Saturday, September 22, 2018

P5 In the mood for playing !!!!

Hello everybody !

With P5 we started with the topic summer followed by the topic animals.
To  repeat  vocabulary we used the following song;

Blue blue blue is the colour I see
Blue blue blue is the colour I like .
because I like the blue of the sea the blue of the shark and the blue on me

Red red red is the colour I see  Red red red is the colour i like ..Because i like the red of the ladybird the red of the ladybird and the red on me  etc etc etc etc with all the colours

You can't find this song on you tube as I sing it with the guitar.

We played different games to learn and repeat the animals.

And we created our animals by using play dough. We had a lot of fun!!!

Vocabulary we used; colours, boat , fish, sea ,bird, shark, frog , mouse, dog, ladybird, piguin, dog.
I am a......(different animals)  I see a.......

Clap your hands , stamp your feet, turn around  and sit on the ground,,   eat, sleep , sing ,dance, play football, play basketball,   while singing the song the children mime the different actions.

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