Tuesday, February 28, 2017

1st graders. Clothes and Carnival


after being creative and making some masks altogether, we are practicing now with clothes vocabulary. We do some writing and spelling, games with vocabulary.... and of course, it will come the moment to involve the body and put on and take off clothes!!

p4 in action

We did many activities ! They were in the carnival mood....so we painted faces and hands....we dressed ourselves up with costumes.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

P5 Singing...dancing....running....creating......

Hello...P5 needs movement.....So we did a chair dance while singing...and running games like the crocodile game; pass the line as...a pirate....a princess....as a lion.....as a dog...as a monster....so the students have to pass the line without being catched by the catcher.
During the game they say:: Catch me  !!!    Catch me !!! while moving like the animal or person that the catcher is asking for.

As well we are learning the song ,  let's take a picture you and me  ....look at the camara and say cheese ( you tube) in this song they have to make a happy face..a sad face ...a funny face etc.

Last thursday we made bracelets....the students could choose a face like a pirate...a princess using their own fantasy...
We are getting in the carnival mood.
I hope to upload some pictures in the coming days.... Bye Bye.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

English's "Warm Up" for Carnival

The English Team wants to join in the great expectations that this week create in our kids... so for next Monday and Tuesday we have prepared a special carnival activity...

We can´t wait to start having fun!

See you all next week...

Friday, February 17, 2017

Thursday, February 16, 2017

1st grade - How are you?

Are you happy? Are you sad? Are you surprised?.... we have been working with the vocabulary of feelings: handcraft, games, flash cards... and now our feelings can be expressed in diverse ways.

5th grade - detective girls!

We spent a couple of exciting days trying to solve a mistery!!

We needed to ask everyone about identity, alibi, links with the people and look for clues.

And finally, we found out who was the guilty one!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day from 2nd grade

Today 2nd grade prepared Valentines for family, friends, teachers.... 

... and all together will wish you.... HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

5th grade. Second semester begins.


Second semester begins and we 5th grade group decided to have a meeting to choose the kind of activities we would like to go through during this second period.

Many interesting ideas arised: writing and preparing a theatre play, working as journalists of Lonely Planet and showing Olot for tourists, exploring the restaurants of the area, inventing new worlds, designing carnival costumes, writing letters....

Raúl, Eloi, Marina, Joel and Alexia: Good start to warm up! For sure we'll have lots of fun and learn.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

4th grade - On Friday we prepare a play..

The group of Friday is working in a very exciting project... a puppet play based on the book "Sara says NO!" by Norman Whitney

They are working hard and in all the details...

You will enjoy it very soon!

2nd & the winter...

We were working on this very nice traditional rhyme about winter and clothes.... repeating, reading aloud and representing it...

Dress up Warmly

Author unknown

The day is cloudy and the wind is bold.
Dress up warmly, you mustn't get cold! 

Put on your jacket and zip it up tight,
put on your left boot, put on your right. 

Put on your scarf and put on your cap,
put on your mittens and clap-clap-clap! 

Go outside and play and play.
Come in again, and then we'll say- 

Take off your jacket that was zipped up tight,
take off your left boot, take off your right. 

Take off your scarf, take off your cap,
take off your mittens, and then take a nap!


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

P5 & 2nd Goodbye!

New  changes... I want to say goodbye to two of my groups!

Now it is time to start with a new teacher, different accent, other way of working.

I will miss you all children!!

Thanks for all the work you have done!



P5 & 2nd A special Kingdom

This month we have been working not only in winter things! We have watched a really nice tv serie that the BBC made for children to learn different languages.

So the story goes in the kingdom of Gondoland and everything gets a little messy when a special character arrives to this land... Muzzy, the BIG muzzy!

You can watch it with your children at home, it its full of nice resources. All of them love it... It is really easy for them to repeat some phrases and they like also to sing the songs... Go on and take a look and maybe all family can learn more English together!

I leave the link for the first chapter!

Good Bye 3rd grade Italian style

I want to be a pizza man.....

Good Bye P5

Thank you P5 for sharing a nice time !!

The circus artists in action .....

P5 in full concentration .....

Saturday, February 4, 2017


We have started February knowing more things about the plants and the places where they can grow and those where they cannot. Doing so we have learnt three new things: The first is the parts of a plant; the second thing is new words to refer to places, like forest, desert, pond and finally, the names of the main plants that we can find in such environments, like cactus, oak trees and so on.

Here below a sample of the worksheets that they did at class:


Comingback from Christmas holidays, we started a funny activity related to that tradition. Doing so, we discovered some new words about the weather and the seasons: cold, wet, cloudy, freezing or winter, spring, summer and autumn as well as reminding them the colours, too.

Here some photos taken at class:


In the last two weeks, we have been focusing on different aspects of recycling in English.

Once having learnt about the importance of this issue, we made our own dustbins at class, splitting the class in three groups.

Here some photos taken at class:

Friday, February 3, 2017

6th grade. About us.


it's been a really nice time together... so we decided to share a little bit more about our lives.

We prepared a power point with pictures of our childhood, trips, friends... and explained the most special things of our experience.

Thanks girls, it's been great workiing with you! See you soon!  ;-)

Here you have a couple of pictures of Ioana and Martina. We'll upload the video of Marta, Marina and Anna soon.

5th grade. Videoclip

Hello everybody!

We finally finished the videoclip! We hope you enjoy it!

Grups i professors. 2on Semestre.

Benvolgudes famílies,

Us deixem un parell d'enllaços per consultar els grups actualitzats de l'extraescolar i els professors assignats a cada grup de cara a aquest segon semestre.


Relació grups/professors

Per qualsevol dubte ens podeu contactar.