Sunday, 17 December 2017

4th grade - Travel Agency

These last days we have been working in the real world of Traveling.

After remebering some vocabulary related to the trips, we decided some destinations to act as a real travel agency.
Guim focused in Las Vegas, Roger in Andorra, Gerard in London, Albert in Rosario and Ian in Dubai.
Together with the teachers, they checked real websites in english (.com) that the adults usually check to organize a trip.
Booking. com to choose a hotel, taking into account the check-in and check-out dates, kind of rooms, description of the hotels....
The right website of the flight company to check the schedules of the flights, kind of tickets, prices...
All was for real !! The fact of having contact with the real information really motivated the kids.

After all information was collected, they wrote it nice and together with some images, they crated their own brochure, so they could explain it to the colleages.

It was a nice work kids! You did it great!

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