Thursday, November 29, 2018

2A - A special session on Wednesday

Hello again,

Wednesdays are special because fewer of us come to class. It makes no sense to plan standard sessions that day. That's why we dedicated a session to football. We saw basic vocabulary about this popular sport and watched a video.

We had fun!!!!

Keep in contact


3A Building a house at class

Hi again,

As part of  "My House Project" we keep making our own house at class. It is made of boxes and it has all we have seen at class before: from a  kitchen and a bathroom to a living room or a garage. This craft is a good idea to go over the vocabulary and basic grannar we did a few sessions ago.

We will keep you informed


3B - My House Project: The bathroom


The bathroom is the room we worked on this week by doing different activities, from basic vocabulary to speaking activities.

For example: drawing activities, wordsearchs and crosswords.

Next week we will work on the kitchen by keeping a similar structure.

The aim of this project is to increase students' vocabulary.

Keep in contact soon!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

P4 Monday - What is this? It is a FARM!

What can you find on a farm? Animals! Cows, pigs, chickens, dogs, sheep...
They did create the farm of their dreams with different stickers while learning new vocabulary.

Monday, November 26, 2018

5th grade using different materials

Hello everybody !

Last we worked on the topic materials. We played different games around this topic to enforce speaking, reading and writing skills . We did a craft to create a game using different materials.
In our world we can find  a lot of materials;  wood, cotton , plastic ,paper, metal, soap, etc .

 The students could explain the game  and the rules of the game .

P5 Cooking in the kitchen, sleeping in the bedroom .

Hello everybody,

We continued with the rooms in the house. And did different games and craft around this topic.
 We used sentences like I'm  sleeping in the bedroom, I'm cooking in the kitchen. I'm watching television in the livingroom , I'm having a bath in the bathroom. There is a bath in the bathroom, There is a sofa in the livingroom. There is a fridge in the kitchen. There is a bed in the bedroom.

When the students had to make a house out of clay many of them  created a castle, of course , to put some golden glitter on it.

P4 Yes I can ! No I can't

p4 Monsters can kiss !

Hello everybody,

Last week we made monsters.  We repeated the parts of the body using sentences like;
My monster has got three eyes, my monster has got two teeth, my monster has got a tongue, my monster has got two legs and my monster has got three arms.
And we went outside on the  playground  with our monsters expressing the following actions, using the sentences ;  My monster can fly, my monster can run, my monster can jump and my monster can kiss ! The coming week we will continue with the sentence Yes I can . and No, I can't combined with the senses to touch, to see , to hear, to taste and to smell.
We always have  fun !!

Friday, November 23, 2018

1st B - Folder's front page

Hello families,

1st grade have been very busy.
They have made a great work preparing the front page for their folders, they have practice how to draw different patterns, lines, dots, stars... they have coloured in each letter with a different colour...

5th A - The racing cars II


cars are ready to go!
The group have finished the design and building stages.

Now is time for some testing and practices...

P4 - Having fun while revising body vocabulary

Playing Bingo with the different vocabulary we learned on Monday.
Also matching same pictures from opposite sites of the room while running and exercising.
And finally playing memory finishing up with the song Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes - see the link: heads, shoulders, knees and toes song.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

6e Primaria

We have been talking about different survival skills.
We had 2 very good sessions speaking about life and death emergency situations that can happen at any time. They are also learning different materials such as..Metal, plastic, wood, glass, leather, etc. We are discussing their uses, and playing different games to reinforce reading and writing skills. We will be working towards a bigger project involving creating their own Survival Box.

P/5 Opposites

In addition to parts of the body...we have been learning about opposites.
We sing "Open , Shut" It's a fun one... Sing together at home!

The children are now familiar with Dr. Seuss's Left Foot, Right Foot.
This is a fun book to share together, they know it very well now.

1st grade A and C - Emotions

We have been learning all the parts of the body, and the parts of the face.
The children are now familiar with Dr. Seuss's Left Foot, Right Foot, which also teaches about Opposites. This is a fun book to share together at home.
In addition, we are learning all the emotions. We are currently working on a project with Robots including all of these topics.

P5 / Emotions

We have been learning all the parts of the body, and the parts of the face.
In addition, we are learning all the emotions. We are currently working on a project with Robots including all of these topics.

P/5 Clothes

We have been learning about different clothes that we wear.
Since winter is coming, we are having fun with the song "Hurry Up".
This is a fun song to practice together at home!

1st grade A and C - Animals

We have been talking about all kinds of animals, the parts of their bodies, the colors, and the textures. This book is a favorite as it speaks about all the perspectives we see the world. For  Halloween ...we made some cat hats.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

4th grade - Fun Writing

Hello all,
we are learning how to write a story... the challenge?  We have to use the information that follows to write it!!!!

WHO:  my brother and my grandma

WHEN: in the winter, at noon, in the daytime

WHERE: in the garden, in the woods, on the driveway, at the table

Did WHAT: ate a cake, rode a horse, washed the car, played a game, wrote a story, jumped high

We will keep you informed!!!

3rd grade. Where do I live? - My House

Hello again,

Since the last post we have been working on two topics: the first is called "Where do I live?" and the second one is called "My House". Different activities have been done, all of them based on learning more new words, expressions and prepositions. For example: speaking exercises about where we live (town or village, city centre or neighbourhood, postal address and more and more).

At this moment, we are working on My House's project. The idea is to learn all we can about a house, room by room, in terms of vocabulary, main expressions and verbs. We have seen the bathroom and we will soon start the bethroom.

We will keep you informed

All the best!

2nd grade. Where do I live? and My House


This month we have been focused on two topics: the first is called "Where do I live?" and the second one is called "My House". About the first, we have learnt basic vocabulary about places, like town or village, city centre or neighbourhood, and house or appartment, and we have been able to write our postal address in English rightly.

About the second topic, My House, it is a project which consists of learning as much as we can about every part of a house (from the main rooms and their parts to their main objects, devices...). We do so through different activities.

We will keep you informed!

All the best!

Monday, November 19, 2018

Hi! P4 working with body vocabulary.

Hi families!

P4 students are working with the body vocabulary! Face, leg, eyes, hand, knee...are some of the words we're getting familiar with while having fun.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

P5 Let's play in the park

Last  week we started the topic The  house and family.   We will continue this topic but as the weather was so nice last tuesday we went to the park to play and learn English in the same time.
We learned and repeated expressions like ; go to the swing , go down the slide ,
Watch out !  It's my turn ! Ride the horse , Go out of the way! Can you push me ?

Monday, November 12, 2018

P4 My Family, My House

Hello everybody !

Last week we worked on the topic family and the house.
Vocabulary  Mom, Dad, Brother Sister  Grandma Grandpa The house.
We drew our family in the house.
We repeated the vocabulary for actions like to run ,to jump high  to fly in the sky. We imitated  animals and repeated the colours.
Of course we watched the video baby shark from simple songs you tube. In this video the sharks are presented like members of the family.
We always have fun !!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2018

5th grade A - Pumpkins or Halloween relaxing balls :)

The group made one stop on their big project "the race" to enjoy a special activity for Halloween...
They drew a set creepy faces for a Jack-O lantern. Then they made balls using a orange balloon and rice... a piece of green wool for the leaf and there is the pumkin!
After, using a permanent marker they drew the face they choose and.... Jack-O Lantern ready!

4th grade - Halloween pumpkin

It was Halloween week and 4th graders enjoy a special day playing games, like domino: pair image and word or Dooble
After they made a pumpkin, for decoration or for playing tic-tac-toe!

Happy Halloween!!!!

1st grade - Spooky spooky

First graders have sing this song for Halloween activities... Simple grammar structures and specific vocabulary...
What's that? It's a black cat, a spider, a monster....find the others!

Let's dance, sing and Happy Halloween!

5th A - The racing cars

The group have started a big project "The Race".
Nowaday they are designing their cars and building the bodywork.

They plan to have a lot of sponsors so their car can be the faster one.

We will keep you updated!

1st grade - halloween!

This week is Halloween week, so we dance acting as Spooky characters, sing loud when we know the song.
This group have lovely masks so we can scare our friends!

And this group have made head's bands with a charming black cat so we can enchant everybody!

Happy Halloween!!