Sunday, April 15, 2018

6th grade - Making Slime!

Hello, again:

This month, April,6th grade has started very different activities in English. The firs one that I want to talk you about is "Making Slime". Most of students wished to do a more informal activity in English. We discussed around what to do (in English, of course), reached an agreement, made a list of all the ingredients needed and finally we went for it!

Here you can see some pictures taken at class as well as copy of the list of ingredients we used.

Enjoy it!

"Slime" - List of ingredients:

White liquid glue

Shave foam

Contact lens solution


Other stuff: 

Two pots, two spatulas (or spoons).



Unfortunately, our recipe did not work as we expected. Next time we do it, we'll get it, for sure!

Keep in contact!

All the best

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