Saturday, April 29, 2017

The legend of Saint George - More photos!

1st and 3r grade - The legend of Saint George. The Knight, the princess and the dragon: a paper cut-out toy


All our students celebrated Saint George making a paper cut-out toy, which represented the three main characters of this legend: the knight, the princess and the dragon.

It was not an easy task as it required to follow some steps. Each one did their best and the works were fantastic!

Here below some photos!

Friday, April 21, 2017

1st grade - Saint George

During this week, we have been practicing some vocabulary related to the legend of st. George.
We designed some characters and did a little play with them ...

We also learned a different alternative story about a smiling knight and a princess and created bookmarks to take home.

Here you have some images:


Thursday, April 20, 2017

P5 and the dinosaurs...roaar

P5er have been checking different books about dinosaurs and so we talked about if they are big or small; the parts of the body - legs, body, neck, head, teeth, horns, tail, claws, spikes -; what they eat - plants or other dinosaurs-; where they live - water, air, forest -; the colours...

They enjoyed also seen some videos about dinosaurs time and playing some games... you can take a look on it in:  Sheppard Software's Dinosaurs

With all the information they got, we did some handcraft and they create their own new and personalized dinosaur

with awesome results!


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

2nd - Professions and characters

2nd grade did a great job preparing and performing short scenes representing diverse professions and characters

Working in pairs and with a flashcard they prepared by their own the whole scene, after they preformed for the group that have to guess the characters / professions

the butcher

the hairdresser

5th grade - Meet our great actresses

Here you have!

We've already explained that we were recording a film ...
Well here you have the first two chapters!
This meant a lot of work, deciding the locations, writing dialogs, looking for complements ...

Have a look and enjoy the talented actresses we have in this group.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

P5 & 2nd - Preparing St George's Day

Saint George's Day is a very important day... and we are going to celebrate it with videos and activities...

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter Celebration!!

We share you the pictures we took on our two days of the "Easter Celebration". We went outside to enjoy the wonderful spring days and we did different activities related to Easter like listening to an Easter tale, sang songs, sack races, "mona" cakes building and of course a great egg hunting. And, obviously we finished the day with a piece of bunny chocolate egg! A fantastic day out!

Here is the link with all the pics:

Here the Bunny video song we sang, you can sing it at home, it is really nice:

Here the story we explained about "The True Easter Hare":

4th grade - Sara says No. Final representation

ClĂ udia, Ferran and Ramon have been preparing this play for a few weeks and with a lot of illusion.

They defined and practised the dialogues and then they used a tablet for recording each of the scenes.

 Finally they reach the end of the project and  produced a video of the play. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed preparing it.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

P4 Telling Stories

Hello families. The past days we played with the "little world" I created, it was about the country and farm animals. Also I explain them again the Matrushka story, they love it...

The small world play are scenes you create with several materials, everything you can imagine, offer them to children and watch what they can do or how they play. If you are interested in this, I leave you a link where it explains better and show you different examples of little worlds! 

Also, here is a link with more photos of several activities we have been doing:

Thursday, April 6, 2017

1st grade - directions / 2nd part


After creating our own gps to turn left, right... now we are creating a big  city with houses, school, bakery, supermarket, post office......

After easter, we will play going from one place to the other, remembering the last words to describe directions.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

4th grade made interviews

Hello all,

4th grade has been working on "wh" words and as part of this work they interviewed themselves and the teachers... you can see and enjoy the great job they did seeing the following videos...

Playlist with all the interviews

We are waiting for you comments and impressions!

P4 Spring !!!

Hello everybody ! It's we use this beautiful season to learn English. We went several times to Plaza Clara to find flashcards about spring  ( a rainbow, a ladybird, a butterfly, a tree , a flower, a chicken, ) . As well we did some experiments with flowers.....and we even made a blue paint with some flowers and painted a tree with this magic paint! On our way , being in contact with nature we see many things and repeat the things we see in English. We love it !!!
I hope to post some pictures soon !

6th grade.....Working on the movie Inside Out !

Hello everybody.........not yet ...not yet .....but hopefully we can present the video after Easter.
We are working on a short interpretation  of the movie 'Inside Out'. So if you hear some shouting...laughing or crying from the yellow room. Don't worry ,it's just acting.
The students are really involved and improvise a lot using English.
So let's see what happens in the real movie of 6th grade's version of Inside Out.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

5th grade - the film

We have been rwally busy these last weeks.
For sure you know it, parents!! The girls have been very strict keeping the right clothes for the recording and taking care of the extra required material.

From the idea of the story to the dialigs, everything is a genuine creation of these girls: Bàrbara, Clàudia, Júlia, Queralt and Jana. just need to wait for some days. The final video with the first chapters will be uploaded as soon as it's been edited.

How do you think it will be? We have an explorer who is afraid of machines, a butcher who is an artist, a baby who can have telepathy and read the future, a vegetarian girl and an old woman who loves car races!

Just some days to be launched!

5th grade - Olot for tourists

Dear friends and parents,  

With this group we have been preparing a video about some corners in Olot.

We have been chosing some spots we would like to show about Olot. We want to create the interest of tourists in Olot; so they come and visit the town.
We have recorded a short video where you can see our work after some tests and writings.

We wish you enjoy it!

1st grade - directions

We have been creating our own NAVIGATOR with the main vocabulary to guide the people to any place.
After that, we played together and did some exercuces using this navigator and giving intructions to the friends.

Denis, Laura, Nora, Queralt, Gina, Paula, Estella, Pau, Ferran and Roger....we all had fun with this activity!!