Thursday, June 21, 2018

1st grade: a busy month!

We played a game called "Shopping Trolley" It was fun! 
We learned and practiced the names of different foods and fruit and vegetables.
We spoke about the things we like and don't like.
I LIKE IT!          I DON'T LIKE IT! 

We played a fun monster game with drawing together!
We drew the head, face and then exchanged the paper with someone else. Then we drew the body and arms. Then we drew the legs, etc. The monsters are really funny! 

We made these beautiful, colourful t-shirts! They are each different and we love them!

Finally we learned about the city and the things we find there. Cars, trucks, buses, buildings, shops, busy streets, etc.

We made these great city night scenes with moving vehicles, stars, the moon and even a rocket!

We had so much fun this year! Wishing you a FANTASTIC SUMMER!

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