Thursday, May 31, 2018

2nd grade Houses around the world

Hello everybody,

Do you know that there are a lot of different houses in the world ???? We worked on the topic houses this week.
We used sentences like ; Where do you live ?? I live in a treehouse , I live in a tent , I live in a tipee, I live in an igloo...etc.

And we sang the song, This is the house of the little, little mouse. 2x  It's round , round , round !!!!
(video will  be posted soon)

5th grade ....The Mafia is watching you !!!!

Hello everybody,

As the movie isn't ready yet we want to show you some pictures.  Yes.. ...this is serious business !
But there is a lot of laughing too let's see if we can make it real !

 They are watching you !!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

2nd grade. Let's discover Australia!

Hello to everybody!

We have been discovering Australia and New Zealand since last week by doing different activities. For example, we have got in contact to the main areas of this unknown continent as well as their landscapes and main features. We have also gained more new vocabulary by discovering different activities that people can do there, whether they are tourists or not. Finally, we have coloured an Australian flag and we have observed that its colours are similar to the UK's.

Some pictures below:

More news soon!

All the best

Friday, May 25, 2018

2nd grade No Stress English Yesssss!!!

Hello everybody !

We worked on different topic these weeks.  The most important was to have fun and  learn English in in a relaxed way .  The famous sentence was and is  ¨No stress,  English yes !!! ¨
We used make up to design a tattoo with symbols that are important to us .
We organised a catwalk. While beautiful relaxed piano music was playing we showed the clothes and explained what we were wearing .  We were acting like real models from Paris.

                                       Real models!!!

And we made jewelery , a necklace and a bracelet.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

P5 Grow, grow, grow!

I plant a little seed,
In the cold, cold ground.

Up come the yellow sun,  
Big and round.

Down come the raindrops, 
soft and slow.

Up come the flowers, 
Grow, grow, GROW!

 We learned a new song about a little seed. 
We germinated seeds and watched them grow each class. 
We made a little book about the poem: seed + ground + sun + rain = plant + flower ! 

We watered our seeds. When the roots and leaves were big enough, we planted them in a pot.
We decorated our pots with paper flowers. 
We are happy with our plants! 

I hope they will grow, grow, grow!

P4 Up Come the Flowers!

Spring is here! We are growing! 

We have been learning a song about seeds and flowers.
We made books and germinated seeds. We watched them grow! 
I plant a little seed,
In the cold, cold ground.

Up come the yellow sun,  
Big and round.

Down come the raindrops, 
soft and slow.

Up come the flowers, 
Grow, grow, GROW!

2B Up come the flowers!

I plant a little seed,
In the cold, cold ground.

Up come the yellow sun,  
Big and round.

Down come the raindrops, 
soft and slow.

Up come the flowers, 
Grow, grow, GROW!

We have been learning a poem about how flowers grow.
We made a little book about it and learned the words.

We germinated seeds and watched them grow.
Then we planted them in the ground (in a pot)and gave them water. Don't forget to water them at home!

 We made this video:
TAKE 1:  

Lights... camera... action!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

First grade Hat, skirt, t-shirt... All ready to dress up!

Hi people,

We have been working on the clothes topic. We had great fun while dressing up each other while listening to Barika's instructions. We got familiar with vocabulary such: gloves, hat, skirt, t-shirt, scarf, glasses an so on...

Monday, May 14, 2018

6th grade. Friendship. A project

Hello, again,

Last week we started a new project about Friendship. The planning is to work speaking, writing and use of English skills all through different activites, from videos to speaking activites or worksheets, writing and a movie.

We will spend between four and five sessions to this project. We have already done two sessions. 

After presenting the topic, we watched a video and answered some questions. Then we discuss about friendship using sentences like: 

What is friendship for you?

What is a friend?

What is a friend for?

How many friends do you have?

Who is your best friend? Why?

The second session was dedicated to the meaning of friendship. We thought about the meaning of concepts like close friend versus long distance friend and gave examples of each.

 On the other hand, we put forward the disappointment with friends: Has a friend ever let you you down? Can you explain what happened between you and him or her?

We also talked about the difference between a good friendship versus a toxic friend.

Finally, we saw the difference between just friends and best friends. How many people do you consider your best friends?

Here you have the link to the video we watched on the first session at class. Enjoy it!

Keep in contact!

All the best


Sunday, May 13, 2018

3rd grade. Design your own t-shirt

Hello, again

We have started a new project focused on talking about clothing. Its main words of vocabulary as well as some useful verbs and other expressions. Our ides is to combine worksheets with crafts, actuall, a very special one as we would design our own hippy t-shirt at class shortly.

The first session was dedicated to remind general vocabulary already worked first semester. We did so by completing a worksheet called What are they wearing? and after that we started another activity called Design your own T-shirt, in which we had to be our own T-Shirt designers.

Both activities were really well. These children have a very good level of vocabulary and are clever enough to understand all the activites we suggested them.

Here below you can see a couple of pictures taken during the class. Enjoy it!

Keep in contact!

All the best

1st grade. Bee Maze. Design your own bee drawing

Hello, again

Last week we started a project about insects, a project to learn English through some of the main insects we usually see all around us, like bees, flies, butterflies, mosquitoes and so on.

First, we started working on bees: how they are physically, how their habitat is, how they feed and what they are for. All these thing were learnt by watching a video, Honey: How it's made, whose link is here below.

Second, we did a very special activity, called Bee maze. We had to help the bee find their way through the maze to the flower. It was not an easy activity for 1st grade children. However, they are clever and smart enough and were very succesful!

After that, we took a white sheet to design our own bee. Then we coloured it as we most prefered.

Here below you have a few pictures. Enjoy it!

Keep in contact!

All the best

4th grade. How plants grow!

SPRING is here and we have been GROWING!!

This month we have been observing how seeds grow.
Each student made a chart and we germinated different kinds of seeds.
Beans, corn, mung beans, sunflowers and zuchinis!
The mung bean was the first to germinate.
The mung bean was the fastest and the fava bean was the biggest.

We learned the names of the parts of the plant:
root, leaf, stems.

We also watched a time-lapse to see how  bean growing.
You can see it here:

 Some of us made flip books to show how to create animated movement!
We decorated pots with flowers.

We planted the germinated seeds into soil.

Don't forget to continue observing your plants at home!

Don't forget that seeds need soil and water!

2nd grade. Making kites!

Hi, again,

Last week we spent two sessions to talk about kites and words related to it. Afterwards, we made our own kite, and coloured, cut, and pasted it.

We also watched a scene of Mary Poppins, named Let's go fly a kite, that talked about this traditional and enjoyable toy. The two minutes scene had a nice soundtrack that kids loved it!

Here you have the link in case you want to watch it.

And here you have a few pictures taken during the class, as well. Enjoy it!

See you next time

All the best

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

3rd Grade We finished the modern St George story.

Hello everybody !

Finally we finished the project to make up a modern  story inspired by St George.
The princesses were hola hop dancers,  The dragon was a bad  juggler  that was  changed into a statue .Of course there was a modern warrior to defend the girls.

We had a lot of fun!!!

Monday, May 7, 2018

5th Grade Watch out !! We are members of the Mafia

Hello everybody,

We are working on a movie.  The story will be about a Mafia family.
We have to describe our  personality ,the abilities we've got,
which activities we are good at or bad at and the things we like .
Of course we have to  learn some sentences  and find the right locations to film .
We are learning the different sentences by doing ball games and guessing games.

Hope we will succeed!  Later on we'll tell you more about it !

In the picture you can see the students  playing a ball game while learning sentences and  vocabulary about the Mafia movie.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

P4 Spring in the forest!!


We made spring trees with pink, white and yellow blossoms.

We have also been learning about the forest and the little things that live there:

We learned a new song called Little Bird

You can listen to it here:

We played games with these colourful forest cards!

P5 Little Spring Birds!

 We made little clay birds nests and painted them!
We are having a very busy Spring! Buzzzzzzzzzing like bees! 

The last weeks we have been looking at the little things that live in the forest:
flowers, bees, birds, butterflies, caterpillars, mushrooms, leaves and more! 

We made some beautiful artwork with feathers and a bird's nest made of grass. We also made a collage of the little forest things
We learn their actions: fly, buzz, sing, grow! 

We learned this song about birds: 
Elizabeth Mitchell "Little Bird" 

2B Opposites!

We have been learning about the opposites!

"When I say BIG, you say..."

"When I say SHORT, you say..."

Weak - Strong
Short - Long
Fast - Slow
Stop - Go

We spoke about different animals which are big, tall and strong like an elephant or a giraffe. There are animals that are small, short and weak like a baby lion or a squirrel or a snail.
We played a game to match the adjectives to the photos. 

We played a theatre game acting as the different animals and guessing which animal it is.
"Are you a giraffe?" "Are you a tortoise?"
"Yes, I am! / No, I am not!"

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

4th grade - This is ME!

We have finished our books: This is ME!
We learned a lot about each other and ourselves.

We wrote about the different things that we LIKE- food, colours, sports, friends, etc.

We looked at our different SKILLS- " I am good at acting! I am good at running fast! "

And also our QUALITIES, then we created a totem from clay of animals which represent our positive qualities.

 "I am patient like a koala! I am brave like a lion! I am playful like a monkey! I am kind like a cat!"

Then we talked about HEROES. 
We watched a video about Nelson Mandela and talked about what makes a hero. He was kind, he was honest, he was brave, we was confident, he was patient, he was forgiving, etc. We chose our heroes and wrote about them in our books.