Friday, 20 October 2017

2nd grade - video about the fashion world

As promised,
here you have a short cut of one of the activities we had during the fashion week, like in Paris London or Milan! Enjoy it!

Thursday, 19 October 2017

p4 The animals are hungry ! Let's have a taste of the moon......

Hello everybody !

The animals were  hungry ! They wanted to taste the moon. We continued the story of last tuesday, you can find the story on you tube....But P4 has a lot of fantasy and they made up their own story what was a version of little redhood . The wolf  had a friend, the witch and they wanted to catch little red hood and her family. The children were screaming  Help, Help.  And the wolf said I'm very hungry......woehoehoehhhh


Monsters. We are learning colors, numbers, and parts of the body.

Monday, 16 October 2017

2nd A - ... fruits, vegetables, meals and market

The group has been working on food vocabulary and which dishes they like and they don't like...they also work on "What was the menu? What do you eaten today?"

Preparing their favourite dish

Other day they played the table game "The shopping list"... and after, we played all together proposing a menu, doing the grocery list and shopping at the Market then.

Preparing the market

With their shopping list... lets go shop!

P5 B - Colours and number... an update :)

As you know P5 has been playing, drawing, singing and working about colours, numbers and animals... and they want to share some results...

This is a PINK FISH

Reciting the poem

Great Job and Great Fun!!

6th grade - theater about the holidays

6th grade has been working on holidays and travel vocabulary... a top topic when you come back from holidays...
They created two stories and represented them.

These are the summaries:



BOY'S STORY: Death in Hawaii

They are a family and they go to Hawaii.
The grandma Fatima, the father Abdula and the son is Abdulachancletatoto.
Fatima goes to the seaside to go surfing and she falls down. Abdula and Abdulachancleta went and picked her up.
Finally all them come back home.

Final video production will come soon!

Thursday, 12 October 2017

1st grade. Autumn leaf dot to dot

Hello again,

These two last weeks we have been working on the topic of seasons, from learning what a season is or how many there are to what the weather is like, paying special attention to autumn and its landscape.

For this reason, this week we did the "Autumn leaf dot to dot" activity. We had to join the numbers in the right order to find out a typical element of autumn, a leaf. After that, we coloured it as we liked most.

We had fun and really enjoyed doing so!

Here below I attach you two photographies:

Keep in touch!

Have a nice week

4th grade - To make a dice

Hello again,

The day we dedicate to do special activities is Friday. After having worked on making sentences using the right order, we thought that doing a craft would be a good idea.

So, each of us made a dice in whose face we had written or drawn either a sentence, or a concept or an idea.

Here below there are two pictures taken at class:

Keep in touch

Have a nice week!

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

second grade Let's go outside !!

Hello everybody, Today we went out.   We rolled the dice to see how many steps we had to jump and then we spun   a roulette wheel with the alphabet  to see which  letter  we had to make a word with.
We didn't get very far as we found different adventures on our way.  For example we found many chestnuts. A lot of chestnuts !!!!

P4 It's Autumn, it's autumn which colours can you see ??

Hello everybody,

P4 was very active !! Today we collected  leaves on the playground.   The idea was to put them under the paper and copy them in different colours.  But the children had more fun  using the colours to draw. And cutting the coloured paper in pieces while using vocabulary like scissors, paper  , and of course the colours.

P5 High and low...Fast and slow....s. Big and small

Hello everybody, 

It's autumn,  we worked on some items of autumn combined with the adjectives, High and low, fast and slow big and small.
We moved with long papers  moving them like the wind   fast...or slow .....or high or low.
We used  big or small objects and we played with a big umbrella and a small umbrella, a big leaf a small leaf.
While  introducing the objects  ,the children often make up their own story and I'm ,repeating the  sentences  according the things  that come up.

We sang the song It's raining , it's raining my head is getting wet (or my hair is getting wet , or my arms are getting wet ,repeating the parts of the body )

3rd grade. School equipment.

Dear parents,

we are working, as you've seen, on school equipment. This are things of daily use for them, so it's good to have clear this vocabulary.
Around this subject, new structures and games are arising.

Now we are in the process of creating two different book stores, runned by two different teams. There, after choosing the objects to sell and prices, we will create the buy/sell roleplays. So we will practice also with:

- Structures for asking and answering about prices.
- Typical sentences in the customer service.
- Vocabulary about the stuff to exchange.

Here you have some images about it:

Jordi and Laia

2nd D. Rythm of the weeks.

Dear friends,

having worked already some weeks with this group, Betha and Laia, as their teachers, we've seen we've need to structure the sessions differently, since there is an special rythm:
On Mondays, there are 4 kids with Laia as a teacher.
On Wednesdays, there are 6 kids with Laia as a teacher.
On Fridays, there are 6 kids with Bertha as a teacher.

So, we have seen that the best way to adapt to all kids learning process is to structure the sessions like this:
Mondays and Wednesdays, we will work on an speciffic subject through writing, spelling and handcraft as they love it.
Fridays, complementing the subject we will work with songs and games. On Friday kids are quite tired of the whole week, so some singing and movement is always welcomed!

We will post you the subjects we are working with as well as some links about the songs. We encourage you to sing along together with your kids at home!

BY THE WAY, as soon as possible we'll post the video of the final activity about fashion. You'll enjoy it, but we still need some time for the edition. Thank for your patience,

Big hugs,

Bertha and Laia

1st B. Months of the year and birthdays.

Dear parents,

as your saw we have been working in a calendar for the first days. This project involved different activities around like:
- first, remembering about the colors and playing around it.
- second, months of the month and elaboration of our own calendar. Asking our friends about the birthday date and noting this on our calendar.
- asking about the favortite color of each so we could decorate his/her birthday date with that color.

- Remembering again the months of the year with the song:
I encorage you to keep on practicing with your kid at home, listening to this song and singing along together.

This is our final work!

Thursday, 5 October 2017

P5 Summer goodbye, you can not longer stay because autum !n is on it's way

Hello everybody,

With P5   we talked about Autumn  ( vocabulary wind, leaves, kite, umbrellla , rain) and we made animals of chestnuts and wooden sticks, While we were making them we were singing the song summer goodbye and used vocabulary like a long tail ,long legs , short ears etc.
Not every student was interested in making an animal so while we were singing and they made a beautiful drawing.

P4 In action with colours and movement

Hello everybody, with P4 we did many things,  We are  repeating  the topic colours each class in a different way. For example with stripes of coloured papers moving around like the wind.....throwing them in the sky, or moving them on the ground like a snake.

I ask the students ..Which colour do you want ? They answer, I want the red ...or I want the green  etc. While we colour a drawing we and the student needs the red pencil.,he/she asks  I want the red... or I want the blue. And if they want to cut we sing the song ; I want some scissors,I want some scissors. scissors...I They learn very quickly !!

As well we moved our body with the song Hokey Pokey on you tube. A very nice song to learn the parts of the body.