Friday, January 11, 2019

P4 Hello girls , Hello boys ,Are you happy with your toys ???

Hello everybody !

We started the English activity again ! Inspired by the visit of the three kings we dressed up like kings
and sang the song ;
Hello girls , Hello boys
Are you happy ,happy with your toys ?
With your bike and with your doll.
with your  car and with your ball .

And we set up a real toy shop with real toys and money. In fact all of the students wanted to be the shop assistant.
Why not ? Everything is possible.

We used the following vocabulary; toy shop, toys  money, bag, car , bicycle, ball ,doll, animals
And sentences like , I want the red car.

The teacher asked ; How much is it ? The students answered ;  5 Euro's..10 Euro's etc . The students were very generous because at the end they said ¨ zero..¨.so a lot of  the toys for free !

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