Sunday, May 13, 2018

3rd grade. Design your own t-shirt

Hello, again

We have started a new project focused on talking about clothing. Its main words of vocabulary as well as some useful verbs and other expressions. Our ides is to combine worksheets with crafts, actuall, a very special one as we would design our own hippy t-shirt at class shortly.

The first session was dedicated to remind general vocabulary already worked first semester. We did so by completing a worksheet called What are they wearing? and after that we started another activity called Design your own T-shirt, in which we had to be our own T-Shirt designers.

Both activities were really well. These children have a very good level of vocabulary and are clever enough to understand all the activites we suggested them.

Here below you can see a couple of pictures taken during the class. Enjoy it!

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All the best

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