Monday, October 29, 2018

P5 In the mood for Halloween.

Hello everybody,

Last week we started the topic Halloween  with P5 . This week we played the game ; Who took the cookie from the pumpkin . One student has to close his eyes while another student ( for example with a picture of a vampire) takes a cookie from the pumpkin . The  teacher asks ; Was it the witch, the vampire, the spider, the ghost, or the skeleton.
We used the question  ,for example. Vampire ? Have you got the cookie ? On You tube you can watch the song , Who took the candy from the Trick and Treat bag. The game was inspired by this song.

We made masks and painted faces and played the spider game where in the children have to pass the line moving like a monster, a ghost, a pumpkin , a pirate , a princess , a zombi, a skeleton or a spider.
The students always like games with movements so learning English is real fun !!

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