Monday, October 30, 2017

2nd D. Painting our masks.

today we coloured our masks and alliens. So we finished a lot of work related to halloween.
Here you have one image... they were so excited about packing it to take it home, that i didn't have the chance to take pictures of all of them.
Anyway, they were all unique and full of  creativity!
Ready for halloween parties!

4th grade. Masks ready for halloween night.

We created an special mask for our own shape of face... and noe it was time to paint it!
Here you have a couple of examples. We could not take a pictures of all....but for sure you saw them once at home.

Friday, October 27, 2017

3rd grade Making an amulet

Hello again,

We have been working in the idea of making an amulet. First, we saw what an amulet is. Second, we say what an amulet can do to protect us, to give us magic powers and special abilities  by making a long list on the whiteboard. And third, we chose our favourite design to make it using clay in the next session, after Halloween special activities.

Here below some photos taken during the phase of listing magic powers and special abilities at class:

We have celebrated Halloween together 4th, 5th & 6th graders! - two more photos


You can see two more photographies here below:

See you soon!

P4, P5 & 1st graders - Halloween - MORE PHOTOGRAPHIES


Here below you can see more photographies!:


1st grade. My favourite food

Hello again,

This week we did Halloween activities, but we also started a new topic, food, to which we will dedicate some more sessions.

We got into such new topic by recreating a real meal, where our kids can learn words like cup, glass, plate, fork, knife and so on. After that, they picked which food they liked most, learning how to say it in English, and finally, they could draw it on a worksheet.

We made a long list of vocabulary relating this new topic and learnt the names of the main utensils that are usually used.

At the beginning, it was a bit difficult for the kids to understand the purpose of the activity, but once they got it, they had fun and learnt many new words.

Here below some photographies:

4th grade - Halloween special activity - Apple Bobbing

Hello once again,

In this post, you can see how we played to an American Halloween game called Apple Bobbing. 

We had fun, though it was really difficult to pick the apple from the pan without using hands, only by using the mouth. Finally, however, all of us got his apple and got wet!

Here below some photographies:

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

P4 P5 & 1st graders together in a special Halloween activity!

Hi families!

Today we have joined P4,P5 & 1st grade to celebrate Halloween. We have done some special activities like face painting, singing or dressing up. We have learnt some scary words like ghost, black cat, skeleton, spider, bat or witch. Altogether we had fun in a scary environment!

We have celebrated Halloween together! 4th 5th & 6th graders!

Hi all!

Today we have been doing chalk masks in a special Haloween workshop. Next day we are going to paint them! We're hoping to scare someone soon with them!

Halloween special activities!

Hi all!
Today we have been doing chalk masks! We did them ourselves! Next step is colouring them! We loved it!