Saturday, 27 January 2018

6th grade - We start 2nd semester

Hello to everyone,

First of all, let me introduce myself:  I'm Jordi and I'll be teaching this group until June.

This first week, after Christma's holidays, has been a new experience for both, me and the group. However, the start of the semester has been really great!

This week we have cooked and baked fairy cakes. On Monday we started making a list of the ingredients we'd need as well as deciding who would bring each; besides that, we talked about the utensils we'd use and about other issues like how to behave at the kitchen, how to share tasks, logistics and so on. On Wednesday we made the recipe, thanks to the help and support of kitchen staff who gave us all facilities to do so. It was a teamwork from the beginning to the end. And it appears that the fairy cakes were delicious! So, good job! Congratulations!

Here below you can see a few pictures taken during this second session at the kitchen!

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