Thursday, 5 October 2017

P4 In action with colours and movement

Hello everybody, with P4 we did many things,  We are  repeating  the topic colours each class in a different way. For example with stripes of coloured papers moving around like the wind.....throwing them in the sky, or moving them on the ground like a snake.

I ask the students ..Which colour do you want ? They answer, I want the red ...or I want the green  etc. While we colour a drawing we and the student needs the red pencil.,he/she asks  I want the red... or I want the blue. And if they want to cut we sing the song ; I want some scissors,I want some scissors. scissors...I They learn very quickly !!

As well we moved our body with the song Hokey Pokey on you tube. A very nice song to learn the parts of the body.

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