Sunday, 5 November 2017

4th grade. FOOD: My favourite recipe is... We are great chefs!


A few weeks ago we started working the topic of food in class. As a whole, it has been a five-sesson project in which we have learnt so many things, from vocabulary to writing recipes and how to shoot a video.

First, we got into such topic by playing to a food boardgame that let us learn food vocabulary and kitchen verbs.

Second, after having chosen what our favourite recipe was, and how to cook it, we made a draft and then a script where we described it step by step, using such food vocabulary and kitchen verbs learnt before.

Third, we spent to sessions to memorise it and get used to the performance: to be in front of a camera, to be shooted and so on.

Finally, we shooted the final versions that you can watch here below.

We, the teachers, really hope you enjoy watching it at least as much as we have enjoyed doing it at class!

Have a good weekend!

Jordi and Laia


Here you have the video:

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