Friday, September 20, 2019

2nd graders True or False

Hello everybody,

With the second grades we started to revise some English. We played the game truths and lies.
The students had to say  a sentence that could be  true or false.
For example : My birthday is in May. The other students had to guess if it was true or false.
Another sentence was ; My favourite transport is by plane . ( boat, by bycycle, by car).
The students liked the game a lot !
Last week we started with the topic beach. We used the sentence; ¨ I want a towel , I want some food etc. ( vocabulary : umbrella , towel , camara , food , money , swimming suit. swimming trunks)
While drawing a beach appeared new vocabulary like for example crab and light house.

3rd graders Going to the beach

Hello Everybody !

Hope you had a nice summer !
Well to stay a bit in the summer mood 3rd graders started with the topic ¨ The beach¨.
We played different games around this topic.and used  for example the sentence ; I'm going to the beach and i need some suncream   .
Vocabulary: Suncream, towel, camara, money, food, swimming trunks, swimming suit, umbrella.
The last class we were drawing with crayons a beach...and there appeared new vocabulary like thunder and the sun does't always shine.

P4 Being Indians........

Hello everybody !

We had already  a lot of fun in the English classes. Normally the class starts when leaving the canteen ,We move like different animals before entering in the classroom.
Then we sit on the floor in a circkle and play a ballgame. These days we moved the ball by saying the sentences; My name is.....and I like green..I like blue etc.
Then there is Song time ,   We moved our bodies  and listened to the songs; I see something blue...and when you happy and you know it clap your hands
This week we started the topic Indians, We danced and named differnt actions (walk, jump, play the drum) in the video 10 little indians. We made  a real indian headband and played as  we were indians.

And as you see . They are a real tribe !!! And  friendship is very important.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Up and running!

Hi families!

Once again we have started with our extra-curricular English lessons. And once again, we are ready for a great year full of special moments and surprises!!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

All ready to start a new course!!!!

Hi all,

We are all ready and set to start a new year. Find below the groups and timetable. Bear in mind that there might be some last minute changes.

We hope you have all had a wonderful summer full of nice and fulfilling moments and memories!!!

The English Team

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