Gras

This week we received the visit of some P5 friends.
We watch some videos about Mardi Gras... and we learned that the colours of this great celebration are Purple, Green and Golden

All together we crafted with feathers,  colour stick, and star stickers.

The result some beautiful Mardi Gras book mark... or hand fans ...

And we ended dancing this fun song