Monday, 19 February 2018

2nd grade girls and St Valentine

Hello everybody !

Of course we had to do something with Valentine's day. Glitters and girls go very well together !! So they made some beautiful hearts full with glitter. And just to let you know that we painted faces as well . Here you are; some pictures !!!

5th grade Let's speak !!!

Hello everybody !

With 5thgraders  we are doing a lot of games and  activities to invite them to speak.
For example we look at a short video and they have to tell what they saw.
We did as well many experiments.They have to explain the steps to take to do the experiment.
The folowing pictures are made while doing experiments.

first grade : Jincama in the plaza Carmen.

Last week we went to Plaza Carmen to repeat some vocabulary and be real detectives.  We had to find a palmtree,   money, hearts , a boat , feathers and finally found the parrot as well.  

We had a lot of fun !!!

2nd grade What do you do ??? I'm a doctor, I listen to your heartbeat.

Hello everybody !    We are working on the topic ; Jobs.  We did different games.  Danced and sang along with the following video.

As well we did theatre . For example we build a prison with chairs where we played to be the policeman and the thief. and we made a hospital with chairs and played roles like the patient and the nurse. We used sentences like . Does  it hurt ? Yes it hurts.  I broke my leg. I broke my arm.
Ai ai it's terrible. You have to wait .   No problem.I listen to your heart beat.

Friday, 16 February 2018

6th grade -Project: A brochure of Great Britain

Hello to everyone,

After having baked muffins, we started a new project about Great Britain. 

My idea is the students get closer to Great Britain, For that reason, I think that discovering its culture and customs, its towns and cities, or its landscsape and natural parks might be an effective way to keep their attention towards English, which is, actually, what we all wish!

The project has two steps. First, we watched a video about Great Britain and its main features or topics. It was a good listenning activity, and they did a great effort to understand it. After that, we discussed about what it has been understood and what not, and made an outline and a list of the main topics that had appeared on the video.

Second, we made up a brochure of Great Britain, which explained the most important and interesting features of Great Britain.  For doing so, we splitted in groups, and made sentences, and made decisions about the design (pictures, the font, its size...). 

We have been working on its second part of the project since last week. It's almost finished. We are going to post the brochures to the blog as soon as we can.

Bye for now!


2A - Carnival: We have a mask!


Last week we celebrated Carnival by making a mask! And we also made yourself up!

Here below some pictures taken during the session

Enjoy it!

Bye for now!


1B - A special Friday, making a free topic session with clay

Hello again,

As we started new semester and that we just met us, we decided to do something different: A free topic session with clay. Each of the students could make whatever figure they occured.

Neither rules nor commands for just a day! Just imagination!

They had fun moulding clay with their own hands, for sure!

The figures were amazing and surprising!

Here below some pictures of this special session!

Enjoy it!

Bye for now!


1B - Carnival: We make a mask!


Last week we celebrated Carnival by making our own masks! We had to remind the name of main colours and cut and paste, as well.

We had fun!

Here some pictures of such fantastic masks!

Bye for now!


3rd grade - 14th February, Saint Valentine's Day

Hello again,

Here you can see a couple of pictures of a craft made to celebrate the lovers' day. It was a nice way to finish class last Thursday!

Bye for now!

Barika & Jordi

3rd grade - What can you do? I can... activity

Hello again,

This week, we focused on jobs and their roles by doing different activities and dynamics at class. First, we approach to this new topic by learning such jobs and roles. Then, we played to a true or false game to understand each job and what its role can be and what it cannot be. Finally, we introduced the modal verb "can" to make sentences related to it by doing different activities and dynamics around the class again.

Apart from that, we also spent some time to 14th February, lovers' celebration by making a craft that students decorated on their way. You can find a couple of pictures of it on a new post, entitled "14th February, Saint Valentine's Day".

Here below you can see some pictures that are a sample of what we talk about.

Keep in contact!


Barika & Jordi

2nd A - Carnival!

Carnival is an incredible time for children. We talked about the ways in which carnival is celebrated in the world: different parades, costumes, winter or summer?

We also did crafts, this gives them the opportunity to practice the conversation and free their artistic side.

carnival fish!

Thursday, 15 February 2018

1st grade / Hairy Scaries!!

First graders are learning about the correct proportions of the face; the eyes, nose, mouth etc. The 2nd part of the project consists of lines; thin, thick, dotted, zig -zag , dark, and light as these variations of lines are being used to create hair as their character has been scared!

P5/ The Circus and Carnival!

Carnival is in the air!! Our P5 classes learned vocabulary from the circus such as: the strong man, acrobats, the ringmaster, the hula hoop dancer, and the juggler.. We watched videos, songs, did some dancing and art.

We also talked about Carnival and the children made their own percussion instruments!


  You can dance at home and use the shakers with this nice song.

first grade We celebrated carnival our way .! I love playing with my costumes !!

Hello everybody

We  celebrated carnival by playing, dressing up, singing aand dancing.

We used the following song.  The students liked the song so we share it !

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

2nd Grade B Creative Actions!

We have been learning, exploring and remembering the things we use in the classroom!

Scissors, glue, sharpener, eraser, pencil, pen, markers, crayon, paint, paintbrush, ruler,
and more!
We played a game called "What's missing?" and tried to remember all the objects on the table.
We played "What's in the bag?" we put an object in a cloth bag, and then only using our sense of touch (no looking!!) Then one student can feel what's in the bag- "Is it metal or plastic? Is it wood or rubber?"

Then we learned "What is it used for?"
We use a paintbrush to paint.
We use scissors to cut.
We use a ruler to draw a line.

We made these beautiful designs, by tracing the objects and colouring them in with markers.

 For carnival we used glue, scissors, paper and markers to make a beautiful paper fish!!! 
We cut, we glued, we drew and we decorated our fish with stickers!

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

P5A How are you?

Tick Tock- Tick Tock
The clock says Tick Tock,
The clock says Tick Tock,
It's time to say hello!!! 

We read about the colour monster and learnt about the colours and our emotions.

We played musical statues! We dance and then, when the music stops,  we "freeze" - on our face we show an emotion
Are you happy? Are you sad? Are you scared? Are you calm? Are you angry? 
Are you in love? 
                   Yes, I am!                 No, I'm not!  

For carnival we made these colourful necklaces! We cut out shapes, from colour cardboard and glued them to a red string.  Happy Carnival!!!