Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Christmas activity

Hello families,

Today during the English class we have been doing some Christmas arts and crafts. We have all decorated a glass pot which will arrive home with a candle inside. We hope you will like it!

Merry Christmas from 6th grade

Sunday, December 17, 2017

4th grade - Travel Agency

These last days we have been working in the real world of Traveling.

After remebering some vocabulary related to the trips, we decided some destinations to act as a real travel agency.
Guim focused in Las Vegas, Roger in Andorra, Gerard in London, Albert in Rosario and Ian in Dubai.
Together with the teachers, they checked real websites in english (.com) that the adults usually check to organize a trip.
Booking. com to choose a hotel, taking into account the check-in and check-out dates, kind of rooms, description of the hotels....
The right website of the flight company to check the schedules of the flights, kind of tickets, prices...
All was for real !! The fact of having contact with the real information really motivated the kids.

After all information was collected, they wrote it nice and together with some images, they crated their own brochure, so they could explain it to the colleages.

It was a nice work kids! You did it great!

1st B - Doing pizzas

Today we were thinking about different ingredients that you can find in a pizza. 

After that we created a pizza!

2D - Our common house is ready to move in

We have it!
We finnished our common house!
Once everything was in the right place and corner, we played with our own "small puppet" ....and we played a game consisting in taking some cards where different actions were described and we reproduced them.
It was good fun, and now the girls decided how to organize to keep the great house and show it to all families.
Nice work girls!!

Friday, December 15, 2017

P5 Christmas is on the air

time for xmas vocabulary...we play domino!

and they got inspiration for doing really nice xmas cards!

Did you received it?

P5 Houses and Homes

P5 has been working on house and home vocabulary.

they imagined and drew a house, that they like the most, and decorated it with natural parts, sticks, leaves, bark...

6th - Chistmas ring, wishes and purposes

Sixth graders worked these days on Christmas Mood.
For this special days it is typical to wish positive thing for us and our friends, but it is also typical to make new year´s resolutions.

drawing their hands and preparing the sentences
They drew their hands in a paper and they wrote their purposes on it...

hands with wishes and purposes

in the next days you will find a great xmas ring  full of positive thought  for decorating the school...

2nd A - Christmas Cards

It's Christmas time ... so it's time for good wishes and nothing better that reflect it in a incredible handmade Xmas Card!

working  hard
Christmas trees and Snowman for sending a great message...

May the peace and joy of Christmas be with you today and throughout the New Year. 



Wednesday, December 6, 2017

1stB- directions

For the last sessions we have been working with directions: Go up, go down go forward, turn left, turn right....
We watched some videos with whic we were moving and singing along.
Here you have in case you want to keep on practicing at home:
After that we played about giving guidances to find the way in different mazes.
And finally, our own GPS to move around, here you have the final works:

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

I'm a little snowman look at me !......

Hello everybody, It's getting colder.....so we started with a winter  topic. We made a snowman and watched the video of a song.

Monday, December 4, 2017

P4/ Left Foot, Right Foot..

"Feet, feet, feet... oh how many, many, feet you meet." We are currently reading  Dr. Seuss's Foot Book and learning all about opposites.

1° ESO Writing Roulette

We did a community writing pass around which ended up with ridiculous but fun stories. The girls are illustrating their stories with collages.

P4 Magic and colours.

With p4  We did different activities around magic and colours. We had a magic stick  that could change the children in , a dog, a lion , a cat, or a fish  .

 We were  dancing and singing along with  the song blue, blue blue.......This song you can not find in you tube because it's an adapted version of an excisting song that we sing with the guitar.

The song,

Blue blue blue is the colour I'm wearing
Blue , blue blue is the colour I like.
Because I like the colour of the sky, the colour of the sky and the blue on me.

Green , green ,green is the colour I'm wearing
Green , green , green is the colour I like.
Because I like the green of the grass , the green of the grass  and the green on me.

Red , red, red is the colour I'm wearing
Red, red, red is the colour II like.
Because I like the red of the flower , the red of the flower and the red on me.
etc  yellow , like the sun,  purple like a dress...etc

We always have a lot of fun !!!

P5 What can you see??? I see snowflakes, reindeer, stars and angels......

Hello everybody, 

There we are again in these magic days before  Christmas. With p5 we started to repeat some vocabulary of last year.
This we did in an exciting way. We filled a magic bottle full with symbols of Christmas like angels , stars, christmas balls, hearts ( love )  reindeer, snowflakes and other decorations.
At the end we put some extra glitter for the magic effect.

With the bottle you can play a guessing  game.  Student A asks : ? What can I see.  Other student B answers with question...Is it an angel ?  A  No it isn't.  B  Is it a snowflake ?   A Yes it is  !
Or you can ask ; A  How many snowflakes can you see?  B I see three snowflakes.
Have fun !!!

We had a lot of fun doing the activity. Pictures will follow !

Sunday, December 3, 2017

3rd grade - Shopping

We've been shopping during the last sessions!
As you already know, we started with a funny video of Mr. Bean where we had to pay attention to answer a quiz and it was an opportunity to warm up with the vocabulary related to the different departments.
After doing some practice, each one decided a department to develop and this way we created a common department store.
Here you have some pictures of the process.

2nd grade - My favorite room


as you know we are working with all related to the house. Last friday with Bertha as a teacher was a great day! they were practicing some speaking with the design of our favorite rooms of an invented house.

Here a short example:

The next step in the project of the Big common house of the group will be practicing bout the different actions you can do in each one of the rooms.
However, since next week will be specially short and on mondays we are just four of us, we'll wait to run this final activity of the verbs until wednesday 13, when the group will be altogether 6 of the girls.
In the meanwhile, we'll go for speciffic and short activities.