Thursday, June 21, 2018

4th Grade- Treasure Maps!

We have had a very busy month! We learned about places in town, maps and giving and following directions!
Then we each made a TREASURE MAP! We invented names for all the places on the maps using alliteration : Creepy Cave, Misty Mountain, Bullet Beach and more!
We wrote the instructions to the treasure.

Then we had fun making the maps look really old! We used coffee and wrinkled the paper and cut the edges. We practiced reading and giving and following directions!
We also gave ourselves a pirate nam:
Angry Albert, Guim the Great, Incredible Ian, etc, etc!

The maps look fantastic and the teachers are very proud of the group!

We also played a game with these fun story cubes and we learned about different vehicles and movement (Up, down, forward, back, left, right, etc)
Wishing you ALL a fantastic summer!!

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