Thursday, June 21, 2018

P5 I like and I don't like!

We read the book "Go away, big, green, scary monster!"
Then we drew our own monsters and wrote all the labels for the parts of the body and face!
Arms, hands, legs, head, neck, etc! We did a great job!
My monster has 10 eyes, but I have 2 eyes! 
Our monsters are very funny and scary! 

We learned the names of many fruits. 
We learned and played games with all kinds of foods, fruits and vegetables. We spoke about the things we like and don't like and made a drawing chart.

We  like different things, but some of us like the same things! 

We played this fun game called "Shopping trolley" and another one called "Lunch Box"
What do you have? 
I have... tomatoes! 

Finally we made a beach picture and a farm picture with our favourite farm animals!

I wish you all a FANTASTIC SUMMER!!

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