Sunday, April 15, 2018

6th grade - April fool's day. A project around British humour

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After having made Slime, we focused on a topic entirely different: British humour. The fact that on 1st April is the day on which April fool's day is celebrated in the UK gave us the idea of introducing  the students to British humour. 

Not only for learning new vocabulary, but to understand how humour and language are closely connected. As what is funny in English might not be so in Catalan and vice versa.

The project was splitted in two sessions. The first one started watching an amusing video of Mr Bean, the famous British humorist and actor, entitled "Mr Bean goes to the cinema". Moreover, the video focused on the usage of Present Progressive by asking questions. 

The group did a great job, and understood the video completely. After that, we did a word search to discover new words (verbs, nouns and adjectives) and their context.

The second session focused on giving examples of short British jokes, most of them about animals through an activity of British Council for kids website. I must say that some of the jokes were not funny for the students, though. This was, however, a good point to discuss to during the second half of the class, as humour and culture are closely related to. Finally, they had to explain a funny joke in front of the class, either in pairs or individually. In doing so, they were aware of how difficult that was.

Here you have the link of the video, the website and a picture:

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