Thursday, September 20, 2018

P4 In full action ! The body and animals

Hello everybody,

This P4 group is very motivated !! We usually start playing a game or singing a song with gestures outside on the playground. When we arrive at the door  they say  ; ¨Open the door ¨ for opening the classroom.
We started with the topic the body and animals and the colours (yellow red blue and green)

Each class we start with a circle . After the circle we play a game . Then there is the moment of the magic bag, We sing all together;  Magic bag ...magic bag ...what is inside the magic bag .  magic bag magic bag ; What is inside ??????

There is always a surprise in the bag. They can play a game with the surprise.

Vocabulary we used:    Hello,  What's your name ?  Animals; a shark a fish  an elephant ,a lion, a frog ,  a                                            a sheep,  a monkey, a dog
                                     clap your  hands  stamp your feet  turn around and sit on the ground, play                                             football, sing, dance
                                     yellow ,red, blue and green.

When the class finishes  we sing we're gonna tidy, tidy up.
We always have a lot of fun!!!!

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