Monday, January 29, 2018

1st grade The pirates are back again.

Hello everybody ! We made a new start in January.  We repeated vocabulary related with animals and colours and we started the topic pirates.
We did different games and used the song Happy pirates (you tube see the following video) to express different words and actions.  As well we did the changing chair game to learn vocabulary.
One student has to say the sentence;  for exemple  I see a this moment the two children who have the parrot have to change chairs while the student in the middle has to get an  empty chaiir. We had a lot of fun !!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

1st grade - The start of a new semester


First of all, let me introduce myself: My name is Jordi, and I will be teaching your children until June.

After Christma's holidays we made some sessions all together, in which we worked two main topics: parts of the house and animals and colours. The former was done by making a mural of a house and drawing the main items we can usually find in each room. The latter was done by completing a worksheet about exotic animals and colours.

Both activities went very well!

Here below you can see some pictures

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2nd grade - The start of a new semester

Hello to everyone,

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Jordi and I will be the teacher of your children this second semester.

I and this group both already know each other from last year. So, it's not much different for both sides, I think.

This first week we talked about how the classes would be and how they would like to do in. So, we made a list of topics and ideas and we also talked about what they had done on first semester.
After that, we started doing an activity related to school supplies.

Here below you can see onepicture of such activity. (I would have liked to show you much more pictures, but, unfortunately, the dynamic of the class made it impossible. I wish it will not happen again!).

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6th grade - We start 2nd semester

Hello to everyone,

First of all, let me introduce myself:  I'm Jordi and I'll be teaching this group until June.

This first week, after Christma's holidays, has been a new experience for both, me and the group. However, the start of the semester has been really great!

This week we have cooked and baked fairy cakes. On Monday we started making a list of the ingredients we'd need as well as deciding who would bring each; besides that, we talked about the utensils we'd use and about other issues like how to behave at the kitchen, how to share tasks, logistics and so on. On Wednesday we made the recipe, thanks to the help and support of kitchen staff who gave us all facilities to do so. It was a teamwork from the beginning to the end. And it appears that the fairy cakes were delicious! So, good job! Congratulations!

Here below you can see a few pictures taken during this second session at the kitchen!

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3rd grade - "Back" to English. The first half of January

Hello, again!

Here we are again, getting into English after Christma's holidays. The first half of January we have worked on three topics. We started doing a pleasant and funny activity that we love: origami. Some great and original objects were made as you can see at the pictures below. After that, we watched a video, entitled "Little Prince" and answered some questions about it. Next, we got into prepositions of place, we did so by playing a boardgame and by doing a worksheet.

Since last week we have involved in a new project: making a pizza, which we will probably finish next week.

More news and pictures in a few days.

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Jordi & Barika



Link to "The Little Prince":

Friday, January 26, 2018

second grade We love you

The second grade girls are preparing a surprise video. Here you have our source of inspiration...

Friday, January 19, 2018

5th grade on adventure in the centre of Olot

Hello everybody,

We don't show a lot of pictures but we did many games , experiments and some outdoor activities.
Last wednesday we went out.  We did a jincama in the centre of Olot with actions and questions.

 In the folowing picture they had to imitate a sculpture.

We had a lot of fun !!

P4 Painting faces and being kings and princesses......

Hello everybody.

Last thursday was the last class with P4 because we are going to change the groups.
It was very nice to teach them and play with them !!
The last weeks we workend on the topic the three kings and toys and we danced and sang along with the hokey pokey song and the walking in the jungle song.

Bye Bye and a big kiss !!!

Bye Bye lovely P5 and some last pictures

Hello everybody !

Today was the last class with P5.  We had a great time and did many things .
The last weeks we repeated vocabulary  ,made a book and a monster. We danced and sang along with the hokey pokey song and the song ¨walking in the jungle. I loved to work with this group !  Thanks !!

P5 showing their monsters ......

Grups segon semestre

Benvolgudes famílies,

El proper dilluns començarem amb els nous grups. Hem canviat professors en la majoria de grups però hem mantingut els mateixos alumnes en cada grup. Com cada any, a meitat de curs canviem la majoria de professors dels grups. És una iniciativa que ens ha funcionat i que valorem positivament. Pensem que pels alumnes és enriquidor exposar-se a diferents accents i treballar amb dinàmiques i activitats diferents.

Aquí podeu consultar els grups/professors dels vostres fills:

Grups, professors i horaris

Grups d'alumnes

Per últim, informar-vos que la Laia, una de les nostres professores ha començat la seva baixa de maternitat. El proper dilluns començarà la seva substituta, la Kate, una noia Sud Africana.


P5B - The Very Hungry Caterpilar

P5 has been reading the story "The very hungry caterpillar"
This nice story allowed us to talk about numbers, food, days of the week...

They made their own book, drawing all the menu of this cute caterpillar

You can see an animated version next

6th - Teaching...

This week was the "Teaching your colleagues" week

On Monday the boys prepared the class "How to do and throw a paper plane"

Listening the instructions


On Wednesday the girls prepared the class "How to do your own eraser"

here the result!

2nd - Secret life of pets

The group has been watching the film "Secret lif of PETS"

We talked about the secret life of "blanquet" the rabbit they have in their class ... "What do he when the school close?"

We talk about being a pet.. what kind? What would you do when your owner leaves?

We do some art with balloons, drawing and painting ... lots of fun in English!

We end with a cooperative drawing activity!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

1° ESO New Year's Resolutions

We  talked about some of the important things in our lives such as family, friends, school, and our health. The girls chose the most important ones to them and practiced doing some calligraphy to write out their New Year's Resolutions. No more cheesecake! Boo.

P5- Go Away Big Green Monster

We have been reading the book.. Go Away big green monster! Students
chose what color eyes, mouth, horns,  and arms they wanted for their monsters. We are also trying to remember and practice vocabulary such as scissors, glue, and cutting.

P4 - Happy and Scary Monsters

We had a little bit of both scary and happy monsters! Students chose what color eyes, mouth, horns, and arms they wanted for their monsters. We have also been reading the book.. "Go Away big green monster!"

Monday, January 15, 2018

2nd A - Can and Can`t Do

New year, new activities....

We start reading the book "Giraffes can't dance"

We talk about different dance styles and we mimic animals... and we will continue working on "Can Do or Can Not Do"


6th - Preparing their own class


With the new year 6th graders are initiating a new  project.
They have the objective of organize and prepare a class for their colleagues.
That means look for a topic, choose activities, prepare the material... is a big challenge!

We will show you the results soon!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

P5 Hello girls , Hello boys !! Are you happy, happy happy with your toys ?????

Hello everybody !  Happy new year !!

With P5 we are working on the topic toys, taking advantage of the inspiring kings that brought a lot of presents.
We sang the song ; ( it's not on you tube , it's mine)

Hello girls, Hello boys
Are you happy happy happy with your toys ?
With your car
And with your doll
With your dog
and with your ball.

We drew the presents that we got from the kings and played some games with the folowing vocabulary,  car, doll, game, dog, starwars, ball, present, kitchen, .
The sentence we used was ;  I want a present and the present is,....a doll....etc.
We had fun !!!