Tuesday, October 30, 2018

P4/P5 Looking for Halloween objects in Plaza Clara

Hello everybody !!

With P4 and P5 we went  to plaza Clara.   The students had to find the witches hat , the witches couldron, candies, magic stars , a skeleton's hand and orange balloons.  It was real fun !!!
Last  week we played different games related to this topic. 
We watched the video  ( you tube simple songs ) Who took the candy from the trick and treat bag. Later on we played the game ourselves with a simplefied question.  Who took the cookie from the bag?

Was it the vampire, the ghost, the pumpkin , the spider or the skeleton or the witch ?
The sentence that we used was; for exemple ; Ghost ,....Have you got the cookie?
Mostly by their shining face it was easy to guess who took the cookie....but it was a nice game !
We watched the video  Knock knock trick or treat as well and played a running game where in the children had to move like monsters, witches, ghosts, zombies, vampires, pirates, ballerinas, cowboys, skeletons and pumpkins.
And we made a pumpkin mask that finally was not orange but had all colours !!

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