Friday, October 28, 2016

1st grade. Halloween week.

Hi! ....and Hoooo!!!

This week we have been playing with Halloween elements: we acted as Vampires, Ghosts, Mommies, Frankensteins..., we also invented our own design of face paintings that later developed into tattoos, we worked with some "mexican" skelleton mexican masks, and even a Bingo!

Enjoy the pictures!!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

P5 & 2nd Grade. Halloween 🎃 masks

We enjoy celebrating Halloween doing our own skeleton faces... All children were really creative, here some pictures! Guess who are behind the masks...

5th grade. Halloween.


One of the days of the Halloween week, we just sat down in a circle and invented some scary stories....
But before that, we needed some Halloween athmosphere... so we covered the windows in order to get total darkness, turn out the lights  and lighted some candles.

And then ... the imagination just flowed.

1st grade. Directions.

How can I get to ... the church, the school, the toilet ?

Confusing left and right is something quite usual. So, in order to keep in mind them, we constructed our own GPS. With this support, we can guide any friend and also reach any place!! And it doesn't need bateries!!

5th grade. St. Lluc Fair.

Some days ago we went out for a walk. However, it was not a normal walk. We went to St. Lluc Fair with eyes of a reporter!
We had a look to the paintings, talked about them, also critisized hehehe!! ...and finally decided the 1st 2nd and 3rd price from our point of view. We took pictures of the athmosphere and the selected pictures.
With this pictures and our inspiration, we will ellaborate a newsletter reporting about St. Lluc Fair. We keep the pictures we took. You'll see them directly in the paper newsletter once this is ready to launch.

HALLOWEEN. The autumn festivity

In many countries they celebrate this festivity as we celebrate "La castanyada". Halloween a contraction to the phrase "All hallows' Eve" (Tots sants) it has its origins in several traditions, Celtic, pagan and catholic. It has a lot to do with the change of the season, the begging of the bad weather, the time to reap all the fruits and keep the food safe for winter. It is a celebration of the light we keep inside, out of the darkness, time to protect from the bad spirits... Nowadays we have the "happy Halloween" celebration as we know it, with sweets, trick or treats, jack o' lanterns and of course costumes. In the English lessons we  find inspiration and closely look at the English-speaking culture and this time we have prepared some Halloween activities. Here they are:

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

2nd grade and the vehicles

Our boys and girls of 2nd grade were thinking about transports. What type we have today? What type we will have in the future? Check these nice murals.

And continuing with the hard work done, they  have crafted and decorated their own vehicle while we talking about wheels, doors, windows, seats, engines, passengers, etc.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Art at Clara's square!

Past Tuesday the both 2nd grade groups went out to take a look at the paint exhibition of Saint Lluc's fair. We practice some vocabulary and get fun seeing so nice local art.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Watching a film entitled "SpoungeBob movie. Sponge out of water," (2015) by Paul Tibbitt and Mike Mitchell.

Watching this movie has been one of the main activities of this week. A fun and entertaining film to get the students used to listening and understanding English!

During the film, we checked that the film was being understood by listing the main characters and the plot on the whiteboard.

Nice seasons of cinema at the classroom!

Make your own pumpkin!

3rd grade

This week we have started to warm up to celebrate Halloween (31st October). Therefore, we have been making our own pumpkin, Next week we will have cut it and pasted it on a posterboard.

We'll be showing you the resulting works in a few days!

Here a sample of the activity!

Here a sample of one of the ongoing works!

Finding pairs and discovering words from everyday life by playing all together to ASSIMEMOR. Food & Numbers.

3rd grade

One of the activities this week has consisted of playing to ASSIMEMOR. Food & Numbers. A game that helps to improve the ability to memorise by revising not only numbers but also a wide range of vocabulary about food.

Here some photos!

Improving our listening skills through Pan (2015) by Joe Wright.

3rd grade

This week we have dedicated ourselves to our listening skills through this awesome and magical movie. One of the newest version of Peter Pan or the Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up, the awesome book of Sir James Matthew Barrie (1904).

We have enjoyed discovering how Peter arrived to Neverland as well as improving our listening skills and learning new words of vocabulary, too.

Friday, October 21, 2016

The Jack-O Lantern "cercavila"

Our P5 students love performing "Faràndula Cercavila" so for celebrating Halloween they created their own Jack-O lantern Giant.
Check some of the steps they have followed, the final result and ... "nanari nanari"
Have a nice weekend!

The worksheet

After painting and cutting
and finally... the Jack-O Lantern Giant ;)

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Halloween is coming and P4 is ready for scarying... booh!

Be prepared, this charming group of two blue ghosts, a red witch in her broom , a pink spider, a skeleton and a Jack-O lantern is nearby ready to say Buuuuh!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

5th grade. New age tribes.

Hi everybody!

We have been working in a project called "TRIBES". We've been playing with the imagination and the world of the "WHY NOT?!" in order to invent a tribal group we are part of.
We thought about the traditions, place to live, habits to eat and sleep, hobbies...

Here you have a short introduction to them. Enjoy it!

Monday, October 17, 2016

1st grade. Feelings.

Hello! How do you feel today?!
For some days we have been working on feelings. Lots of funny and strange faces and theatre to express feelings, guess and play with "feeling tired, surprised, cold, angry, happy, scared....".
Sorry but we keep the pictures of funny/silly faces for another exercise that we'll do in the future. It's a secret! Shhhhhh....! ;-)

Now you can have a look to the general activity of these days.

We are working on the human body parts! Head, shoulders nice and toes...1 st grade.

Hi all,

Have a look at the video. We enjoyed while learning the human body parts.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Sports: play, go and do! Playing to a "Beat the keeper"!

3rd grade

We have been working about the topic of sport. Firstly, we have watched a power point in which we have learnt that there is a verb to describe each sport. For example: we play basketball, but we go cycling and we do athletics. Secondly, we have played a game called "Beat the keeper".

We have spent a nice time learning new and interesting things about how to play to different sports!


"Sports" by Herber. English Vocabulary

Link to "Beat the keeper"

Playing to Hangman about classroom objects and other things!

3rd grade

We have played to Hangman. The words the students had to guess were from classroom objects, a topic that we had worked at class.

We split the class into two groups. One played to that game while the other group played to a memory game called "Assimemor" to revise numbers and food, which had been worked at class, too.

A lot of words about classroom objects were remembered by students. Like: shelves, projector, calendar, poster, swithces and more and more!

Not only has it been an entertaining class but useful, too!


Classroom objects: Make a pencil case!

We have worked about classroom objects for two weeks. We have made a pencil case, which contained some of the words learnt, like "pen", "ruler", "pencil", "scissors", "eraser" and glue.

First, the students had to colour the objects mentioned before, second, they had to cut them and stick them on a posterboard.

Here there are some nice photos about it!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

3rd grade. Clothes & creating our own muppets!

Hi all. We 've been playing a game in which we had to dress and create our own Muppets! Have a look!