Wednesday, February 27, 2019

1C - Where is the bathroom?

On Monday we learnt where is the bathroom in the house, and different items we can find there. Vocabulary like towel, hairdryer, toilet or rug is just the beginning. Going to work in different rooms of the house in the next sessions.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

P5 Robot Valentine

P5 drew Robots thinking about elements of Art such as different lines: light, dark, thin,  and thick. We also talked about shapes for its different parts such as... circles, squares. rectangles and triangles..and HEARTS!
Of course we had to remember other important parts such as: face, arms, hands, legs, feet, head, and body.

1C - Our House

Learning a new vocabulary of the house. The first day we draw a house, next we will be making an origami house and decorate it!
The new vocabulary includes from parts of the house like roof, window and door, also flower, sun, clouds and grass.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

3rd grade A thief took the diamonds !!!

Hello everybody  !
This week we went to Plaza Carmen to play some games.  First we had to find different objects.
Later on we played a game .
The policeman was in the middle of 4 trees. As the policeman said the sentence, for exemple; The thief took the money and the diamonds! The students had to run  to another tree . The policeman had to find a tree that was not occupied

Vocabulary: The thief took; the diamonds , the watch, the money, the mirror.
Where is the necklace. Where is the bell? You have to find the objects.  I found the necklace, I found the money etc.

We had fun !!!

3rd Graders Help....! I hurt myself !!!

Hello everybody,

These 3rd graders like theatre. So we played some  dramatic situations like for example a car accident,
Scene 1 The accident, 2 The police calling the ambulance 3 the patients arrive in the hospital and get a treatment.

Vocabualary; Does it hurt ? What happenend , keep calm , There was an  accident,   I fell off the horse, next patient.

Monday, February 18, 2019

P5 Valentine's day

Hello everybody !!

With p5 we celebrated Valentine's day in a special way.
First we sang the song of the magic bag .  But ai ai there was a problem  !  There was just 1 heart.
Somebody stole 5 hearts. So we had to find the hearts.
When we found the golden  hearts we made a mouse with a secret, The secret was a valentine's message.
Later on we played the  game the  Policeman and the  thief.
We had a lot of fun.
Vocabulary:  Help , Help !!  The thief stole the diamonds. Who took it ?   Was it you ? No it wasn't me . Yes it was me .

P4 The policeman and the thief.

Hello everybody,

With P4 we played a lot of games.  Last class we worked wit the sentence  : Who are you ?
I am a robot...  I am a pirate , I am a doctor. I am a cowboy, I am a knight, I am an astronaut.
Later on  we played a game with a policeman and a thief. The policeman and his helper went a moment out of the class. Then the thief( a student) took the golden watch.   Help ...Help The thief took the watch. The policeman and his helper arrived . And asked the question ;  Is it you ???  to the students and of course he /she found the watch in the pocket.

Friday, February 15, 2019

5th A - Velentine's Day

Hello families, this week was St. Valentine's Day. It is a special day in English speaking culture.
We talk about the meaning of this day, what it celebrates, some traditions... and also craft a bookmark full of love!

2nd grade - Valentine's Day

Hello families and ..


this is a special day we decide, to watch a Valentine's Day cartoons and make a valentine for those that we love... friends, mum, dad, siblings...

2nd grade - New topic... THE CLOCK

Second graders had start a new semester and a new topic....


There are a lot of things to learn about...
What time it is?
How to tell the time? 
Parts of a clock
What time they do their activities? 
...and more!


Wednesday, February 13, 2019

5th Valentine

5th grade is taking a moment to show thanks and love to family members that help them in their daily lives. We are writing messages of gratitude and will be doing an art collage to decorate their cards for St. Valentine's Day.

P4 Opposites

P4 is learning all about Opposites.

We have been practicing Dr. Seuss's "Left Foot, Right Foot"
and Simple Song's "Open, Shut".
This is a good chance to practice together.

6th - Music and Verbs

Last week 6th grade had listening activities with Abba's Dancing Queen and Fool Garden's Lemon Tree.  We studied the verbs and many verb phrases in both songs.

Music is one of the best and most fun way to become more fluent in English.
Practice together!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Third grade ...About different cultures

Hello everybody ,

Last week we started with the project cultures. We wrote some chinese words and had a look at different houses in the world. Houses can be made of different materials.
Vocabulary: My house is made of ; mud, stone, wood , ice , cotton.
We played a game with some true/ false sentences about different cultures

Of course we had fun !!

With one group of 3rd graders we played some games with the topic jobs as well and some false /true sentences .  Does a policeman shoot his gun  ?  True !! 
As this group likes moving we played different ballgames using the same vocabulary. He is a farmer ..She is a nurse She is a clown  He is a policeman etc.

P5 In the hospital

Hello everybody !

Last week  we started with the topic jobs. There was a class about the hospital .  With some make up we made some terrible wounds that looked very serious.
Nurses and doctors were running around to help the patients.
Vocabulary  Does it hurt ? Yest it hurts , No it doesn't hurt. Can you move you leg, can you move your arm.  Nurse can you help me . Doctor can you help me ? Next patient.  Keep calm !.

  The last class we had a hospital for animals that quickly changed in a hospital for animals and people. But we learned the sentence ; Ï am a vet .Some dogs , a horse and a cow were the patients.

Friday, February 8, 2019

1C animals, colours and numbers, all in one week

This week the students have been reviewing the numbers while looking for objects in a worksheet. We also talked about favourite animals and animals that scare us, while relating the written names to the images and then colouring them to make them look prettier.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

1st A & B Welcome to this new semester

Hello parents!

Here we are ready to keep learning English and having fun!

My name is Jordi and I will be teching English to your kids this second semester.

As you supposedly know you can check this blog to be informed of what we do at class. Let me invite you to do so!

Greetings to all of you on this new semester!

Jordi Boy

4th Welcome to this new semester!

Hello parents!

Here we are ready to keep learning English and having fun!

This new semester, I will be teaching your kids, and you supposedly already know, you can check this blog every now and then to be informed of what we do at class. Let me invite you to do so!

Greetings to all of you on this new semester!

Jordi Boy

5th A Welcome to second semester

Hello parents!

We are Georgina and Jordi, and  we will be teaching your kids this semester.

Just contacting you to introduce ourselves and  welcome you again

As you supposedly  already know, you can check this blog to be informed of what we do at class. Let us invite you to do so every now and then!

Greetings to all of you on this new semester!

Georgina Corenstein & Jordi Boy

Monday, February 4, 2019

Bye Bye p4

The last day we spent outside in Plaza Clara, We had a lot of fun looking for things we could find to  put in the magic bag !

BYE  BYE.......

Celebrating Chinese new year at class with 3rd graders!

Hi all,

Today we have started the second semester with new teachers in each group. With 3rd graders we have learnt a bit about Chinese characters! It's the beginning of their new year, the pig year!

By for today!!!