Thursday, 15 June 2017

P5 The activities of last weeks,

Hello everybody,

We worked on the topic ; senses

The vocabulary was;

Can you see ?
Can you taste?
Can you hear?
Can you touch ?
Can you smell?

I can  see with my eyes.
I can taste with my tongue.
I can hear with my ears.
I can touch with my hands
I can smell with my nose.

We smelled a nice perfume, we touched cold icecubes, we heard a sound , we saw animals,we tasted sweet cherries and salty salt.
As well , like real indians we followed the  footprints of different animals in the plaza Clara.
We couldn't finish the activity with the paper  circle of the senses but if you want to do it with your child. They can draw different objects and you can ask . Can you smell it?? Can you taste it ? for example you can taste an apple , you can smell a flower etc..
We listened to the song ...on youtube...simple songs senses (it's the one with the apple  !).
I hope to add some pictures soon.
Next tuesday will be the final party of English club.
Bye Bye ....we had loads of fun learning together !!!

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