Wednesday, March 29, 2017

P5 It's Spring !

Hello everybody.....Last week we went to plaza Clara to find things related to the environment ; The children had some imatges on a worksheet that they had to find ... a tree .. a flower... a bicycle..... a bench..a bird.,,etc  repeating some vocabulary they  already knew and introducing new sounds and words.
The question ;Can you see a bird???  answer Yes ....There it is !!!
We had a lot of fun finding the things but no time to take pictures.

These days we are working on the topic spring. We did a game that consists of , rolling the dice...then try to find the imatge in the circuit of the spiderweb without touching the string.....and then draw the imatge. It was great !!!( Hope pictures  will follow soon)  vocabulary; frog , rainbow, flower , bird,  butterfly ,cloud, grass, rabbit....sentences; Go to the rainbow....I found the rainbow ..Touch the rainbow. Don't touch the string !...

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

3rd Circuit Project video

Hello we are Ian, Dan and Gerard.  

We did a domino circuit using different materials, like wood rainbow, kapla, dominos,wood cards, a marble, oil-water circuits,wood constructions.

We built a castle, a tower, a slide, a tunnel,a bridge, a wall...

Here you can watch the video:

Friday, March 24, 2017

2nd go out for "Hunting"

Taking profit of the good weather with the second graders we went out for "word hunting" and we use the time for practising ... Where is it? It is there/here, turning left/right, and we introduce some prepositions of place, next to, under, etc.

search around with this great weather is wonderful!

Each word they find a sticker they get...
After many stickers and lots of English, they had a very successful word hunting !!

P5 - Let's visit Plaça Clarà

During last classes P5 has been working on... "Where is it? It is here or there..." and some vocabulary of what they can find in the city.
To practice we planned visiting Plaça Clarà. That why they have prepared and decorated a spyglass that will help in the search


And one day we go out... and enjoy a lot looking around!


Hey hi, welcome Spring!


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

1st grade. Birthdays' calendar.

This week we are creating birthday calendars. So, we practice the name of the months, the numbers....

We also ask to our friends: when is your birthday? What is your favorite color? we take it into account when we note their name in our calendar.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

1st grade groups - PREPOSITIONS OF PLACE.

Hello to everybody!

We worked on prepositions last week. We did it by watching a video, that showed us what "on, under, next to, between and behind" works in English,  and by making a dice with which we finally played a game.

We joined all the groups to focus on such activity for several reasons. The idea was to do an activity which was suitable for all of them:  learning, working and playing at the same time.

It was a fantastic opportunity to work together again!

Here below a few photographies taken during and after the class:

Thursday, March 16, 2017

News from second grade (topics pirates and transport)

Hello everybody the last weeks we worked on the topic pirates and the last days we have been working on the topic transport.


We did several games about the pirate's clothes...For example throwing the ball in the air saying pirate is wearing green trousers...then the student who had a pirate with green trousers had to catch the ball .
We did a treasure hunt and we made a real map to hide the treasure.

Drawing and showing the pirate's map.....

Let's see if we can find the flashcards related to pirates and answer the questions........and  of course we have to rest after running around.......

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

2nd grade like colors and Spring

yes, these kids like painting... therefore we start a special drawing task, they can't choose colours, they have to read and follow the rules written at the end of the page....

...the spring light makes curious effects with their drawings...

... at the end, great time, because they like challenges too!!!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

5th grade in the market.

Hi everybody!
Today we have been in the market. The students had a questionaire to answer, about the stands and products.
Although some of the stands were closed, they could interact with the people....
They even get a price: a catalan sausage (fuet)! Thank you to the butcher of Mas Quinana's stand.

P5 looking for feathers, parrots and flashcards related to pirates

Monday, March 13, 2017

3rd Circuit Project

We have almost finished our super circuit project... In the next days you will get a post written by the boys and one of our videos!!!

Friday, March 10, 2017

1st grade enjoying sunny days

It's been sunny for some days! The best excuse to go out for a hunt!
We were in Plaça Clarà looking for usual things we can find in this usual area: trees, street lamps, traffic lights, buses, police cars...

We have do much diversity around us!!

P4 We are the pirates !!!!! Where is the treasure ???

Hello everybody!

Monday we went to the plaza Clara because pirat Jhon lost his parrot  and we found many feathers ................but no parrot.  Friday we went again like real pirates and with the spyglass.  We found a lot of chestnuts...a long stick......and saw many things and at the end we found a real treasure.

We found a hole in the ground...Perhaps the treasure is in the ground...???


 and as we promised.... TWISTER for finishing the week.

... left hand on... no no the other left 😁😁😁...

Thursday, March 9, 2017

P5 ... singing in the forest

P5 is learning a very nice song,

they practice the vocabulary about animals and also know new words... the musical instruments...

Who is playing the drums? The Giraffe!

...and now let's dance and sing together!

2nd ... Cloudy with chance of... final

continuing with the activities about the movie "Cloudy with chance of meatballs", they painted the the "favourite food"

they create their own "Spray Shoes" full of colours and shining

and then we saw a read aloud version of the original book on which the movie is based

And today ... we are going to play...TWISTER!!!!