Tuesday, 10 October 2017

2nd D. Rythm of the weeks.

Dear friends,

having worked already some weeks with this group, Betha and Laia, as their teachers, we've seen we've need to structure the sessions differently, since there is an special rythm:
On Mondays, there are 4 kids with Laia as a teacher.
On Wednesdays, there are 6 kids with Laia as a teacher.
On Fridays, there are 6 kids with Bertha as a teacher.

So, we have seen that the best way to adapt to all kids learning process is to structure the sessions like this:
Mondays and Wednesdays, we will work on an speciffic subject through writing, spelling and handcraft as they love it.
Fridays, complementing the subject we will work with songs and games. On Friday kids are quite tired of the whole week, so some singing and movement is always welcomed!

We will post you the subjects we are working with as well as some links about the songs. We encourage you to sing along together with your kids at home!

BY THE WAY, as soon as possible we'll post the video of the final activity about fashion. You'll enjoy it, but we still need some time for the edition. Thank for your patience,

Big hugs,

Bertha and Laia

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