Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Last days!!!

Hi all,

On our last two days we have been doing some special activities. We have made some rice balls with balloons, and we have also dressed up for our dream holidays. We have taken some nice shoots of our students in the beach, dessert, paradise islands, diving, doing extreme sports, in famous cities or even in a rocket as astronauts!!!!

Here we leave you the link to have a look at some amazing photos!

Last days photos

Have a wonderful and full of joy summer!!!!

Hugs for all!!!!

Monday, June 19, 2017

4th grade - interviewing teachers, The final video

And finally, here it is the edited version of the interviewing/journalist activity from 4th grade.

Enjoy it!!!!


Saturday, June 17, 2017


Hi again,

Last week, the topic we had been working on was landscape. We had done several exercises in which we learnt words like cliff, island, jungle, forest and so on.

Providing that they already knew such words, we did this activity to remind the words in a funnier way.

Here some photos where you can see your sons and daughters trying to "fish" pieces of paper from the floor using a magnet fixed to a rope.

They got it! It's more difficult than it seems!

See you soon!


Hi, again,

Last week, third graders did a more practical activity: they wrote their own names using plasticine

Here below some photographies taken during the class:

See you soon!


Hi, again

Last week we did a more practical session: we wrote our name on a posterboard using plasticine.

Here below some examples of the works done by us:

See you soon!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

P5 The activities of last weeks,

Hello everybody,

We worked on the topic ; senses

The vocabulary was;

Can you see ?
Can you taste?
Can you hear?
Can you touch ?
Can you smell?

I can  see with my eyes.
I can taste with my tongue.
I can hear with my ears.
I can touch with my hands
I can smell with my nose.

We smelled a nice perfume, we touched cold icecubes, we heard a sound , we saw animals,we tasted sweet cherries and salty salt.
As well , like real indians we followed the  footprints of different animals in the plaza Clara.
We couldn't finish the activity with the paper  circle of the senses but if you want to do it with your child. They can draw different objects and you can ask . Can you smell it?? Can you taste it ? for example you can taste an apple , you can smell a flower etc..
We listened to the song ...on youtube...simple songs senses (it's the one with the apple  !).
I hope to add some pictures soon.
Next tuesday will be the final party of English club.
Bye Bye ....we had loads of fun learning together !!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Hi all,

With P4 we are working on colours and the senses. Today we had fun while playing with ice cubes on a table practising with vocabulary...

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

1st grade - in a restaurant


We have been playing a couple of days with food, remembering sone vocabulary we saw somevtime ago. Now we went into the action as being in a restaurant, where we get the roles of a waiter/waitress, cook and chef, customer...

It was fun ordering the food, cooking it and then even puting a price to the whole meal!

Monday, June 12, 2017

P5 - spring is the seasons

Few week ago the spring arrived and we decide to study a little more in detail the topic of seasons of the year... singing!

Then they use plasticine to create a scene of the different seasons... spring, summer, autumn, winter...





and finally we enjoyed the story of Bruno the bear, who likes sleep ... too much...

2nd grade - The House

the 2nd graders have been working on the the house topic...

Which are the rooms that we can find in a house? The typical ones and the not so traditional ones...

They learned and practised names of parts of a house, uses of rooms, furnitures... and they left  fly the imagination designing a house...

Designing houses

and off course they had time to have extra fun playing..
They use a puzzle and flash cards to practice and to have fun

4th grade - interviewing theachers

Continuing with the practice of interviewing, 4th graders have been preparing a set of questions for asking they to some teacher from the school so they can know more about them.

Here is the list of questions:


Do you like chocolate cookies?
Which is your favourite colour?
When is your birthday?
Where do you live?
Which TV channel do you like?


Where do you life?
Do you like cinema?
Do you like visit cities?
Do you like spicy food?
Do you like going to the beach?


Do yo like  Olot ?
How old are  you?
What is  the  name of your  boyfriend?
Do you smoke ?
Which is your best friend name?
Which TV channel do yo like ?
Do you like sports ?


Which colour do you like most?
Do you like go to the cinema?
What do you usually do on Sundays?
Do you like chocolate cake?
Where do you live?


What is your boyfriend name?
How many people are there in your family?
What are your hobbies?
How many cousins do you have?
Do you like coffee?

Roger interviewing Laia

Ferran talking with Moi

We will share the full video very soon!!!


P5 - Toto, the monster

with P5 we were reading the book "Toto, the monster".

Toto is a lovely monster that feel that be the monster under the bed is not fair for him because nobody can see him under the bed. So he decide to look for a new place in the house where to become the monster of...

the book

The kids had the opportunity of talk about the different rooms in a house, what you do there and the type of furniture that appears...

they created their own monster, named it, and draw the new "home" for him... and we have them living in really funny places!

creating the monster and talking about the different rooms of a house and the furniture that they can found

what's his name? Where he live?

The important part is... that everybody have a place in the world  😀

Friday, June 9, 2017

5th grade. Message for Queralt Coves!

Hello Queralt,

we are Júlia and Jana. We know that today you are in the Hospital (Sant Joan de Deu).

We wish you all the best! Remeber Queralt "everything is fine" like our film.

We look forward to seeing you again very soon.

Look what we are looking at in english class: Tiny houses!!! Next day we will do it together.

Saturday, June 3, 2017



Two weeks ago we did this activity to learn more words about food. Firstly, we painted the dough and the ingredients; secondly, we cut them and, finally, we pasted them on a posterboard writing the names of the ingredients, too.

Here below a photo taken to Julia as she was the first to finish it.


More photos of our children at work and the fantastic pictures they made!

MY MAGIC BED - 1st grade groups

Hello again to all the parents and followers of first grade students

As we already announced, we watched"Bedknobs and broomsticks, a 1971 British-American musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney. After that, our students did an activity called "My magic bed" in which they had to draw and paint their own bed, inspiring themselves on the movie, or not.

Here below two photographies as a sample of the fantastic works they did:



Hello again,

Last Thursday we did a class a bit different: Writing our own name by using plasticine. Here below some photographies taken during the class:


Hello, again!

This week 3rd grade has visited the market. The two day-per week group had been doing activities about fruit and vegetables, like their colleagues from the three day-per week group. So, this visit must be done!

After having visited several stands, and having done a great job, and having had a good behaviour, as well we enjoyed eating some sweets.

Here below a photography taken there:

See you soon!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Fish in the pot , fish in the water in the rain...

We played a game outside. The children had to move their fishes to different the water...out of the the pot ...on the grass  but then it began to rain so we used the fishes as umbrellas ...perfect !.... and loads of fun !