Tuesday, 13 November 2018

P5 Let's play in the park

Last  week we started the topic The  house and family.   We will continue this topic but as the weather was so nice last tuesday we went to the park to play and learn English in the same time.
We learned and repeated expressions like ; go to the swing , go down the slide ,
Watch out !  It's my turn ! Ride the horse , Go out of the way! Can you push me ?

Monday, 12 November 2018

P4 My Family, My House

Hello everybody !

Last week we worked on the topic family and the house.
Vocabulary  Mom, Dad, Brother Sister  Grandma Grandpa The house.
We drew our family in the house.
We repeated the vocabulary for actions like to run ,to jump high  to fly in the sky. We imitated  animals and repeated the colours.
Of course we watched the video baby shark from simple songs you tube. In this video the sharks are presented like members of the family.
We always have fun !!!!

Sunday, 4 November 2018

5th grade - Pumpkins or Halloween relaxing balls :)

The group made one stop on their big project "the race" to enjoy a special activity for Halloween...
They drew a set creepy faces for a Jack-O lantern. Then they made balls using a orange balloon and rice... a piece of green wool for the leaf and there is the pumkin!
After, using a permanent marker they drew the face they choose and.... Jack-O Lantern ready!

5th - Racing cars

The group have started a big project "The Race".
Nowaday they are designing their cars and building the bodywork.

They plan to have a lot of sponsors so their car can be the faster one.

We will keep you updated!

4th grade - Halloween pumpkin

It was Halloween week and 4th graders enjoy a special day playing games, like domino: pair image and word or Dooble
After they made a pumpkin, for decoration or for playing tic-tac-toe!

Happy Halloween!!!!

1st grade - Spooky spooky

First graders have sing this song for Halloween activities... Simple grammar structures and specific vocabulary...
What's that? It's a black cat, a spider, a monster....find the others!

Let's dance, sing and Happy Halloween!

1st grade - halloween!

This week is Halloween week, so we dance acting as Spooky characters, sing loud when we know the song.
This group have lovely masks so we can scare our friends!

And this group have made head's bands with a charming black cat so we can enchant everybody!

Happy Halloween!!