Monday, June 20, 2016

P4: scuba diving goggles!


Last week a P4 gloup worked on some scuba diving goggles to be able to swim under the see and look at all the animals we already know: crabs, sharks, dolphins, jellyfish...

Here are some pictures of the end result!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

4th grade: paper plane competition

Hello families!

This Friday the 17th some 4th grade students had a paper plane competition! First, we built a plane and decorated it with the colour we had chosen, and then we went to plaça Clarà to do the competition. 

There were four rounds with different challenges and we had lots of fun (despite some plane malfunctions)! :) 

4th grade: the Gruffalo


On Wednesday the 15th  some 4th graders had a big event: we performed in front of all P3, P4 and P5 boys and girls. Our play was "The Gruffalo", based on the book we had previously read.

Some of ous got a bit nervous but at the end we did a fantastic job! Well done, boys!

Here are some pictures!

3rd grade performs for 3rd graders and P5!

On Friday some 3rd graders performed for a group of boys and girls of 3rd grade and P5. 

They did very well and the public had a fantastic time! 

A very exciting day for P5: a trip to pl. Clarà and theater!

This Friday P5 had a very full session: first we went outside to play in plaça Clarà and later we went to the English classroom, where some 3rd graders performed a play for us and other 3rd grade students!

We had lots of fun!

Friday, June 3, 2016

2nd grade. Our tiny/small houses.

If you live in a tiny/small house, you really need imagination to put everything inside.
The bedroom ON the kitchen, the toilet UNDER the study, the garage BEHIND the house...

Here you have a sumary of our small houses. Enjoy it!

2nd grade. Film release!!

Here we are!!! "Super Pia Heroes" FILM RELEASE!

There was a nice work behind with the previous Story Board and dialoges created by themselves.
We had fun during all this project! We hope you enjoy it!